Stylish Home With Touches Of Green

Grey, beige, black and wood tints exhibited throughout this living space complement each other beautifully. The wooden coffee table, armchairs and console table warms up the space, which would otherwise be a grey and beige palette. The green plants add colour and a lively atmosphere throughout. Black accents from the armchairs, planters and photo frames creates a modern contrast to the surrounding colours.

The elegant pendant light above will cast a calming ambient light when dark, whilst the floor lamp placed by the sofa provides an additional direct light for reading. The muted pillows on the sofa seamlessly blend with the rest of the colour palette, whilst providing extra comfort and create a more inviting space.

Although simplistic, the textured wall art in the background adds a striking touch to the room, giving more depth and character to the space, whilst not being too overpowering by keeping with the surrounding beige colours.

Round the corner, we can see a practical workspace which also makes up this living area. The multifunctional desk is used as both a bookshelf and desk, allowing the homeowner to utilise the space fully and display their favourite books.

Holding a unique form and silhouette, the Fritz Hansen The Ant Chair in white is being used here as a desk chair and works as both a practical and comfortable seat, whilst its minimal and contemporary design and the chrome slimline legs look almost futuristic.

Being used as dining the chairs, the same Fritz Hansen chairs, but in black creates a striking appearance against the large wooden dining table. Due to the tables vast size, this space would make for an amazing place to socialize with friends and family for food and drinks. The interesting wall light makes for a unique artwork, and emits a calming, romantic atmosphere when lit.  

Large windows illuminate the room with natural light, creating a bright atmosphere. Quirky green plants lift the mood and adds and colourful and serene setting.

As you can see, this beautiful table has been accessorised with a sculptural planter and candle stick holder making the area a comfortable and homely place.

A modern twist on a farmhouse styled kitchen, this stunning kitchen has a traditional feel, whilst still holding a modern design. The simplistic counter stools complement the natural wood colours as seen in the dining table and brings the two separate areas together. The white tiles with a dark grout adds more character and visual texture to the backdrop. Above, the bold chandelier has a classic and striking form which finishes off this space beautifully.

Not only does this kitchen look aesthetically pleasing, but it also very functional. With plenty of cupboards and drawers, there is more than enough room to store all your necessities such as utensils and food.

Brass tap and handles add a sophisticated and rich feel to this kitchen. The marble countertops give a natural texture and opulence and has been accessorised with a variety of practical essentials as well as decorative objects such as plants to bring life and colour to the space.  

Thank you for reading this blog, we hope it has given you some much needed inspiration to help you design your home.


First seen on Coco Lapine Design. Photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem




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