Work, Dine & Socialise With Us In The IMM Space by Menu

What a place! The fantastic Danish designers Menu created this visual space to show off both their brand-new collections of 2020 as well as some of their most iconic pieces throughout time. Although not permanent, anyone that has the pleasure of exploring this magnificent space, will never want to leave again. The finest pieces have been chosen to excite their viewer with a great sensation of luxury and fulfillment.

The long dining table is accompanied by a series of Co Chairs, whilst being beautifully lit by a collection of Bank Pendant Lights. The vast size of this dining table creates an iconic statement piece within this part of the virtual home as well as being the perfect space to socialize, dine or even work with company. Take some sweet or savory nibbles from the Écassse Bowls and enjoy the soft scent and glow that is emitted by the candles held in the stunning Duca Candleholders.

Behind the contemporary dining area is a series of shelves, displaying Menu’s finest and most treasurable pieces of inspiration and design work that lead to these wonderful pieces showcased in front of you. Not only does this wall exhibition tell the viewer a story, it also creates various pieces of interesting artwork across the wall.

Here we have the brand new Androgyne Dining Table, overshadowed by the Hashira Pendant Light. In the distance you can see the friendly looking JWDA Table Lamp, standing proud as part of the wall display. For more casual dining, this table holds the award-winning Menu Bottle Grinders at the center – a necessity for everyday dining!

Hidden behind the decorative curtain is the functional yet highly stylish Zet Storage System. Zet is not only the ideal storage solution for a functional space such as the office, it is also a stylish design that is perfect for housing decorative objects such as the Pepe Marble Mirror.

This space designed by Menu does not go short on dining space. The Harbour Column Tables are spaced out equally alongside the Eave Dining Sofa – a comfortable and more sociable alternative to the classic dining chair. What’s more, each table has been styled with a Column Table Lamp to provide a romantic touch to the dining setting.

Menu’s Nimbus Mirror tactfully reflects the room above this area of the interior space. All the gorgeous colours and textures are brought together in the mirror image to create one harmonious atmosphere.

The stunning combination of hard, precious materials such as marble that is showcased by the Plinth, along with softer shades and textures brought to this space by the Eave collection, makes this residence both a warming and inviting place to be as well as somewhere where you can breathe talented design and fantastic design compositions in. The Gravel Rug adds a sumptuous feeling under foot and leads you to the quirky yet original Knitting Chair – a statement piece that will suck you in, making you never want to get up out of your seat again.

Standing proud to the side of the room is the JWDA Floor Lamp. Cleverly, the designer has pieced this designer lighting piece with the brand new and revolutionary Androgyne Lounge Table. The soft sandy colours introduce a relaxing feel to this lounge space.

Another example where the Nimbus Mirror has created not only a functional and attractive aesthetic, but also a feature of art.

Menu offer you a cosy and inviting seat, whilst you are able to delve into the journey of some of Menu’s most prestigious designs, designed by many of Scandinavia’s most famous designers.

The dark and moody colour scheme to this bedroom is perfect for feeling cosy and drifting off to sleep at ease. The bed has been beautifully framed with a pair of Hashira Table Lamps.

Whether you choose to use this space as a luxury area to do your make up or a space to study in comfort, the space saving Menu Rail Desk is the perfect choice. Fashioned with the industrial styled Reverse Table Lamp, this has got to be one of the most stylish study areas. Here, the Harbour Upholstered Dining Chair has been used to add a significant pop of colour as well as a fashionable way to spend your day at work. The Afteroom Plus Dining Chair also sits collectively alongside. Furthermore, the Chambers Chandelier casts a warming glow over this bedroom.

This bathroom has got everything luxury about it. Lit up by the stylish Carrie Table Lamp, this space provides its user with a comfortable area for getting ready in the morning and winding down for bed at night. Of course, the necessities sit stylishly underneath the basin. The Toilet Brush, Wall and Pedal Bin are must haves for every bathroom in the kingdom.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk around the IMM space by Menu as much as we have. We aspire to make every single home in the world as sought after as this one day.


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