In this article, you will discover many different interior styles and spaces, all designed by talented designers from the prestigious Scandinavian designer brand Artek.

Dine in style with this beautiful dining set up by Artek. The bright coloured 69 Chairs add a vibrant expression to the interior space and complement the soft natural wood tones seen on the chairs and 83 Aalto Dining Table. The elegant A331 Beehive Pendant Lamp emits a calming glow onto the table creating a relaxing atmosphere. Gold details on the pendant lamp match the A808 Floor Lamp which sits in the background, creating a strong contrast to the white walls behind. Impressive wall art and décor on the table are the perfect finishing touches to bring the colours together and express character and personality.

Calming, relaxing and elegance and just a few of the words that come to mind when looking at this space. The truly impressive 43 Lounge Chair designed by Alvar Aalto – known as one of the greatest architects and furniture designers of the 20th century – offers both style and comfort. The natural wood and black linen in the chair complement the rest of the natural tones featured in this space. Imagine lying on this contemporary chair and gazing at the views that are visible from the large glass doors. This room has been beautifully paired with a large selection of organic green potted plants which bring colour and serenity.

Dark furnishings give this space a very luxury and relaxing feel, whilst the white walls and a large window in the background allows this dining area to still feel light and airy.  Chosen in multiple colours add character and colour. Their beautiful curvaceous design with embracing armrests provides a comfortable seat and a timeless style. The simplistic yet innovative REB 002 Kaari Dining Table complements the chairs perfectly with its dark colours and birch wood on the legs. Above, the dark red A201 Pendant Light creates a stunning lumination when lit, adding to the luxury feel of the room. This space has been elegantly decorated with the Secrets of Finland Candleholder, emitting a relaxing glow when a candle is lit. A green plant placed in a Secrets Of Finland Midsummer Dream Vase adds colour and a unique character.

This cosy lounge space looks like the perfect calming atmosphere for the homeowner to relax with a fire crackling beside. There are many textures throughout this space for example the exposed brick, a patterned rug and the busy bookshelf behind, giving this space plenty of character and personality. The striking Karuselli Lounge Chair offers ultimate comfort to sit for hours on end, whilst adding style and a modern touch to this traditional space. The geometric Trienna Coffee Table complements the lounge chair beautifully with its bold black colour and sleek modern look. The beige lounge chair to the left brings the warm colours back into the space, contrasting with the cooler dark tones of the surrounding furniture. In the background the PN001 Kanto Firewood Rack provides a stylish and practical way to hold the homeowner’s firewood, whilst displaying the warm and cosy colours of the wood.

This 901 Tea Trolley features a minimal and practical design which is simple yet beautiful. Offering a resting place for books, drinks and decorative ornaments, this trolley allows for decoration and functionality. The striking oversized white wheels complement the unique floor lamp in the background, which adds to the minimal design. Above, the brass A330S Golden Bell Pendant Lamp hangs elegantly and emits a warm glow when lit. All these pieces are perfectly placed on an exciting and creative background and floor. The textured rug adds a warm and inviting touch, while the granite floor on a higher level creates a sophisticated and modern feel.

This creative workspace is full of colour and character. The bookcases in the background adds unlimited amounts of colour which match with the abstract wall art and the uniquely designed red chair. The large window in front of the table allows natural light to flood through creating a bright and airy space, which is perfect for creative thinking. Here, the 82B Aalto Dining Table makes for the perfect table to work on as it provides plenty of space, demonstrating its versatility for multiple uses, not just a table to dine on. Night-time working has been made possible with the A808 Floor Lamp which adds some elegance into this very busy space and emits a warm glow over the table. A floor lamp is the perfect substitute if a table lamp takes up too much space on your workspace.

This contemporary space has been beautifully furnished with bold and bright colours. The Kiki Sofa and Lounge Chairs have been chosen in a selection of vivid colours which adds plenty of character to this space. These modern chairs have been designed with striking angles and edges making them very sleek and clean. These feature pieces create a strong contrast against the natural walls and concrete floor, giving the overall atmosphere of the room a simplistic yet beautiful feel. The organic potted green plants add shape and serenity to this stunning interior space.

This beautifully designed space by Artek is the perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee or delve into a book. The large windows allow natural light to fill the room and displays a stunning view. The patterned rug creates a homely and warm feel to this seating area. Although different, the armchairs have similar designs which complement each other, whilst still having their own unique style. Both feature elegant and smooth curves from the wooden arm rests which creates unique silhouettes and an inviting design. The Ovalette Coffee Table, made from solid oak, matches with the natural colours from the chairs, rug and the outdoor serenity, whilst providing a practical place to display decorative ornaments such as the green plant which adds more colour and life to the space, or perhaps a book or cup of coffee. When dark, the A811 Floor Lamp illuminates the room with a calming ambient glow, providing a practical light for reading once dark and enhances the room with its stylish design.


We hope that you have gained some inspiration for you own interior space from this article. Don’t forget to browse the whole of our Artek collection here at beut.




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