Many Ways To Style A Living Room With Muuto


The living room is a central point in your home where you and your family can come to wind down together after a busy day or where you can enjoy cosy movie nights in and nibbles with your friends. However you choose to use your living room we believe that it is important to make sure that you indulge in the highest quality and luxury items to finish off the space to enhance a warm and inviting touch. In this article, you will discover many unique perspectives on the contemporary living room, all designed by the talented designers from the prestigious Scandinavian design brand Muuto.

The bright blue Oslo pieces within this living space add a vibrant expression to the interior space. The bold colour choice beautifully complements the soft grey tones seen throughout the decor and on the Around Coffee Table and side table. The brand-new Halves Side Table in sage green brings together the mixture of tones seen throughout the entirety of this room. One of our favourite characteristics that we have been drawn to is the bold, swooping staircase that can be seen to the rear of this space.

As you can probably see from this stunning living/office space, Muuto have an extreme talent for choosing specific colours to create a harmonized and synced effect. The soft interlacing shades in this interior space such as pale blues, greys and natural wooden aspects, all come together to produce a tranquil and ordered atmosphere; combining the ritualized life at the office with the relaxation of a living room, the perfect mixture for this space.

Here again, the designer has used pale blues to create an inviting and relaxing space. However, this time they have chosen to use a dark blue Outline Sofa to enhance a more sophisticated vibe. The Leaf Floor Lamp overshadows the sofa, casting a beautiful glow to assist you as you read. The simplistic yet stunning Workshop Coffee Table is the perfect choice for a minimalistic interior space as you can see here.

While the Pebble Rug provides this homeowner with some much-needed softness under their feet, the Connect Sofa offers a warming shade of orange to add warmth and luxury to this hard textured room. Just above the sofa, the Ambit Wall Lamp offers a warming glow to anyone who desires the casting light to read as they settle down for the evening.

We are loving green right now! That is why we adore this living room area so much. The brand-new Doze Lounge Chair and Ottoman is the perfect reading chair that offers you a gorgeous foot rest as well. The dark green shades carry through to the clips on the highly functional Stacked Storage System, that is being used for both decorative and storage purposes in this luxury interior space. This living room also presents us with one of our ultimate favourite lights this season. That is the Post Floor Lamp! Not only is this light absolutely stunning, the substantial design casts out a bright yet defining beam of light.

How gorgeous is this space? The designer has taken advantage of the luscious green outdoors that can be seen through the large windows and has used light shades of green throughout this interior space. The sofas match almost perfectly with the Around Coffee Table, while the dark grey Ply Rug uplifts the cool concrete floor into a floor that becomes warmer and more appealing to glide across bare foot.

Amongst the cool tones of the surface of this room, the contemporary sofa and brand-new Echo Pouf’s inject vibrant colours into this space to create a more uplifting atmosphere to enjoy. Cleverly, the designer has chosen a red toned canvas print to match one of the Echo Pouf’s, bringing this interior space together and enhancing a warmer atmosphere.

Despite all the bold colours, the little Airy Table takes center stage in this large living space. We love the way that the designer has used the beautiful colours of the furniture to create this stunning feature wall.

The cognac leather on the Cover Chair and the gorgeous Outline Sofa works seamlessly together, as do the natural wooden tones from the chair and Workshop Coffee Table. This room is gently illuminated by the soft glow of both the Fluid Pendant Light and the Beam Table Lamp.

Who would of thought that the much-loved Pull Floor Lamp would now be available in this luscious shade of grey, that we have to say goes beautifully side by side to the Oslo Sofa?

We only have high hopes for the newly designed Ridge Vase, that is situated at the back of this room. The terracotta shades seen throughout this interior pair fantastically with the warm wooden features. We think that the wood walls in this living room creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for settling down with a book or magazine in the Doze Lounge Chair.

Take a seat on the Fiber Chair and relax as you take in the breathtaking design of this living room. Look closely and you will notice the mountainous range of textures. From the gently speckled floor to the ridged wall art, this living space has been beautifully styled to show off some of Muuto’s most iconic pieces such as the Around Side Table and the Pull Floor Lamp.

As you take in the magnificent views from the inside of these glass fronted living rooms, you can enjoy the many different award-winning pieces designed by some of Muuto’s most prestigious designers. From the Workshop Coffee Table, in its new square dimension, to the Post Floor Lamp and Pebble Rug. Not to mention the idyllic Strand Pendant Light that overlooks the whole room as its silently glows.

We hope that you have gained some inspiration for your own living room from this article. Have we inspired you to go Muuto crazy? We know we are! Don’t forget to look at the whole Muuto collection over on our site It would be impossible to share every one of their stunning designs here.

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