The Story Behind Muuto’s Ridge Vase

Designed by Studio Kaksikko, the Ridge Vase by the fantastic Danish designers Muuto, is an extraordinary vase that presents you with new ways to display your beautiful bunches of flowers and florals, with a sculptural expression and an artistic flare. Come on a journey with us to seek the wonders of design and manufacturing behind the stunning Ridge Vase.

Muuto took a trip to the factory, set in Alcobaca – a western city of central Portugal, to explore the interesting journey of the Ridge Vase. The city is situated in a gorgeous valley alongside the rivers of Alcoa and Baca, from where the city takes its name. Once Studio Kaksikko were satisfied with their mock-up, made out of paper, they aspired to craft the stunning design into a ceramic vase.

As you can see below, the Joao factory uses molds to sculpt these fantastic objects. Specializing in mold making, this factory was established 40 years ago in the Portuguese city, where 15 000 people choose to live.

After the first mold was created, the manufacturer continued to create the mother mold. The mother mold features four handmade sections of the design to ensure an impeccable precise result. From here on in, multiple molds are made to make sure that all dimensions and precious details are not lost and are perfectly translated into the final piece.

Inspired by a façade of a utility structure that they witnessed in Paris, this design depicts simple detailing with an architectural expression.

The designers stated that they “sought to combine its visual appeal with the usability for placing flowers in a linear formation rather than a circular formation”.

The molds of this design can be used between 50 and 70 times. This ensures that every piece is made to the highest quality and that the details that make this design so worthy are recreated perfectly every time.

Thoughtful design elements make this piece functional as well as highly stylish. For example, the small ridge on either side of the vase allows you to move it around as you desire.

The Ridge Vase continues its journey to a second factory situated a 30 minute drive away. This factory consists of a small team of 70 employees – each one taking pride in the award-winning designs that they contribute towards.

This is where the idea behind the Ridge Vase becomes a reality. Liquid clay is carefully poured into the plaster molds, transforming the liquid into the beautiful and rigid shape that the Ridge Vase is so loved for. The mold is left for two hours, before turning upside down to remove any excess clay. The mold is opened and then fired at 1000 degrees Celsius for eight hours. The vase is stamped with Muuto’s iconic logo on the bottom.

At this point, the off-white version is lovingly glazed on its interior along with a water-based coating on the outside. This water-based coating enhances the structure of its surface. The vase is raw to the touch yet presents its viewer with a smooth and wavy surface, reminding us of the terracotta textures in the Mediterranean islands.

Finally, these spectacular pieces are fired for the last time at 1100 degrees Celsius for another 8 hours. For the perfect finish, the vases are then dipped into a water-based solution to close any porous holes.

And there you have it! Your Ridge Vase is perfectly packaged in its beautiful packaging and is ready for you to place on your sideboard, shelf, dining table or even give to a loved one as a thoughtful gift.

This vase is available in two different sizes, including both terracotta and off-white shades.

Have we tempted you with the Ridge Vase? If we have, head on over to our site to find out more information on this jaw-dropping design and enjoy the new lease of life that this vase will give your home.

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