This unconventional floor plan allows for a great social space. Comprising of a kitchen space as well as a dining area and living space, this open plan living is perfect for hosting any occasion with friends and family. 

This beautiful dining area is made up of the Carl Hansen CH24 Wishbone Chairs. The striking black oak colourway contrasts against the surrounding neutral tones. These timeless chairs will never fail to impress you and your guests. The sculptural pendant above the dining table is a statement piece on its own. Not only a piece of artwork, but it also emits a calming ambient light when lit, illuminating the dining area perfectly in the evenings.

Various objects decorate the dining table to make the area a comfortable and homely place. The large window allows for floods of natural light to fill the space, whilst the circular mirror further reflects light across the room.

The sage green cabinets and white marble countertops create a tranquil atmosphere. Decorated with a multitude of well used objects, including the Ferm Living Ripple Long Drink Glasses on the floating shelf and other crockery items. Many green plants fill the space, introducing life and colour. The artistic picture on the wall adds character and personality. The black wall light brings traditional and modern together and provides a direct light when needed.


Similar to the New Works Lantern Light, the large pendant over the living space holds a bold and ubiquitous form, creating an eye-catching statement piece. The large soft rug divides the individual areas as well as creating a relaxing and homely area for lounging. 

Similar to the MG501 Cuba Chair, the black webbed lounge chair introduces natural materials for an aesthetically pleasing and strong finish. Multiple cushions are layered on the sofa make for an inviting and comfortable space for relaxing. The Gubi Pedrera Coffee Table exudes a modern and contemporary design with its minimal glass top and sleek legs, which allows the homeowner to place books, decorative objects, coffee and more.

Stacked shelves allow for the perfect space to display your most loved items, whilst adding additional character to the space, which would otherwise be a plain wall. The large cabinet provides the homeowner with some much needed storage, which blends with the wall behind due to the continued skirting boards. The wooden ladder adds a quirky touch to the room and allows for the high units to be reached. 


Placed on the large window seal, the New Works Kizu Table Lamp displays a balancing act within its curved form, boasting a contemporary and unique silhouette that is also a fantastic source of light.  


Capturing a striking form, inspired by the ant, this Fritz Hansen Ant Chair is made with just three legs making this a unique and sleek design.

We hope that you have gained some inspiration for your own home from this article.

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