Kitchen & Dining Interior

We would like to welcome you into this eye-catching space, which comprises of a kitchen and dining area in one. The combination of mint green, white marble, wood tones, and brass accents makes this space both unique and characterful. The wooden floor adds warmth to the space along with other wooden elements spotted throughout. 

High storage cabinets are used on either side of the kitchen, providing the homeowner with some much needed additional storage. The integrated ladder adds a quirky touch to this kitchen as well as being a practical piece to reach the high cupboards. The natural grains coming from the marble tops, wooden floor and bricked walls create an organic feel which all perfectly complement eachother. Above, the long black ceiling light – similar to the Flos Zero Track Suspension Light – contrasts against the warmer colours throughout the room and provides a modern touch. 

As we enter the kitchen further, we can see that it extends around the corner, giving it ample space for cooking and baking. The brass tap and handles exhibit a luxurious touch, alongside the impressive marble countertops. The simplistic wooden shelf above the tap is an ideal place to display some much-loved items. 

Expressionate wall art seen both above the breakfast bar and through the door, offers personality, colour and style to what otherwise would be a plain wall. The subtle coat hook provides a useful place to hang any on the go accessories, such as scarfs, coats, and hats, whilst the natural wood blends with the rest of the furnishings featured in this space. 

Immediately noticeable, the Flos 2097/50 Suspension Light in a striking brass color adds an impressive touch. When lit, this timeless chandelier provides a warm, ambient light to cast a romantic atmosphere over the dining table. The touches of black in the chandelier complement with the black dining chairs which contrast against the surround warm tones. 

Beautifully arranged, these delicate flowers are enough to put a smile on anyones face. Pops of green, orange, pinks and purples bring colour and life to the space. Not only do flowers look stunning, but they also have a wide range of benefits such as; reducing stress, mood boosters and more!

First seen on Coco Lapine Design. Photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors



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