The Home of Kethevane Cellard

Renowned for her naturalistic sketches and wooden sculptures of art, Kethevane Cellard is a Parisian artist and speaks about the love of her home in Arcueil.

Kethevane’s home was first intended as a workshop, but now it is embraced as a family home with the artist’s husband Mathew, their two son’s and two cats. Showing off steel beams, industrial styled interiors and exposed brick to create a home and work space combined. Kethevane says “My work and my life are just one of the same mostly, I don’t feel the need to cut away, I would not be happy to cut that part away from me”

Ferm Living Post Coffee Table – Star

We love how Kethevane has incorporated soft and warm accents into her home to create a cosy atmosphere despite the large windows and industrial style in her home. Perfectly paired together, the different levels of the Ferm Living Post Coffee Table’s display an interesting composition. These tables have been expertly crafted to display the natural grains of the FSC-Certified wood in a star design. The Ferm Living Meadow High Pile Rug below balances the steel beams with its comforting New Zealand wool, inviting you to sink your feet into it and feel its embrace whilst you rest upon it.

Kethevane says “Nestled in between cosy cushions, I love just to sit here and gaze at the trees swaying in the wind or curl up with a cup of tea in my favourite nook by the woodburning stove. The atmosphere in here makes it ideal for family life and gathering friends, but it is also a place where I love to work when the house falls quiet”.

Kethevane says she needs a calm mind to influence her artistic mindset. “When I search for forms, I have to have a positive frame of mind – meaning that I cannot create if I’m in a critical mood. That mood is for heated debates with friends over a glass of wine – but not for art”. We believe that having a comforting space around you, with beautiful decor, can really affect the frame of mind you may be in.

A stunning fusion of texture and modern style, the Vuelta Pendant 100 explores a new, redefined balance when it comes to lighting. The cylinder shape features a visible rippled surface finished with a brushed texture that gives it a unique expression. The LED light is perfect for creating the perfect ambient lighting over the artists work desk.

Kethevane continues by saying how everything in her home has its own place and is carefully picked out “I look for a timeless essence in those interior design pieces I let into the house – even for contemporary items. Also, the textural quality of the materials is vital to me – there need to be elements of tactility, and I always welcome imperfections. The small flaws are a part of life, and they are always more interesting than utter perfection” The Ferm Living Vuelta Table Lamp is a bold lighting piece that fantastically displays a sculptural arc, somewhat reminiscent of ancient columns. Crafted from fine opal glass and finished with a beautifully rippled surface, the gorgeous textured effect of this lamp enhances the appeal of the overall design, we can see why Kethevane picked this piece for her home!

We hope you have loved looking around the home of Kethevane Cellard as much as we did.

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