Working At Home With Muuto

Working from home is now the new normal. With pros and cons to this new way of life, we believe every working environment deserves to look fantastic at all times. Whether you have a dedicated area in your living space or kitchen to work or lucky enough to have a separate home study, Muuto have lovingly designed all the fundamentals of a home office and more to stylishly meet the needs of your own comfort and interior space during the working hours.

Do you find yourself working more at the dining table than your own desk? Then why not treat yourself to the multifunctional table that you see before you? Designs such as the 70/70 table meet the stylistic needs of a desk yet also the functionalities of both a desk and dining table. What’s more, this creation is available in a multitude of different sizes and colours to meet the specifications of your own interior environment.

Another alternative, is the Base Table. Again, perfect as a desk or dining table, this design has a simplistic silhouette inspired by the minimalism of a child’s drawing. The designer Mika Tolvanen wanted to reduce the table to its archetypal form to create a simple yet robust addition to the Muuto range.

How many of us resort to the sofa to work? When the rest of your family have taken up room on the dining table or even desk, you are left with no space to work, right? Wrong! Muuto have invented to the innovative Relate Side Table. Simply slide the base underneath the sofa and then rest your working material on the tabletop. Now you have extra cosy yet functional space to work.

A desk isn’t complete without a chair to sit on. Here at beut, we have a designer selection of office chairs to explore. However, one collection that really stands out to us is the Fiber range by Muuto. Covering, arm chairs, swivel chairs, even chairs with wheels, these seating options have all been designed with your optimal comfort in mind as well as stunning contemporary design behind every structure.

Available in a vast selection of luxury textile and unupholstered options, Muuto offers a chair for every personal taste and interior style. Whether you choose this Fiber Armchair in its burnt orange colourway of the Fiber Side Chair in the sunny yellow shade to brighten your day, Muuto have every variation imaginable.


Whether working late at night or on a gloomy day, Muuto offers a wide selection of desk lighting to brighten your workspace with style. For example, the Leaf Table Lamp, available in a selection of stunning colourways or the Beam Table Lamp that offers direct yet functional lighting.

The Focus Lamp, as shown below, not only adds a decorative lighting feature to your interior space, but also provides you with a small trinket tray at the base to hold your everyday items such as rubbers, pencils and paper clips.

Have you thought about where you are going to store all your important files, paper work and bits and pieces? From the Folded Shelves to the luxury Restore Baskets, Muuto have a great range of storage solutions for you and your office.

Ensure that you stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your working day with the Corky Carafe. Not only will it be at your every call when you feel thirsty, it also sits beside you on the desk as a unique and decorative feature.

Muuto really know how to stun us with their fantastic designs. We hope they have with you to! If you have enjoyed exploring these offices just as much as we have, then we believe that you will love the rest of the Muuto selection that we have to offer here at beut.




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