Traditional Minimalist Home

Welcome to this traditional yet minimalistic home which has been delicately acessorised to create an eye-catching appearance.  

The white walls and furnishings create a light and airy dining space. We love the large display of flowers on the dining table which have been placed in a large glass vase which doesn’t distract the eye from the flowers. Similar to the Menu POV Oval Tealight Candleholder, the brass wall candle holders create a sophisticated display and emit a romantic atmosphere with lit. 

The large window allows for floods of light to enter, making the space feel brighter and more welcoming. The panelled walls uplifts the space making it appear richer and more sophisticated than an otherwise plain wall. 

Pillows have been displayed on the window seal creating a comfortable space for reading and gazing out to the outside. 

Here we can see a wider view of this gorgeous open plan dining and living space. The bold patterned rug separates the two individual spaces and provides a burst of colour to this otherwise very white space. 

Combining traditional with contemporary, this stunning unit provides an eye-catching piece and is perfect for storing everyday essentials such as glasses, plates, books and more. It goes without saying, the large candle holder above truly is a statement piece. Holding an almost tree like display, this candle holder is really a piece of artwork in itself. The smaller glass vases delicately paired together add subtle colour and life. 

From this angle we can see a multitude of black accessories such as the black artworks and wall lamp which creates a striking contrast against the white walls. The grandee chandelier hanging above holds a bold display adding a richer feel to the room. 

Pillows on the cushion adds an additional touch of colour, making this area feel more comfortable and inviting. 

As we move into the living room, we can see a homely space where the homeowner can relax with family. The grey walls contrast from the plain white walls in the dining space. The grey throw over the organic looking armchair suggests that this is a cosy and comfortable space. 

This abstract coffee table creates a delightful surface to enjoy coffee, snacks, or a place to display various decorative ornaments and magazines.

Similar to the Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp – ‘Bestlite 90’, this stunning chrome floor lamp is a practical piece that is ideal for reading or just some additional lighting in the evenings.  

Through to the master bedroom, the pendant lamp has been crafted from a soft linen material which flows down over the bed creating a calming atmosphere. The bold wallpaper is suited to many rustic and vintage styles, and it’s warm colours are perfect for this bedroom. 

This minimal bookshelf provides an ideal place to hold books, ornaments and more without overpowering the beauty of the wallpaper.  

Similar to the Menu Norm Floor Mirror, the large mirror is in keeping with the industrial feel of this room whilst being a functional piece too.

Thank you for reading this blog post, we hope you have loved exploring this gorgeous home as much as we have. 


With credits to Alvhem



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