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Founded by Nikolaj Meier and Knut Bendik Humlevik New Works has become an internationally recognised designer brand with a stunning catalog of inviting and creative furniture, lighting and homewares. Collaborating with a large pool of influential designers and artists, New Works believes in honest materials, generosity in quality and earnest craftsmanship. 

New Works has a sustainable approach when crafting each piece. Longevity is key in their approach to design so that they can create timeless, long lasting pieces that fulfill a purpose. Each material used in New Works products have been carfeully thought about; considering environmental impacts and durability. Certified materials with a long life expectancy is essential. As an example, they only use wood from FSC-certifed forestry for furniture. 

Each product has a small amount of packaging, with each item delivered in brown boxes made from uncoated cardboard, which is biodegradeable and fully recyclable. New Works are almost at the end of replacing all the polystyrene with paper pulp and all plastic with recycled plastic, which shows how far New Works is going to take actions to help the environment. 

Furthermore, nearly all New Works furniture is produced in Denmark. Manufacturers based in the Eurapean Union are bound to follow the chemical regulation REACH rules, which guarantees environmental protection. 

New Works collaborate with a large number of internationally recognised, talented designers and artists who display the same deep fascination for sculptural forms and premium materials.

Anderssen & Voll

The design duo Anderssen & Voll are two-thirds of the former Norway Says design collective and are among the most successful Norweigian designers. Creating ground-breaking objects for the home, their elegant and understated pieces can be seen in their pieces for some of Europe’s most renowned brands. 

Anderson & Voll designed the famous Lantern Series for New Works. This features a wide range of distinctive lights inspired by the traditional Chinese rice paper lamp, including pendants, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps. The frosted glass shade replicates a calming ambient light, whilst creating a bold and long lasting form. 

Lars Tonøe

Lars Tornøe is a Norwegian design studio devoted to furniture design and related fields of product design, working with various clients across Northern Europe. Having graduated from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2006, Lars has been named Norwegian Designer of the year. 

Lars Tonøe is the designer of the Kizu Table Lamp for New Works. The Kizu Table Lamp features a bold marble base and is made of two sculptural forms, the lamp displays a sort of balancing act within it’s curved form, creating a contrast of both tension and calm, natural and man-made, straight and curved.

Are Design Studio

The work of Arde Design Studio displays a paired back aesthetic and holistic approach to idea creation and production. Designers of the Covent Series which showcases expert craftsmanship and displays an inviting and comfortable form. The collection includes a series of seating solutions.

Regular Company

The Croatian-based Regular Company is an award-winning design studio, headed by Ruder Novak-Mikulic, Marinko Murgic and Tihomir Filipec. The Regular Company designed the Missing Chair for New Works, which is a light and durable chair which can stack up to four pieces. This comfortable and striking chair is made from FSC-certified wood and OEKO-TEX-certified foam. 


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