Nineteenth Century Farmhouse Conversion

This red brick farmhouse has been transformed into a selection of luxurious apartments that caters for a wide variety of modern-day lifestyles. Dating back to the late 1800s, this building’s architecture is a work of art on its own. The red brick and brown windows and doors amongst the iron railings and black painted walls make up an industrial style exterior. Settled in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood, some of these apartments have been designed with a spacious balcony to enjoy evening sunsets and morning sunrises with friends and family.

The designer has chosen to retain one of the original farmhouse walls, creating the main feature wall of this apartment, fitting for a naturally beautiful and historic interior space. In contrast, the plain white walls bring out the exotic green leaves that are spaced out around this living area and the contemporary, black furniture pieces that have been chosen to create a cosy atmosphere, everything a lounge should be.

The Menu Chandelier, originating from the Tribeca Series, has been suspended at the center of this living space. The exposed light bulbs and staggered composition reflect the industrialized style that is showcased throughout this home.

An open plan space is one of the many characteristics of a contemporary home. Nestled under the stairs is a functional kitchen space, illuminated by spotlights up the underside slope of the stairs. In-keeping with the rest of the interior, a monochromatic colour scheme maintains a warming atmosphere whilst taking full advantage of the natural light that the large arched windows draw in.

This homeowner’s love of luscious house plants comes with their exceptional taste in fine design. Plant care comes with the need of the perfect watering can. Notice the Menu Well Watering Can, placed on the kitchen countertop, is never too far away from any of their plants.

If you look closely, you will identify one of Menu’s best-selling pieces, the JWDA Table Lamp. The frosted egg-shaped diffuser of this light casts a soft glow out into the room. Finished with a polished brass switch, this light consists of a dimmable function, so that you can adjust the light intensity to your own atmospheric requirements.

An original beam has been left in the attic space of this apartment. The designer has curated a comfortable environment here, that is suitable to work or relax in.

This whole space has been gifted with natural light, establishing a clean and contemporary home interior. Again, the original beams have been left to remind us of the humble beginings of this living accommodation.

This apartment is lucky enough to have a spacious balcony.

The bathroom is undoubtedly the most modern space in the whole apartment. The minimalistic and state-of-the-art design makes this bathroom a serene and relaxing place to come back to after a long day.

Having said that, wouldn’t anyone love to come back to this apartment at the end of a day?


First seen on Emma Hos blog.

Photography credited to Alen Cordic

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