Hans Wegner – Master Of Danish Design

Born in 1914 in Tønder, a town in southern Denmark, Hans Wegner is considered the pioneering furniture designer of the twentieth century. The five iconic chair designs for Carl Hansen are a testament to the brands philosophy for 65 years. The 1950 chairs include the CH22 Chair, CH23 Chair, CH24 Wishbone Chair, CH25 Lounge Chair and CH26 Chair. The Danish designer has also gone on to design many more recognisable furniture pieces seen today.

Hans Wegner

Hans Wegner’s chairs are iconic examples of modern Danish design. “The first chairs that Wegner created for Carl Hansen & Søn were regarded as extremely avantgarde at the time. There was a completely new and exciting mode of expression to the work, but also a simplicity that appealed to many people,” says Carl Hansen’s CEO Knud Erik Hansen. “The first chairs had a totally unique aesthetic and their quality was excellent. Each chair had its own original design with characteristic elements that were subsequently included in other chair designs.

The CH24 Wishbone Chairs was the very first model established by this fantastic designer back in 1949. Famous for it’s curved back and armrest, made from a single piece of solid, steam-bent wood. The hand-woven seat takes incredible detail to make, taking over 100 steps and 120 metres of paper cord to create it’s uniquely designed seat. 

We love the way these Wishbone Chairs have been paired with the Carl Hansen CH337 Dining Table in the same lacquered walnut colourway. The wooden beam on the wall, alongside with the simple decor completes the natural and organic atmosphere of the space. 

The Ch25 Lounge Chair is also one of the first chairs created by legendary designer Hans J. Wagner exclusively for Carl Hansen, at the start of their collaboration which began in 1949. The chair was first put into production in 1950, and the timeless design has been in production ever since. The rich history of the design is emulated in the intense craftsmanship needed to create it, as it takes 400 metres of paper cord and 10 hours of labour to create the backrest and seat for this chair. The handmade seat is durably designed to last, surviving through years, whilst still maintaining its enticing aesthetic.

The Ch23 Chairs was brought back into production by Carl Hansen in 2016 to provide the wonderful designs of Wegner to a modern audience. It’s elegant and flowing armrests help to box in the design, creating powerful forms of blank space in between. Its woven paper cord seat really sets it apart, made by hand in order to best perform as a seat shell. The thin and tapered legs lock into place, providing a downward glance as they hold up the seat rest, making it a well refined piece of art. The CH23 is still manufactured by hand, the same way that it first was when it was designed by Wegner in 1950, helping to keep the tradition and his image alive through it.

This minimalistic dining space has been paired with the Carl Hansen CH327 Dining Table also designed by Hans Wegner and complemented with simplistic decorative ornaments and a modern rug below, creating the perfect timeless space to socialise with friends and family. 

The CH22 Chair’s elegant and flowing armrests help to box in the design, creating powerful forms of blank space in between. Its woven paper cord seat really sets it apart, made by hand in order to best perform as a seat shell, this chair is a design masterpiece. Here the Carl Hansen CH22 Chair is placed in a luxurious living room for comfortable seating for guests.

The CH26 Chairs was also one of the first pieces from Wegner’s extended collection that was remade by Carl Hansen for a modern market. We believe that this chair is perfect for dining applications to ensure that you can enjoy the most sophisticated dining experience possible. 


Wegner’s early designs share common properties to create unique designs that reflect his respect for ergonomics and the tactility of natural materials. Each chair features hand-woven paper cord for optimal durability, making the chair a timeless investment and a coveted collector’s piece.

The Head of Exhibitions and Collections at Design museum Denmark, Christian Holmsted Olesen explains: “The first four chairs possess all the properties that characterise Danish Design: they are based on a long history of craftsmanship and are all inspired by historical furniture types.This means that many people view them as timeless.They are made from natural materials and are therefore both sustainable and durable. They feature organic forms and have a human dimensionand, even with their strong artistic expression, are clearly designed for everyday use.”

Wegner’s early masterpieces for Carl Hansen were designed to be used as practical and comfortable seating solutions as well as aesthetic and admired, century-defining design characteristics.


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