Make The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space With Ferm Living

Now that those long summer days and balmy evenings have arrived, we are spending more and more time outside. Why not treat your outdoor space like an interior room? That means using elements you’d find inside, like comfortable furniture, pretty pillows, accessories, rugs and lighting.

Like an outdoor living room, this beautiful terrace has been transformed into the perfect area to unwind and relax. The Ferm Living Peka Bench provides the perfect space to gather with friends and family and enjoy a moment of calm. With FSC-certified Accoya-treated pine wood, this bench is ideal for use outdoors or in your home. The Level Side Table has two convenient levels that allow for more storage space for places everyday objects such as books and for display space. The continuous line that goes through the design creates a sleek appearance. 


Plants are a great way to connect your indoor living space to outside. This can be made possible with the Bau Pot, with its sleek and ribbed textures and heightened stand creating engaging levels, it is the perfect piece to complete your space. Pair with the Sekki Pot for a more minimal look. Presenting a clean design throughout with its charismatic appearance, the Orb Watering Can makes for both a great practical insertion to your home as well as its clean design that helps to make it a feature for your outdoor space.

Adding a splash of colour, the Grand Cushion is made from a mix of 50% natural linen and 50% cotton and adds some extra comfort. 

Behind the backrest of the Peka Bench is a conveniently placed narrow shelf, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet morning cup of tea or to share a summer evening drink with a friend. The Casca Glass brings some life and vibrancy into the space, helping to lighten the air with its colourful expression.

This Ferm Living Plant Box provides ample storage whilst maintaining a slim form. Holding green plants in multiple planters including the distinctive Hourglass Pot, it introduces new and engaging levels to draw your eyes in. 

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Liba Watering Can gives a modern and redesigned take on the classic gardening utensil. It’s sleek and sustainable design makes this watering can one to be displayed and not to be hidden. 

Introduce greenery up high with the Bau Balcony Box, which features two hooks and a metal bracket making it easy to mount on a rail or something similar. This also allows you to inject some colour and liveliness into your small balcony. As well, its textured and industrial surface will give your outdoor space a vibrant and classical design that is sure to provide a modern industrial look that suits any urban home.

Dine outside the with Flod Tiles Cafe Table featuring a sophisticated design, focusing on the essentials. Constructed with clay and powder-coated galvanised steel,  its seamless form and thoughtful practicality, this iconic table provides the perfect space to enjoy breakfast on a summer morning or delve into an evening dinner. The Desert Dining Chairs provide a useful seating solution for both your home and outdoor space. With its modern profile and foldable design, these chairs can be easily transported and stored. 

Serve delicious food and snacks with the perfectly imperfect tableware from the Flow collection. Crafted from mouth-blown glass, the Ripple Verines Glasses have a stunning rippled texture that encourages a contemporary look. Perfect for impressing guests at a dinner party, you can serve a refreshing beverage in excellent sophistication. 

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the Desert Lounge Chair‘s contemporary expression and encompassing structure encourages relaxation. Whether you want to enjoy an early morning coffee in the sun or socialise in comfort in the evening, the Desert Chair’s lightweight expression is both perfectly practical and beautiful. Made from the same ECO-friendly material, the Desert Cushion adds comfort and aesthetics.

The gorgeous hand-made Inlay Cup and Saucer mixes bold proportions throughout to create its unique stoneware appearance. Its distinctive design is created through the use of two-tone mix of clays within it and this helps to create a large mix of marble-like patterns.

Coming with 12 hours of warm battery life and cordless design, the Meridian Table Lamp is the perfect outdoor light so you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun draws in. Due to its structural form, made from powder coated steel, this lamp can be displayed as a piece of artwork on its own. 

Explore our full collection of Ferm Living furniture & lighting today to transform your outdoor space. 



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