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Established in 2006, Mater‘s brand focus is sustainability. Each product has been skillfully designed with sustainable thinking. Reusing the plastic waste found in the ocean, recycled coffee bean shells and old Carlberg beer kegs to produce environmentally friendly designs, without compromising on aesthetic and durability. By collaborating with world famous designers, each product has been made with thoughtful and expert design for pieces which are guaranteed to make a statement to your space.

The Ocean collection shown in the images above gets its name from the recycled ocean plastic waste which the furniture is made from. This can include recycled fishing nets and hard plastic which has been found from the ocean. This allows each piece to be used as outdoor furniture. The expert craftsmanship creates sleek curves and provides the chairs with comfort and an eye-catching, contemporary design. Available in different colourways, we are sure this elegant outdoor furniture collection will find a way into your outdoor space.

Meaning ‘Mother’ in Latin, Mater is a reminder that each of their designs contributes to the challenges that mother nature faces day to day. The above images shows an example of the type of plastic waste found in the ocean and how it is broken down into smaller pieces.

The Mater BM3162 Coffee Waste Chair is designed by the famous designer and architect Børge Mogensen and Esben Klint. They have a traditional yet timeless style which has been crafted using pioneering technology. This produces a stunning piece of furniture which has been made with upcycled fiber-based materials to benefit the environment.

The natural colourway and curved edges have a soft finishing for an inviting design. Durable, sophisticated and elegant design which can suit a range of interior spaces. Small accessories such as planter and bowls on top add a pop of colour and character to the space.

Also available in a black colourway, the recycled materials which make up this chair displays texture and detail which reflects differently in the light. Due to each piece being made from original recycled plastics, each product will be unique in its own way. This chair is also available in a recycled wood waste version, that comes in a muted grey shade.

The Mater Eternity Side Chair is made from 70% recycled industrial plastics which provides some subtle detail to each chair. The sleek legs and curved base creates a beautiful design, but also delivers excellent comfort, for a statement piece which doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. The rounded balancing act allows them to seamlessly complement a range of spaces and interior themes. These are also stackable, allowing you to easily store them when they are not needed.

Discover our full collection of Mater furniture and lighting to find environmentally friendly design icons for your home.

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