Top 10 Wallpaper Colours Of The Year

Throughout the past year we have noticed several prominent colours capturing the eyes of our fellow wallpaper lovers and making numerous appearances in brand new wallpaper collections from across the globe. From designer brands such as Coordonne and Feathr, we have curated a list of the top 10 wallpaper colours of 2019 so far.

Designer wallpaper is one of the best ways to uplift an interior space. We believe that this article will inspire you with fantastic new ideas on current colour trends to help you and your home stay trendy this year. Here is your top 10 so far:

1) CoralĀ 

Riviera Coral Wall Mural by Feathr

2) Warm Terracotta

Mallorca Estellenchs Wallpaper by Coordonne

3) Dusty Pink

Wetlands Mural by Coordonne

4) Rich Purple

Allium Wallpaper by Cole & Son

5) Hunter’s Green

Utopia Green Wallpaper by ELO

6) Soft Sage

Peonies Mural by Coordonne

7) Muted Mustard

Gypsy Wallpaper by Mind The Gap

8) Classic Chestnut

Swan Chestnut Wallpaper by Hugh Hamshaw Thomas

9) Warm Grey

Misty Beach Wallpaper by Feathr

10) Smoky Taupe

Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Now that you have explored the most loved wallpaper colour trends of 2019 so far, we would love to know if you have been inspired to paste your walls in any of these fantastic colours. You might have even been lucky enough to discover your perfect wallpaper in this article.

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