Bar Stool Buying Guide

With bar stools rapidly growing in popularity across the interior world, choosing the right stool for your interior space, is a decision you want to make perfectly, right? Hiding behind every stunning design are technical details that have been meticulously thought about, to ensure maximum comfort for you and your guests.

If you follow our guidelines below, the chances are you will not make the huge mistakes that most people do, when purchasing a bar stool. Typically speaking, a bar stool that is too low for you to reach the tabletop when you are eating your dinner, or the stool being too high, causing the body to slouch.

Read on further, to ensure you buy the bar stool right for you and your chosen area.

What Is The Height Of Your Counter/Bar?

Ranging between 58-72cm at seat height, counter stools are the most popular within home kitchens or breakfast areas. On the other hand, a bar stool is generally slightly taller, with its seat height varying from 74-82cm.

If you require a stool for a commercial area such as a swanky bar or restaurant, usually an extra tall model will be what you need. These range between 84-92cm.

Use the diagrams above to choose what stool is correct to suit your individual counter top. The counter top heights are shown in the diagram. Once you know what height your counter is, you will be able to identify what seat height your stool needs. See below on how to measure your seat height. If you are buying a stool online, the seat height will generally be listed in the specifications.


The most familiar counter/bar stool that you may have come across is the adjustable height stool. A very versatile stool that will cater for a selection of roles. A gas lift adjustment makes this possible.

Legroom Space

How many of you cross your legs when sat at the bar or breakfast bar? Statistically most of us do, without even knowing it, for comfort reasons. There is nothing worse than when you are sat down and have no room underneath the tabletop to cross your legs or move them freely.

We have just the solution! Measure from the underside of the counter to the floor, then subtract between 23-28cm, this is the recommended space for legroom.

Once you have completed this task, then why not consider a stool with a foot rest such as the Normann Copenhagen Form Bar Stool or Tom Dixon’s Slab Oak Bar Stool.


Distance Between Each Stool

How many stools will fit at your kitchen island or countertop comfortably? You will want enough space so that you can turn, eat and drink easily when others are by your side.

It is suggested that you leave a 15cm space between each stool.


Consider The Depth And Backrest Height

Just because you now have the perfect height, it doesn’t mean to say that the depth of your stool will be right for your space.

Consider how much room you have behind the chosen space for people to walk by. The last thing you want is your stool getting damaged or marked because of the volume of traffic that is brushing past every day. If you can’t cater for a lot of space, then go for a stool without a backrest as this will increase the depth of the stool. For example, the Tempo High Cork Stool by La Chance.

If you count yourself and home as neat and tidy and would prefer the stool to be tucked away underneath the counter top when not in use, then you must take into account the backrest height.

Find Your Perfect Stool

We have given you all the information that you need. Find your perfect stool from our stunning range of Stools that we sell here at beut.

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