Presenting Astep To beut – Designer Lighting

We are proud to be introducing the Italian Lighting Brand – Astep – to beut. Featuring a large collection of floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights and chandeliers. Owner Alessandro Sarfatti is determined to carry on his family’s strong traditions and focuses on the values that drove his father Gini Sarfatti and Grandfather Riccardo Sarfatti before him. Bringing the experience, knowledge and future-oriented outlook that has been nurtured for three generations, each piece displays a timeless finish which is suitable for any interior style. Combining core traditional values with a modern take by using new technology, the possibilities are endless with Astep.

We have picked out just a few of our favourite designs by Astep for you to discover.

Astep Model 2065 Wall Lamp

Emphasizing a unique and contemporary form, the Astep Model 2065 Wall Lamp was originally designed in 1950 along with its sister piece – the Model 2065 Suspension Light. This timeless design came about when designer Gino Sarfatti experimented with materials and came across methacrylate. This material is much lighter and more resistant than glass. Now produced from 100% recycled polymethyl methacrylate making this light both highly stylish as well as sustainable. We love how it has been positioned here against other minimalistic furnishings, and will provide the perfect ambience for reading in the armchair.

Here the Astep Model 2109/12/14 Suspension Light provides a gorgeous statement piece to this open living space. Inspired from the calming elegance of the Moon and the solar system, this gorgeous chandelier features mouth blown glass spheres which are held together by aluminium rings and holds a delicate display, creating a calming ambience.

Made from the newest technology, the Astep Candela Table Lamp designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, is inspired from the traditional elegant Scandinavian flame luminaires. Combining both old and new forms of illumination, this portable table light uses fire to power LED lights and can charge your mobile phone via USB. Powered from biothanol, a clean, natural and renewable fuel made from plants. Either chargeable from a plug or a wireless charger, this beautiful, unique light is one of our must-haves from the collection.

We love the illumination which emits from the Astep VV Cinquanta Floor Lamp. Artfully leaning towards where the light is directed, the simplistic design has unique proportions which make it an eye-catching piece within the collection. Designed by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganó in 1951 the slender aluminium stem can swivel and tilt, so you can create various lighting scenarios.

Astep Pepa Table Lamp

Inspired by pepper grinders, the Astep Pepa Table Lamp can be held and twisted to add light wherever you require, with its handy portable feature. When this innovative lamp is twisted the ambience can be dimmed smoothly from off to on, so you choose your precise lighting setting. Made from the warm touch of solid Ash Wood, the beautiful grains of the natural material enhances the elegance of this piece.

Astep Model 537 Table Lamp

Combining rich materials and a playful design, the Astep Model 537 Table Lamp is an iconic design by Gino Sarfatti. The large aluminium reflector here in a vibrant orange adds a bold statement and is perfect for introducing some colour to your interior space. Like a beautiful balancing act, the brass stem twists around to the marble base. The stem also extends to the distinct handle for easy portability and a delightful feature.

Showing off the Astep Nox Table Lamp and VV Cinquanta Twin Wall Lamp, which are both unique lighting forms and have a distinct finish. Perfect for placing over a desk, in a living room for additional lighting the wall lamp has a sculptural form, with both reflectors able to be angled and rotated to provide both direct and indirect lighting based on your lighting needs. This design is also available in many more lamps for you to explore in our collection.

The Nox Table Lamp is a delightful portable lamp which can be easily moved around. The globe-like hand-blown glass diffuser glows when lit creating a calming setting, ideal as a bedside lamp. It also has a touch dimmer so you can choose from ample light perfect for reading or a soft light for subtle light. Designed by internationally recognized designer Alfredo Häberli, who is known for designs which combine tradition with innovation.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Astep. Don’t forget to take a look at our full collection to explore many more beautiful lighting designs.

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