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  1. Andrew Martin 21items
  2. Anthology 37items
  3. Boråstapeter 56items
  4. Brand McKenzie 28items
  5. Christian Lacroix 30items
  6. Clarke and Clarke 9items
  7. Cole and Son 289items
  8. Coordonne 265items
  9. Designers Guild 35items
  10. Elitis 95items
  11. Emma J Shipley 10items
  12. Feathr 134items
  13. Ferm Living 20items
  14. Harlequin 73items
  15. Jane Churchill 7items
  16. Lavmi 1item
  17. Manuel Canovas 22items
  18. Mind The Gap 219items
  19. Morris and Co 97items
  20. NLXL 128items
  21. Ralph Lauren 7items
  22. Sanderson 12items
  23. Smink Things 6items
  24. Tres Tintas 79items
  25. Wall and Deco 14items
  26. Witch and Watchman 11items
  27. Zoffany 42items
  28. Matthew Williamson 16items
  29. Nina Campbell 13items
  30. Sidney Paul & Co 8items
  31. Engblad and Co 18items
  32. Osborne and Little 37items
  1. Beige 2items
  2. Black 337items
  3. Blue 743items
  4. Brown 279items
  5. Copper (colour) 17items
  6. Cream 301items
  7. Gold (colour) 219items
  8. Green 646items
  9. Grey 653items
  10. Multi coloured 549items
  11. Natural (Wood) 16items
  12. Orange 106items
  13. Pink 276items
  14. Purple 123items
  15. Red 158items
  16. Silver 64items
  17. Taupe 58items
  18. White 180items
  19. Yellow 148items
  1. Abstract 110items
  2. Chinoiseries 65items
  3. Marble / Stone 33items
  4. Plain 1item
  5. Water 12items
  6. Animal 181items
  7. Birds 128items
  8. Books 13items
  9. Bricks Effect 7items
  10. Concrete Effect 10items
  11. Modern Damask 48items
  12. Fabric Effect 41items
  13. Floral 641items
  14. Geometric 283items
  15. Industrial 35items
  16. Faux Leather 9items
  17. Maps 5items
  18. Panelling 9items
  19. Picture Frames 5items
  20. Striped 77items
  21. Tiles 68items
  22. Tribal/Ethnic 62items
  23. Wood Effect 56items
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Items 1-34 of 1844


Modern Designer Wallpaper

Designer Wallpaper is the perfect way to update your home with ease. Our highly curated selection of wallpapers includes designs from a wide range of brands and designers. Top quality printing, inks and paper are used by all our brands, including high end names such as Designer Guild, Boråstapeter, Cole and Son, as well as independents like Mineheart and Feathr. Thanks to our generous selection of top-quality brands, we can offer you an abundance of styles, colours and patterns. Choose from lush colourful florals, structural geometrics and even neutral toned brick effect wallpapers, to give your home the edge and aesthetic you desire. What’s more, our range of wallpapers includes a whole selection of match types such as straight match and half drop, as well as a plethora of murals.

With so many papers to choose from, the possibilities are endless, whether you opt for total wall coverage at the office or create an accent wall in your living space, the choice is yours. Like with any home improvement, your wallpaper choice could make or break your space. Therefore, we recommend ordering samples of your choices prior to purchasing the full roll, and if you have any questions, our customer services team are more than happy to help.

Here at beut we like to challenge the common perception that wallpaper is a big sticky mess and with our wide range of hand-picked designs to choose from, you can have your space rejuvenated in a jiffy. Many of our papers require “paste the wall” application, so you won’t be needing that wobbly pasting table or fear that you’ll end up wrapping yourself in the paper rather than the wall. Wallpaper truly is a great way to add extra interest and character into your home, without the mess and dry time guaranteed by paint. We believe you will also adore our wide selection of designer murals that we have on offer here at beut. So, what are you waiting for? Get to browsing.