Explore The Audo Hotel By Menu And Norm Architects

Nestled in the industrial, Copenhagen town of Nordhavn is the Danish design brand Menu’s Audo Hotel. All ten stunning guest suites are dressed with the brand’s range of furniture, lighting and homeware accessories. Menu and one of their most successful designers Norm Architects, have come together to showcase their most loved pieces within this breath-taking space.

Settled in a 1918 building, Menu says that this building highlights “multidisciplinary, unifying nature of design”. This is a space where cosy, earth-toned design meets sophistication and brilliance.

Joachim Hansen, the director of Menu explains that “by showing the collection in different contexts within hospitality they will make the collection become more alive”. We couldn’t agree more.


As well as a selection of gorgeously styled guest suites, this building is also home to Menu’s headquarters. The office space above overlooks the grande staircase that is elevated from the hotel’s lobby. Guests and workers alike can enjoy the experience that they get when in touch with the stunning Menu range.

The brass-toned stairs form together seamlessly, creating a structure that appears as a work of art centered in the middle of this spectacular space. The Tearoom Lounge Chairs that have been chosen work in harmony with the golden tones that have been flooded throughout this building. The curvaceous shapes that appear from the seating arrangements softens the clean lines that piece together the interior architecture of this space.

The Circular Pendant Lamp that hangs above the Column Dining Table perfectly, can be controlled by guests using the Menu app on their phone. Menu have insisted that each one of their products have been designed with luxury details, ensuring optimal ease of functionality and enjoyability.

The dining space within this hotel retreat showcases a variety of designer homeware accessories designed by the fantastic Scandinavian brand. Throughout the day, this room is encaptivated by the natural light that pours through the substancial windows at the end of the interior space. Whilst during the evening and into the night fine dining is assistsed by the romantic shimmer of the Duca Candleholder and the soft glow from the Tribeca Wall Lamp.

There are plenty of comforting spaces for guests to relax in such as this stylish seating area that features the Plinth Coffee Table atop of the Gravel Rug.

As well as an excellent way to display some of the most gorgeous pieces from Menu such as the Echassse Vase, this wooden cabinet also creates an excellent solution to store a wide selection of items, extremely useful for a meeting room like this.

Situated next to this sunny Tearoom Lounge Chair is the Androgyne Side Table. This side table translates other significant Menu spaces into the Audo Hotel. The table was first designed for the Menu Space Cafe.

Situated in yet another lobby area, is one of Menu’s best-selling products, the Knitting Chair. Combining classic handmade techniques with the latest day technologies, this chair represents the true beauty behind Danish design.

You have enjoyed drinks in the hotel lobby and dined in the sophisticated restaurant space and now it is finally time to get your head down in one of the luxurious hotel guest suites. Seperated from your very own sleeping quarters is a sepeate seating area. The Plinth Low and Plinth Tall has been placed next to one another to create a unique sculpture, making up one of the focal points of this bedroom.

Assisting you as you read your favourite bedtime novel is the JWDA Table Lamp that can be dimmed to suit to your individual lighting requirements. As well as the pair of bedside lamps, the Column Table Lamp as seen on top of the Plinth, can be used in any area of your room due to its versatile cordless design.

Above is another example of one of the spectacular suites that this hotel has to offer. The natural wooden features of this room pair harmoniously with the neutral grey decor features. An opalescent TR Bulb Table Lamp has been situated on top of a solid marble bedside table.

In addition to beautifully designed bedrooms, Menu have also gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the en-suite bathrooms are just as deluxe as the bedrooms. This bathroom features the Norm Rectangular Mirror.

Besides the numerous characterful pieces in this hotel, Menu have made the effort to display a wide selection of floral arrangements around the building to make this residence feel even more homely and welcoming than it already does.

We hope you have enjoyed looking around the Audo Hotel as much as we initially did. Be sure to explore the whole Menu collection over at beut.co.uk to discover many more impressive designs from Menu.

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