Minimal Living With Menu

This contemporary kitchen space is kept minimal with a small number of accessories on the work surface. Natural textures coming from the dark wood tones and sleek, solid and raw-looking island adds an organic and sophisticated feel to the room. The elegant brass pendant lamps and tap creates a striking contrast against the dark wall behind, making them further stand out and appear more luxurious. Simplistic yet highly modern, the Menu Afteroom Counter/Bar Stool has thin black legs and features a striking circle in the middle for structural support and aesthetics, creating an eye-catching appearance.

At the end of this spacious walkway, we are greeted with a beautiful armchair that exhibits a gorgeous balance between past and future designs. The solid wooden frame creates a refreshingly elegant look from every angle. The panelling featuring throughout this space adds wealth and texture to the otherwise plain white walls.

Round the corner, this minimal living space looks untouched, with everything perfectly placed to how it should be. Huge windows allow floods of natural light to fill the space, adding to the spacious feel. The grey Menu Offset Sofa holds a bold expression, appearing grande, whilst still remaining soft and inviting for long lasting comfort.

As we walk round the corner, we can see a wider view of this gorgeous living space. The striking black wall creates a powerful feature to the otherwise very light space. The Menu Plinth Low Marble Coffee Table acts as a piece of artwork itself, with the beautiful natural grains of the marble running through it, which further brings the dark and lighter colours that feature throughout this space together. It has been beautifully accessorised with a gorgeous Scandinavian vase, which holds a green plant, adding more colour and character to the space. The dark wood accents throughout the furniture in this space creates a warmer atmosphere to relax in.

Creating a bold contrast against the surrounding white walls, this striking black wall really adds a statement feature to this space. Although simple and elegant, the Menu JWDA Metallic Table lamp in polished brass stands bold against the dark wall behind. Not only looking aesthetically pleasing, but this minimalistic table lamp also allows you to choose the perfect ambient light for your space with its dimmable function.

Large windows, light wooden floor and white walls all make the space appear very spacious and bright. The soft and curvaceous Menu Harbour Dining Chair offers a cradling silhouette, that allows the homeowner to sit back and relax. The black slimline legs add a modern and minimalist appearance, allowing this chair to perfectly complement the rest of the interior d├ęcor.

Here we can see the natural textures from this amazing storage unit. Not only creating a bold appearance, but it also provides great storage for the homeowner to utilise.

Showing off its many uses, the Menu Plinth Tall Marble Table is being used here as a bedside table. We love the way the elegant, silky surface of the white marble contrasts with its heavy and substantial structure. The Menu TR Bulb Table Lamp has a sleek and simplistic design which, when lit, casts a warming ambient glow, perfect for bedtime reading.

Incorporating brass features appears to be a common occurrence in this home, we love the way it contrasts against the surfaces creating a rich and sophisticated appearance. The Menu Darkly Mirror in brushed brass looks stunning above the floating hard-wearing sink which gives a minimalist and contemporary feel to this bathroom.

We hope this has inspired you to get creative in your home, and perhaps add a pop of colour such as brass or black into your interior space.





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