Combined Bedroom & Office

Combining different functions into one room is often necessary when you don’t have the space for separate rooms. Luckily, by getting creative there are lots of solutions to make the most out of your space. This bedroom is a perfect example of combining multiple purposes in a creative and aesthetic way.  

Here you can see this room has been cleverly divided into a cosy bedroom space and a practical yet stylish workspace. Now that working from home is the new normal, this can be an ideal solution for many.

The bed has been placed by the window, allowing space for a large walkway and plenty of room for a large ceiling to floor wardrobe for extra storage. Painted in the same colour as the surrounding walls and continuing the skirting boards throughout allows the wardrobe to seamlessly blend in, without standing out or looking ‘bulky’.

This gorgeous bedroom exhibits a clean yet cosy atmosphere. The layering of the blankets and the soft rug below adds an inviting and homely feel to the space, whilst the large window allows plenty of natural day light through. High curtains that fill the wall exaggerate the window, creating the illusion that it is bigger than it really is.

Sleek and modern wall lights which surround the bed not only provide a functional bedtime light, but the striking black colour creates a strong contrast against the wall behind. The black and white forest imagery complements the black wall lamps, whilst the interesting off centred composition helps to make the room appear bigger and creates a strong statement, giving a stylish finish.

The stunning feature piece in this room is the clever wooden divider which separates the bedroom from the office space. Obviously cleverly thought out, the wooden beams allow the natural light to pass through, letting enough light to fill the office space in the daytime, whilst still providing a substantial divider.

This cosy office space holds an eye-catching design. The Carl Hansen CH24 Wishbone Chair is being used here as a desk chair and has a distinct finish, with its striking black features against the natural paper cord seat and recognisable frame. The fireplace creates a warm atmosphere and has been beautifully decorated with potted plants, candle holders and some other delicate accessories. Three shelves have been equally spaced out in the background which allow the homeowner to add more personality and character to the space by accessorising them with creative artwork, books and some small plants. The free-spirited textures of the tall pampas grass fits with the Scandinavian style of this space and is really on trend at the moment.

This traditional designed desk lamp works as both a functional lamp for night-time working, and looks great too. The natural wood desk has a practical draw for extra convenience and its narrow form creates more space in the office area.

As we go round the corner, we can see that the homeowner has utilised all the space in this room. The coat hook is perfect for extra storage for on-the-go items such as coats, scarves and bags. The natural wood colour perfectly complements the rest of the natural wood tones seen throughout this space. The white bench allows for extra storage, somewhere to sit whilst putting shoes on and adds height. The beautiful green plant has been placed on top of the bench which draws our eyes towards the ceiling and utilises the space well, giving the sense of a bigger area than if placed on the floor.

We hope this has given you some inspiration and shown how you can create a stunning room which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing all in one. 


First seen in Coco Lapine Design. Photo credits to Entrace Makleri




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