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We welcome you to explore the home of Liene Meneve with us. Liene Meneve is a Belgian illustrator, Make-up artist and stylist who has been spotted by Ferm Living to show her beautiful home and tell her story.

Through Liene’s creative work, she has always seeked to inspire people by focussing on the effortless beauty of life, which is reflected in her home, with a characterful brick wall, bare concrete and large, open spaces which are flooded with natural light.

Because Liene’s creative journey often begins at home, her architectural deigned 1975 home located in the Belgian countryside plays a notable part in her life. This is where she can express herself and connect with her family; her husband, Wiliam and their two children. Liene says “The house has a large open plan, and is built with high-quality materials that speak for themselves. The brick walls, bare concrete beams and wooden ceilings really dictate the general atmosphere of the house. It also has large windows where lots of beautiful, direct sunlight can beam through”.

Ferm Living Arum Wall Lamp

After deciding to move out of their city house 2 years ago when they needed more space, both physically and mentally, Liene’s designed her home to have an overwhelming feel of visual calm, making the house feel like a home. “I don’t think it is ever a good idea to overthink interior design. For me, it is important that my home is filled with objects that spark memories and mirror our personal discoveries”.

Liene has a unique and graceful area in her home, which she made with her husband – the large built-in sofa. This creates a comfortable seating area which has an elegant and modern feel. “My kids call it ‘the pond’, and they love to play here. We also like to have our aperitif here when we have friends over, and on Sundays, it is the perfect place to lounge and read a good book. I find that it embodies the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. In many ways, this small nook is what makes me and my family feel at home”.

Ferm Living Rico Lounge Chair

Liene has a timeless yet contemporary style whilst still expressing her unique style. The Ferm Living Rico Chair expresses a embracing form, whilst the distinctive striped upholstery adds an eye-catching touch.

Ferm Living Yama Pencil Holder

Small details really completes a space. The Ferm Living Yama Pencil Holder is made from 100% recycled casted aluminium and is finished with a rough matte texture that balances the fluid profile. 

We hope you enjoyed exploring the home of Liene Meneve and gained some wonderful inspiration to add a touch of elegance into your home.

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