“At MENU, we believe in Connected Spaces. Spaces that unite our worlds through design, and make our transitions from one place to another seamless, interesting and enjoyable.”

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been curating a stunning collection of lighting, homeware and furniture from Danish design brand, Menu.

From table lamps to coat hangers, Menu strive to create products that make the world a better, less complicated and all-round nicer place to wake up to. As you will begin to notice, everything about the prestigious design brand is classy, elegant and sophisticated. Creating products with a Scandinavian influence behind them, Menu products aim to bring clever solutions to the modern-day way of life.

This blog will share with you some of our most-loved products so far.

Afteroom Coat Hanger

Inspired by the Bauhaus and Modernism art movements, the Afteroom Coat Hanger is a sophisticated design that provides a hanging system for coats, clothes and other accessories.

Wine Breather

Designed by the highly talented pair, Norm Architects and Peter Ørsig, the Wine Breather from Menu, is a sleek piece of glassware, that will impress your guests when they come round for dinner and drinks. Simply, turn your bottle of wine upside down and let the wine trickle down through the decanting unit. Once satisfied, flip the decanter over to disperse the wine back into the wine bottle. You would have never of tasted wine so good.

Kettle Teapot

Inspired by the traditional Oriental cast iron teapots, the Kettle Teapot, designed by Norm Architects consists of a tea egg that will slowly disperse the gorgeous aromas of your chosen tea.

Bottle Grinder

No ordinary salt and pepper shaker! The Bottle Grinder from Menu has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of spices, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, salt and pepper. Available in two stunning colours, hunting green beige and nudes, the bottle grinder is topped off with a stylish walnut lid and comes as a set of two.

Well Watering Can

Water your plants in style with the Well Watering Can from Danish designers, Menu. A sleek, stainless steel design that will sit pretty, up against your luscious green plants both indoors and outdoors.

Échassse Collection

A stunning collection of vases and bowls to display fresh fruit, flowers or other home comforts. These decorative home accessories would make the perfect adornment to any interior space.

Sweeper and Funnel

Cleaning up will never feel like a chore again. The Sweeper & Funnel, designed by the acclaimed designer, Jan Kochanski, is essentially a stylish dustpan and brush that has been cleverly designed for functionality. What’s more Menu’s Sweeper and Funnel has won the ‘Wallpaper Design Award’ in the ‘best fireside’ category.

JWDA Pendant Light

Totally on trend with today’s contemporary interior styles, the JWDA Pendant Lamp, is beautifully simple and elegant, perfect for the modern-day home. Inspired by archaic oil lamps of the past, this pendant light has been designed by the Swedish architect, Jonas Wagell.

Coloumn Table Lamp

Curated by the famous designers, Norm Architects, this table lamp embraces the freedom of movement due to its cordless design. Swap the standard table candles with a Coloumn table light for a more sophisticated look.

Cast Collection

A collection of wall lamps and pendant lights inspired by plumbing weights that masons and carpenters would have commonly used within the Ancient Egyptian time period.

Knitting Chair

The classic design of the Knitting Chair by Menu, combines older handmade techniques with the latest design technologies.

Harbour Furniture

One of the best-selling furniture ranges from Danish design brand, Menu. A collection of chairs, tables, bar stools and much more.

Shower Tray

Part of the luxury Bath Series collection, the Shower Tray is a handy bathroom accessory to hold day to day bathroom items such as soap, razors and toiletries.

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