The Home Of Kristina Line

Join us whilst we take a deeper look into the home of Kristina Line. Kristina works as a small-scale architect and designs cottages for private clients as well as taking on interior design projects for commercial clients. Kristina says “My work is quite versatile. I work with renovating and transforming already existing structures, and with projects where I start from scratch”.

Kristina’s home is in a small, almost hidden area in Copenhagen, surrounded by a row of boathouses side by side each other by the waterfront of the Copenhagen Harbour. Her home is named “Kahytten” and when asked why, she explains ”To me, the ultimate dream is to live close to nature. It drives me how one can achieve this while respecting the surroundings. So Kahytten’s name is a tribute to the characteristics of a hytte – a small building within nature. And Kahytten, in Danish, is the word for a ship’s cabin – so the name just seemed so fitting when we are right by the water”.

As we take a look inside Kristina’s home, we notice how bright and airy it is. In the living room, the panelled wall has a rustic appearance which complements the boathouse aesthetic. The wall art creates a more homely setting, one to sit and relax with a book and cup of coffee in the morning. The wooden tones from the wall, sofa and floor brings a warm atmosphere, whilst the neutral furnishings reinforces the cosy feeling and makes the space appear more open. 

The large potted plant adds serenity and colour into the space, bringing nature indoors too. The Ferm Living Pouf is not only is a form of additional seating, but also adds inviting and engaging dimensions into the room and is a captivating and eye-catching design.

The Ferm Living Oyster Table Lamp displays a unique and organic form and is inspired by oyster shells gathered at the beach. It is made from recycled aluminium and is designed with an LED light source and when lit, it creates a cosy setting wherever it is placed. The brass candle holder is similar to the Ferm Living Hoy Candle Holder. It’s extra tall design helps to show off the pure elegance of this design.

Kristina explains ”Home to me is a place where I can feel comfortable, protected and disconnect from the world outside. It is a place for calmness, warmth and serenity.” The boathouse is a warm and welcoming space with a neutral, understated colour palette, where every object has both purpose and a story to tell. Kristina can look out onto the water while the afternoon sun filters through the curtains: ”Me and Anton both grew up close to the water and have always had a dream of living by the water again”.

The comfortable boucle lounge chair is situated perfectly for Kristina to gaze out of the window and enjoy the view. In front of the artistic mural is the Ferm Living Tiny Floor Lamp which works as a functional and decorative light source. Due to its slim look, it fits effortlessly in most corners where you need some extra light without overpowering the space. Designed with a tipping head, means that it is possible to tilt the shade to create a different look of the lamp and to create your own lighting atmosphere. 

This dining space is both traditional and experimental with the large, eye-catching pendant light which hovers over the dining table beautifully and the minimal wooden dining set. This describes the rest of Kristina’s home as well. The Ferm Living Tuck Vase blends a sleek, modern finish with a rugged, “rocky” composition.

When asked about her interior design reflections, Kristina explains: ”I think it is a matter of picking a few pieces that truly speak to you. And then, when you place them together, you have a collection of treasures that means something.”

Due to the boathouse being just 60 square meters, they needed to think smart about design choices. Therefore, they wanted to create an open functional plan to avoid crammed spaces using only natural materials to create a warm atmosphere and to respect the boathouse’s soul. Here is the kitchen which is also part of the same room as the dining space and living space. The organic counter top and splash back complements the wooden tones beautifully. Placed on the shelves is the Ferm Living Ripple Virrine Glasses which are expertly crafted from mouth-blown glass and have a gorgeous contemporary look. 

To be used as both a place to work or to do makeup, this gorgeous desk space is surrounded by storage, which once again demonstrates how Kristina has saved space in her small boathouse. The Ferm Living Herman Dining Chair mixes both a contemporary aesthetic with a simplistic but elegant functionality. Its broad and curved backrest provides plenty of back support, but can also be used to rest your arms upon thanks to its sweeping comfort throughout it. On the shelves above is the Ferm Living Grib Toolbox which has a beautifully designed silhouette and is being used here as a stylish storage solution for Kristina. 

The Ferm Living Tiny Table Lamp has a slim form so doesn’t take up too much space on the small desk, yet provides a warm light when additional lighting is needed. 


We hope you have enjoyed taking a look around the home of Kristina Line, and perhaps even learned some handy design tips! Discover our full collection from Ferm Living to find more beautiful pieces. 







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