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From the stunning Spanish architecture in the sunny city of Seville to vibrant floral arrangements and primary-toned ceramic tile motifs, the Seville collection from the prestigious wallpaper designers Cole & Son is an abundance of uplifting and decorative prints that we have the joy and pride in sharing with you. Please explore this fantastic collection and it’s amazing journey through the streets of Seville.

Alcazar Gardens – Depicting one of the most stunning icons of the city, the Alcazar is surrounded by pictorial and royal gardens that have been beautifully illustrated in this breath-taking piece of artwork.

Alicatado– Meaning ‘a geometric mosaic of coloured glazed tiles’, the Alicatado wallpaper interprets Seville’s famous azulejos in brightly coloured shades of soot, leaf green, hyacinth and terracotta.

Jasmine & Serin Symphony – Inspired by the traditional arts and crafts style, this stunning wallpaper has been modernized by using bright colours and a subtle ombre effect that gently fades across the design. The wallpaper depicts ethereal birds perched among sprawling jasmine vines.


Alfaro – Representing Seville’s Plaza Alfaro, this wallpaper shows off the wrought iron balcony that is said to have influenced Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. The balcony is surrounded by blooming and cascading florals as well as illustrated in a pretty combination of colours.

Flamenco Fan – Inspired by one of Spain’s most cultural symbols, the fan, this exotic design portrays romance and passion with its theatrical print. The design also consists of both carnations and roses, both representing love as well as delicate metallic detailing.

Lola – Hidden within this traditional damask print is one of Seville’s most iconic characters – the flamenco dancer. Originally inspired by the cultural influences from Andalusia, this design captures the dynamic drama of Spain’s finest dancers.

Angel’s Trumpet – From the tropics of South America, Angel’s Trumpet has been inspired by the tropical flower that flourishes within Alcazar’s courtyards and city gardens.

Geranium – Reinvented by Cole & Son’s design studio, the Geranium wallpaper has been influenced by the voluminous clusters of these bright and luscious plants that can be seen adorning balconies as well as decorating parks and cultivated gardens.

Bougainvillea – Illustrating another one of Seville’s most brightly coloured florals, the Bougainvillea plant can be seen cascading down palace and chalky pastel walls. The designer has detailed subtle ombre effects that portrays subtle movement and life.

Hispalis – Taking its name from the Latinisation of Seville’s earliest known moniker, Spal, this wallpaper depicts a tapestry-like design that portrays an ancient land in the late afternoon sunshine. The vibrant florals are among the dense, overgrown archway.

Orange Blossom – This breath-taking repeat pattern of delicate orange trees replicates the stunning fruit trees that adorn Seville’s streets and courtyards. The fruity print pays homage to the tapestries that hang beautifully in the Real Alcazar’s Salon de los Tapices.

Jasmine & Serin Symphony – Partnered with another one of Cole & Son’s fantastic designs, Alicatado, the Jasmine & Serin Symphony wallpaper is a contemporary reinvention of the classic arts and crafts-style print. Nestled within the trailing jasmine vines, hides a graceful collection of ethereal birds.

Piccadilly –  Composing this classic tile print, the Piccadilly wallpaper consists of a beautiful host of curved, swirling lines. This stunning composition is found throughout Seville, from the Alcazar’s tiled bench nooks to restaurant walls and fantastic ceramic floors.

Talavera – Filled with beautiful blooming flowers and trailing plants, Talavera’s plentiful pots represent the gorgeous Spanish, ceramic pots that are painted and uniquely decorated. This wallpaper will bring the heart-warming outdoor sites, indoors.

Triana – Representing Triana’s neighbourhood of ceramic workshops and potteries, this wallpaper depicts the vibrant tiles that can be spotted throughout the city.


Has this article inspired you to decorate your home with a gorgeous Spanish influence? If you would like to explore further, check out the whole collection here.

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