Enjoy the first sunny days of the year and make your garden or balcony part of your home again. Designing your outdoor space is a great chance to be creative. Choose from vibrant furniture or keep it more muted with soft colours.

Make the most of the sunny weather with the ultimate outdoor garden party. Of course, ensuring that your guests have delicious food and drink is essential, but taking the extra step to ensure the dining set up and design is beautiful makes all the difference to make sure that your party will be spoken about all summer long. Each dining chair by Vitra shown here feature distinctive and iconic designs providing long lasting comfort.

Imagine relaxing in the summer with the hot sun on your face whilst socialising with friends with your favourite cold drink in hand. The Vitra Panton Chairs are moulded from plastic in one continuous, ever-flowing shape, making this chair durable too.

Available in many colourways, the Vitra Panton Chair was originally designed in the 1960s and provides a contemporary and seamless furnishing which can be easily used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mix and matching a variety of different seats is a great way to add character into a space. We love this evening dining set up which has been lit by wonderful outdoor lighting and candles.

This contemporary seating area has been brightened by bold pops of colours through the cushions and chairs. The Vitra Herringbone Pillow adds a fresh and modern design to the dark wooden wall. This also enhances the comfort and brings in soft fabrics into the seating area. The Vitra Eames Plastic Armchair LAR has a low form allowing the user to relax deep into the shell. Made from plastic, it also has a lightweight and durable form allowing you to move it easily.

The Vitra Eames Side Chair in Forest seamlessly complements surrounding greenery in many outdoor spaces, allowing the furniture to become almost camouflaged.

A large bunch of flowers is sure to brighten anyone’s mood. The Vitra Herringbone Vase Ribbed is created through the method of immersion dyeing, which involves lowering the vase into a batch of coloured liquid multiple times to create a distinctive overlapping paint design. The defining ribbed textures creates an interesting visual effect to accentuate the flowers stored within.

Boasting a minimal and sleek design, the Vitra Belleville Chair Plastic – Outdoor features strong defining lines for a contemporary appearance. Made from plastic, this seat is comforting but also easy to clean, with a deliberately relaxed aesthetic that draws you into it. This set up is perfect for a small BBQ with family.

We hope you have gained some much needed inspiration to make your outdoor space feel part of your home.

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