Come with us whilst we explore a modern and cosy home which has a sophisticated yet inviting appearance. This living space comprises of sleek lounge chairs which have minimalist frames that elegantly curves around the seat for a distinctive display. The large Ferm Living Hourglass Pot has a bold appearance. This statement piece elevates the large plant inside, which brings a sense of serenity into the space. The large windows behind allow floods of natural light in and creates an almost picture perfect display to frame the space. The Ferm Living Collect Pendant Light has an elegant expression with hangs low to emit a warming ambience over the living space.

Warm tones from the orange throw brings a cosy atmosphere into the space. Textures on the cushion brings depth and comfort and the Menu Duca Candle Holders have a contemporary design which is sure to enlighten and promote an intimate and warm atmosphere ideal for welcoming guests. The height of these candle holders can be adjusted, creating an interesting display when pairing multiple together.

The Menu Knitting Chair creates a comfortable area in this light filled bedroom for reading a book or relaxing with a cup of your favourite drink. This chair has been deliberately designed with a curved seat and back for maximum comfort. Designed by Ib Kofod – Larsen it has a timeless appeal which is suitable for many rooms in your home.

Emitting a gentle and warming glow, the Menu Column Table Lamp allows you to create your own lighting display with its dimmable LED bulb. Set the scene and let the relaxing ambience that this lamp gives off, reflect onto your mood throughout the day and night.

The Menu JWDA Metallic Table Lamp is the perfect bedside light for providing a gentle ambience, ideal to be used as a reading light before you go to sleep. The dimmer allows you to create your own ambience preference.

Who else gained some much needed inspiration for a minimalist, modern home?

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