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Michael Anastassiades is a London-based designer with over 20 years experience. He is well-known for his beautiful lighting designs for his brand and his collaborations with the Italian brand Flos. Be inspired by his creativity and iconic designs.

Anastassiades founded his London studio in 1994. After training as a civil engineer at London’s Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine before taking a masters degree in industrial design at the Royal College of Art. His design philosophy is to preserve the qualities of the materials he uses. Every product is artisanally made and come in natural finishes, exposed to the elements without any protective lacquers. He believes that oxidation makes it more beautiful over time.

The Flos IC Lights, Coordinates, Last Order, Tip Of The Tongue are just a few of the examples of his genius designs…

Flos Coordinates

Creative lighting sculptures make up for Flos Coordinates collection. These lights are sure to be the focal point in any space. The horizontal and vertical luminaires are arranged in a grid like structure to create a complex yet minimalist display. The integrated LED strips provide practical lighting to light up the room. Anastassiades has never seen lamps as isolated objects: he always designs lighting with the idea that it needs to be in harmony with its surroundings and this is clear to see with the Coordinates lights.

Michael Anastassiades Tube Wall Light

As part of the Michael Anastassiades Studio collection, the Tube Wall Light has an elegant and industrial appeal and despite its simplicity, this striking light has an impactful expression with its eccentric style. We love when they are paired together, for example, in this minimal and sophisticated bedroom.

Flos IC Lights

Anastassiades has created an iconic collection of artistic and creative lights which are instantly recognisable. Anastassiades was originally inspired by a juggler performing all sorts of tricks with a balancing ball. This contemporary collection comprises of floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights and pendant lights and all feature a distinct mouth-blown glass globe. Anastassiades has mastered the principle of on and off lighting – the IC lights look just as beautiful turned off as they do on.

Flos Last Order Table Lamp

These portable table lamps have a luxury aesthetic that diffuses light through a transparent solid crystal base, creating a warming glow. Available in a clear and fluted version, which diffuse the light in unique ways for an interesting yet gentle lighting display. Although they first appear simplistic, the exceptional attention to detail and high quality materials used make for a rich appeal.

Michael Anastassiades Tube Chandelier

A modern take on a traditional chandelier, the Tube Chandelier has a sculptural form which is sure to immediately catch the eye as you walk in the room. Showcasing his careful attention to materials, the brass, which makes up this light has a luxurious feel which adds a rich expression to this piece. Placed above this dining table, it is a wonderful centre-piece to the room.

Flos Arrangement Pendant Lights

Michael Anastassiades has mastered the wow factor when it comes to the Arrangement lights. Different shapes surrounded by flex strip LED are linked together in different ways to create a spectacular display. Coming with a ‘create your own‘ version, allowing you to create geometric patterns of your choice, throughout your room.

Do you have one of the above Michael Anastassiades lights to show off in your interior space?

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