Outdoor Lighting

Good outdoor lighting can really enhance your garden or outdoor space, giving it a wonderful ambience as well as practical illumination for well used areas. 

Get to know your outdoor space at nighttime to better understand where you want the lighting to be and where you will most benefit from it. For example, areas you will use in the evening, such as a dining or lounge area, a pathway, at your front door and more. 

When it comes to which light to choose for your outdoor lighting scheme, there are plenty of styles of outdoor lights to consider, including table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and more!


Flos In Vitro Unplugged Table Lamp


We love the design of the portable Flos In Vitro Unplugged Table Lamp. Coming with a 6 hour battery life and a dimmable function, this lamp is both highly practical and stylish. The bold rubber handle contrasting against the black aluminium base makes this portable lamp a highly modern and striking luminaire.  This lamp would be perfect to light up a dining or lounge area.





Flos Climber 87 Wall Lamp


The Climber Wall Lamp displays a minimal and sleek form. Whether you choose to place this on its own perhaps by your doorway, or in a small grouping, this modern lamp will be sure to enhance any contemporary setting. Making for the perfect lamp to light up a pathway or entranceway, creating a grand first impression as well as a practical light.





Ferm Living Meridian Table Lamp



The Ferm Living Meridian Lamp has a unique structural form, made out of powder coated metal which can be used a a piece of artwork on its own. Its cordless design creates a seamless look and allows you to easily move it to wherever you need, whether that be indoors or outdoors. Coming with 12 hours of warm battery life, this lamp is just as much beautiful as it is practical. 


Flos Bellhop 125 Wall Lamp








Place the sleek Flos Bellhop 125 Wall Lamp along a walkway to create the perfect mood lighting to help guide the way, or perhaps place on the walls of your garden to beautifully light up the outskirts of your outdoor space. With the option to choose the temperature of the light, this lamp will seamlessly fit with your personal lighting requirements. 


Menu Column Table Lamp


The Menu Column Table Lamp is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Perhaps place on your bedside table or light up your outdoor dining space.  Due to its cordless design, wherever you go, the lamp can go with you. Designed by the famous Norm Architects, you can create your own lighting display due to its dimmable LED bulb.


Flos Superarchimoon Outdoor Floor Light


The eye-catching design of the Flos Superarchimoon Outdoor Floor Light is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on anyone who sets eyes on it. Place this in the corner of a patio, or surrounding a conservatory so that you can always light up the surroundings at night with this overhanging light construction. The springs and metal beams that make up the frame are made with consideration for serious tensile strength, which helps to keep them upright during high winds or other seasonal alternatives which we face every year. This light gives you the opportunity to decorate your outdoor space with the amount of love and care you would with your interior.



Kartell Battery Table Lamp

A modern take on the traditional table lamp, the Kartell Battery Table Lamp features a rechargeable battery via a USB cable, helping to light up your space for hours with its warm glow. The see-through nature of the lampshade makes for the easiest light diffusion of any lamp – travelling straight through it – which helps to make for an interesting and distinctive appearance. Its highly portable nature means that it can be used wherever you need it, whether to provide quaint reading light or a corner light for a bedroom or to light up an outdoor lounge area in the summer – the choice remains ultimately yours thanks to the versatility and multi-use nature that exists through this design.


Flos IC Outdoor Floor Lamp









Illuminate your outdoor patio or garden with the stunning Flos IC Outdoor Floor Lamps with its minimal and timless design and enjoy your time lounging in a warm and calming glow.


Discover our full range of outdoor lighting and start planning your outdoor lighting scheme today. 


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