Using Wallpaper In Your Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom with wallpaper is one decorating task that the majority of people worry about the most. Is the wallpaper going to peal off? Will soap suds and bathroom grime wipe off easily without ruining the paper? These questions are all important. However, they can also put people like you and me off proceeding with the task, that in the end could create a truly magnificent bathroom.

This blog will explain to you the reasons why decorating your bathroom with wallpaper is a good idea and the things to look out for when buying and installing the wallpaper.

Can I Use Wallpaper In My Bathroom?

The answer is yes! Wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. Bathroom wallpaper is commonly used in both residential and commercial bathrooms and there is no surprise why . Read on to follow our steps on how you can achieve an extra stylish look within your very own bathroom.

As standard most of the vinyl wallpapers that we sell, works in the majority of bathroom environments and are easy to clean and water-resistant. It’s a good option out of the box. That said, its worth checking with us first if you plan on using one of our vinyl papers as supplier guarantees/advice varies.

For standard non-woven papers (the vast majority of papers sold on beut) A decorator’s varnish such as Polyvine can be purchased to protect wallpaper from things such as water, finger marks, scuffing, colour fading and abrasion. Polyvine is highly rated by many wallpaper experts including Cole & Son who recommend it for their bathroom applications.

We would recommend the “Dead Flat” finish to minimise impact on the aesthetic of the paper. Polyvine is simply painted on to your wallpaper to seal it.

Beut cannot guarantee Polyvine. For advice on this product we recommend speaking directly to the manufacturer. Also, do reach out to an experienced decorator. Wallpaper in bathrooms is incredibly popular so its likely they have used polyvine or a similar product in a similar application. We would recommend ordering a sample to test the wallpaper in your bathroom environment before purchasing a whole roll.

Some other considerations are mentioned at the bottom of this blog.

Above: Cole & Son Acquario Wallpaper

Why is the demand for wallpaper in a bathroom so high?

We have all come across wallpaper in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. On the odd occasion you might come across a wallpaper in a commercial bathroom or toilet. With the love of interior design, wallpaper is now becoming increasingly popular in residential bathrooms. We believe that we might have the answer for this.

Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add personality and a pop of colour to a bathroom. Bathrooms are usually very clinical looking spaces. A stylish and eye-catching bathroom for your guests to be stunned by is equally as important as a clean and sterile bathroom. Imagine a bright and colourful wallpaper behind your white bathroom amenities.

Rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms will generally get redecorated more so than a bathroom. We think that a bathroom deserves as much love and attention as all the other rooms in your house. Whether you change your bathroom furniture every couple of years or not, a wallpaper is a clever and cost-efficient way of updating the room on a regular basis.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. You, your family and your guests will all use this room frequently throughout the day. Therefore, we think it is so important to make your bathroom look as good as it possibly can be.

 One of the main positives of using wallpaper in the bathroom is that there are no grout lines for soap suds and bathroom grime to gather.

Above: Cole & Son Hicks’ Grand Wallpaper

Using Wallpaper In Your Bathroom

You may be wondering where exactly wallpaper would look good in your bathroom. Are you? Well, we have a couple of ideas that may inspire you.

Using wallpaper to create a feature wall behind your bath or toilet is a great way to create an inspiring atmosphere within your very own bathroom. Prints such as palm leaves, birds or flowers can produce the most relaxing environment for you to take a hot soak in the bath.

Why not consider a wallpaper border to go around a mirror, window or door? A wallpaper border is a great way to frame something without using any extra wall space. Whilst we are on the subject of frames, using a smaller piece of wallpaper and framing it in a picture frame is an easy way to add pattern and colour to your bathroom. Think of this as a piece of wall art to hang on your bathroom wall.

If nothing else, a wallpaper will add a major impact to your bathrooms character and personality. Whether you choose to go for a bold pattern that brings an array of bright colours to your interior or something more subtle for a calmer effect, there are many wallpapers out there that a bathroom would easily accomodate.

Below are some inspiring ideas that you may find useful when deciding on your own bathroom wallpaper.

Image credited to @sarahlovedaystudio

Instagram account of Sarah Loveday Studio

Featuring the Cole & Son Secret Garden wallpaper.

Featuring the Circus wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Image credited to Caitlin Murray

Showcasing the Hicks’ Hexagon wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Above: Cole & Son Woods Wallpaper

Things To Think About


  • As mentioned above, we recommend using a decorators’s varnish such as Polyvine to protect the wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers will require a decorators varnish.
  • Speak with your decorator to make sure they are comfortable with the install and that your bath
  • It goes without saying that soaking wet areas such as inside the shower, are probably not the best spaces to hang a wallpaper.
  • Areas close to the sink, bath or shower will frequently get damp. If you want to use wallpaper by these areas, make sure you wipe them down.
  • Bathrooms will always get humid. A good ventilation system and or frequently opened windows should protect the wallpaper for as long as possible. The suitability of the wallpaper will depend on how steamy the room is.
  • For more steamy/humid rooms where ventilation is a problem perhaps look at using a vinyl.
  • Before buying a wallpaper for your bathroom we would suggest always checking if it is suitable for bathroom installation. Is there ventilation in place/will windows be open etc?


We hope this blog has inspired you to take the plunge into using wallpaper in the bathroom and has answered all your questions on this interesting topic.

Please contact our customer service team at if your require more information on bathroom wallpapers.

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