Children’s Bedroom Inspiration

A kid’s bedroom should be somewhere fun, playful and a place where they can let their creativity run wild. 

We love this child’s room designed by Ferm Living. The combination between fun and practical works perfectly. A place where kid’s can get creative is vital and this red desk and bench provides just this. The striking red colour adds a pop of joy into the space. We love the Ferm Living Apple and Pear Braided Storage Basket which add a fun twist on the traditional storage basket. Not just to be used as a decorative piece but the clever design means that they are perfect for hiding away essentials such as blankets, toys and more. 

This cupboard is a low built cabinet so small children can reach things easily. The timeless cream colour goes perfectly with the dusky pink wall colour. 

This Ferm Living Pear Mirror brings a fun and exciting appearance to the wall. It’s bamboo and rattan frame adds a natural feel which creates a timeless finish and matches with the pear and apple storage baskets. The unicorn teddy on display further adds extra joy and personality into the space. 

This pear rug from Ferm Living provides a comfortable spot for kid’s to play on the floor and has a simple yet fun design that won’t overpower the space but adds some additional colour and character. The complementing Ferm Living Apple Quilted Cushion is the perfect all around pillow for kid’s. It’s soft nature and bold colour means it is perfect to play with, display on a bed or to be used as a nap time partner.

The matching Ferm Living Pear Quilted Cushion pairs perfectly with the apple with their complementing  colours  and design.

This wallpaper captures the beauty and fun of nature, which encourages kid’s curious minds to run wild, whilst the pale background colour means that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. This Ferm Living Dou Lampdshade is a timeless design which will still look great for older kid’s too. The hand-braided rattan allows small glimpses of light to pass through and the Ferm Living Grand Cushion on the floor helps to create a calming space for kid’s to relax in the evenings. 

This Ferm Living Katie Scott Wallpaper – Animals displays the breathtaking nature of distinct animals, creating a magical atmosphere in a child’s bedroom. The fish, birds, mammals, invertebrates and reptiles seen across the wallpaper provide a neat and decorative way for your child to learn the fundamentals of the animal kingdom.

We hope you have enjoyed taking a deeper look into what makes a great child’s bedroom, after all a kid’s room which is decorated with love and fun is sure to excite them every day. 






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