Explore The House Of Sculpture

Well, where do we start? This house has our eyes wandering everywhere. It really is a place of imagination and an exploration of unique yet highly fashionable interior spaces. This Stockholm based ‘Sculptor’s Residence’ shows off creativity that is exhibited in each of its rooms.

The exhibition space that was created between the two fantastic design brands Menu and Dux, offers its visitor many sights of their award-winning designs situated in many different areas of this home. The brand new Reverse Table Lamp by Menu has been proudly placed on top of this geometric inspired dining table. As you can see this area is a space where the homeowner lets their imagination run wild. A pile of inspiring magazines and interesting sculptural objects makes this place perfect for artistic minds alike.

Not only are the choice of contents in this room artistic, the hexagonal patterned, panelled ceiling emphasises the revolutionary flare that this residence prides itself in. Randomly placed in the center of this room are two marble plinths that accentuate just some of the interesting and high-quality materials that have been boldly shown around this home. Generally used as a stylish side table, the Menu Marble Plinth has been used as a single sculpture, that we believe stands beautifully within this room. The Tearoom Chair is nestled in the corner. The chair provides some relaxation, for where even this bedroom cannot escape the artful enthusiasms as you can see by the fresh clay pots that are positioned to the side.

Wierd but wonderful, the unusual way of lighting sets the scene in this room. A slightly more relaxed approach, the Menu Gravel Rug beautifully softens the bold blacks and solid pieces such as the Plinth Coffee Table. It’s a stunning touch to the raw wooden floor and cool grey walls.

The building itself is a work of art on its own as you can see from the stunning decor above the grande double doors. The Zet Storage System is another way that this homeowner can store all the imaginative inspiration that they behold. They have even displayed this is an extremely creative manner. Of course, the padded lounge chair to the side provides the resident with their much needed down time.

This comfortable looking chair and foot stool combination provides the creative with a space to draw, dream and design. Offering a space to rest their coffee mug, is the Androgyne Side Table – a beautiful addition to this interior space.

Balanced on top of the Marble Plinth is the Echassse Vase. Soon to hold a blooming bunch of florals, the brass based vase goes hand in hand with the various other brass features such as the door handle and the TR Bulb light.  As you can see here various other objects make up interesting sculptures that each tell a different story.

Commonly placed on the floor, this side table breaks the rules. Placed on the window seal, this side table holds other objects, piecing together another magnificent sculpture.

We hope that this article has given you many different ideas about the ways that you can style your home. A home is not only somewhere to live, play and work, it is also a space to show off your imagination and artistic talent for everyone to witness. It is your very own art gallery!

This apartment was a collaboration between Menu and Dux, designed by Norm Architects. Imagery first seen on Coco Lapine Design.

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