Open Space Living With Exposed Brick

As you enter this beautiful open space you are greeted by a stunning exposed brick wall. The plain white walls throughout this room enhance the contrast of the colours even more, creating a statement piece to this stunning Swedish home. Exposed brick further adds a warm colour to the otherwise all white walls and floors.

Although in the same room, this space encompasses a kitchen, work, dining and living area making this space the ultimate day time room, and perfect to socialize with friends and family. Whether you want to chill on the sofa or have a meal on the dining table, this space is perfect for almost any occasion.

This homeowner has opted for a pale, soft rug, keeping within the décor of the apartment yet adding warmth and comfort to this living area. The large decorative plant adds colour to this overwise quite neutral space.

The simple and modern large sphere pendant lamp hanging above the living area creates a moon-like structure, which when lit casts a soft warm glow, creating a relaxing atmosphere in the nighttime.

Artistic prints above the sofa offer colour and character to the white walls behind. These pieces of art incorporate some of the most common colours seen through this apartment. The tints of beige, browns, blacks and greys all complement the brick walls perfectly, bringing the space together and intensifying a warmer space throughout.

This sheepskin lounge chair creates the perfect cosy setting within this living space, which looks great paired with the soft rug on the floor. If you like the look of this chair, it is similar to the Gubi Stay Lounge Chair, that we also offer here at beut.

The displayed books not only look great, but they are also the perfect solution to show off your current favourites to your guests. This, together with the other accessories in this space adds personality and character to your home. The green potted plants add colour and serenity to this much-loved neutral space.

The black kitchen and dining chairs create a strong contrast against the white walls and tablecloth. This creates a bold statement which is both sleek and modern. This space composes of a more sophisticated style due to the hard angles of the furniture as opposed to the cosier and softer surfaces in the living area.

The long dining table allows for the space to be both practical and stylish. Emitting a soft ambient glow, the small pendant light above the dining table creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Large windows illuminate the room with natural light, completely transforming the atmosphere from night to day.

Are you working from home? This workspace is a perfect example of how you can incorporate a practical environment for home working and make it look stylish. The wall art complements the rest of the colours in the apartment, whilst the tints of green in the storage unit match with the green plants throughout the apartment, allowing this space to seamlessly match with the rest of the décor.

As you go upstairs, you see another workspace which has been strategically placed in front of the window to help the homeowner’s creativity and thoughts flow. In the nighttime when this room isn’t full of natural light, the designer desk lamp emits a direct light for the homeowner to work whatever the time of day. Extra storage space is provided in this discreet storage unit which blends into the white walls. 

The abstract wall art and textured rug have been carefully placed in this industrial styled bedroom to spread the brown colours throughout, compromising the exposed brick wall and making it feel cosy and warm.

I hope this has given you some much needed inspiration to help you decorate your home.

First seen on Coco Lapine Design.  Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem.



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