On entering this light and fresh room we are drawn into the relaxed atmosphere. This inviting living space is not only the perfect place to immerse into a book with a coffee in hand, but also a space to socialise with friends and family due to the variety of seating options. With the large glass door opening onto a balcony this room has been gifted with natural light creating a clean and spacious contemporary design.

The light wooden floor and white walls throughout, makes the space appear bigger and creates a plain backdrop for furniture and accessories to stand out. The homeowner has chosen a neutral-coloured softrug, making the space feel warm and cosy, whilst still keeping with the rest of the décor. The plain white walls bring out the exotic green plants that are spaced around the room, making the space more appealing and alive.

The Vitra Panton Chair has a unique silhouette which creates unusual shadows in different lights adding character to the space, whilst still providing additional seating.

The mint green cupboards across the entire wall makes a bold contrast to the white walls behind, creating a feature piece to the room which not only looks stunning, it also offers great storage. The leather handles add a stylish, yet simplistic touch.

The white finishing on the top and bottom on this unit creates a sleek and fresh design. Ornaments on the top reflect unique shadows in the light whilst the displayed books acting as decoration is the perfect way to show off your current favourites and add personality to your home decor. Together, these objects add various shades, patterns and textures and incorporate the common colours seen throughout this room. 

This contemporary living space fills the white walls with various artwork, adding colour and character to the otherwise very plain walls. They further incorporate some of the most common colours seen throughout this room such as beige, browns and greens, complementing with the rest of the décor in this space beautifully.

This larger mint green cupboard provides the homeowner with additional storage space and balances the colour on either side of the room. The stylish side table is the ideal solution for placing books and accessories on whilst relaxing on the sofa.

These traditional-styled dining chairs also appear to be in the same mint green colour.

The mint green bedding is in-keeping with the rest of the apartment’s décor and creates a fresh and cosy atmosphere.

The opposite side of the bedroom features a calming workspace or dressing table for the homeowner. The green potted plant adds colour to this simple and minimalistic room and provides serenity.

The desk complements the cupboards in the living area perfectly, whilst offering a new feel in a grey colour. Compared to this modern-looking desk, the slightly rustic feel to the chair adds character and personality. The large table lamp contrasts with the white walls behind making it quite impressive. Not only looking great, it provides a direct light for nighttime working. If you are looking for a stunning desk lamp such as this, then feel free to browse our wonderful selection of table lamps over on our curated store at beut.

Abstract objects that have been placed on the desk-top compose of different materials and shapes creating an organic feel which is aesthetically pleasing. The traditional painting contrasts with the modern and sleek desk giving a unique and calming feel to space.

We hope this article has given you some much needed inspiration to help you in styling your home.


First seen on Coco Lapine Design. Styled by Emma Fischer, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem


Throughout the past year we have noticed several prominent colours capturing the eyes of our fellow wallpaper lovers and making numerous appearances in brand new wallpaper collections from across the globe. From designer brands such as Coordonne and Feathr, we have curated a list of the top 10 wallpaper colours of 2019 so far.

Designer wallpaper is one of the best ways to uplift an interior space. We believe that this article will inspire you with fantastic new ideas on current colour trends to help you and your home stay trendy this year. Here is your top 10 so far:

1) Coral 

Riviera Coral Wall Mural by Feathr

2) Warm Terracotta

Mallorca Estellenchs Wallpaper by Coordonne

3) Dusty Pink

Wetlands Mural by Coordonne

4) Rich Purple

Allium Wallpaper by Cole & Son

5) Hunter’s Green

Utopia Green Wallpaper by ELO

6) Soft Sage

Peonies Mural by Coordonne

7) Muted Mustard

Gypsy Wallpaper by Mind The Gap

8) Classic Chestnut

Swan Chestnut Wallpaper by Hugh Hamshaw Thomas

9) Warm Grey

Misty Beach Wallpaper by Feathr

10) Smoky Taupe

Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Now that you have explored the most loved wallpaper colour trends of 2019 so far, we would love to know if you have been inspired to paste your walls in any of these fantastic colours. You might have even been lucky enough to discover your perfect wallpaper in this article.

Tom Dixon’s new and wonderful creations never fail to surprise us here at beut. The brand new and exclusive Swirl collection by the iconic British designers, Tom Dixon is something that you must explore; you wouldn’t want to miss it. The series is made up of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create unique and functional, architectural sculptures, or should we say pieces of art.

In this article we will introduce you to every piece that this admirable range has to offer. From bookends to small side tables, this collection will inspire you to add a fresh pop of colour and energy into your home.

Not only do these vibrant bookends come as a set of two, they also have been designed to double up as a pair of classy candleholders.

What is there not to say about the stunning selection of side tables that come in the Swirl collection? This family of tables each have their very own individual silhouette, pattern, colouration and personality. Not only are these tables unique to every side table that has ever been designed, they will also be completely unique to you, due to the specific pouring process that they go through.

Tom Dixon Swirl Candleholders

These candleholders embrace everything that the Swirl collection is about; individuality and eccentricity. Place a scented rod down into the top of the candleholder and let the sweet smelling scents fill your home with pleasant and warming aromas.

Each member of this family is lovingly crafted by recycling powdered residue from the marble industry and mixing it with pigment and resin to produce blocks of material that is then sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe. The individual pouring process means that each individual piece is authentic and unique for you. As you will notice above, the bold colours travel through the natural curves of the swirly pattern. A stunning organic pattern is created on the surface of the material.

Tom Dixon Swirl Vase

Have we left you speechless already by this sensational collection from Tom Dixon? If so, head on over to our website to explore this range more in depth and don’t forget to take a look at what other amazing pieces Tom Dixon has to offer.

Decorating a bathroom with wallpaper is one decorating task that the majority of people worry about the most. Is the wallpaper going to peal off? Will soap suds and bathroom grime wipe off easily without ruining the paper? These questions are all important. However, they can also put people like you and me off proceeding with the task, that in the end could create a truly magnificent bathroom.

This blog will explain to you the reasons why decorating your bathroom with wallpaper is a good idea and the things to look out for when buying and installing the wallpaper.

Can I Use Wallpaper In My Bathroom?

The answer is yes! Wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. Bathroom wallpaper is commonly used in both residential and commercial bathrooms and there is no surprise why . Read on to follow our steps on how you can achieve an extra stylish look within your very own bathroom.

As standard most of the vinyl wallpapers that we sell, works in the majority of bathroom environments and are easy to clean and water-resistant. It’s a good option out of the box. That said, its worth checking with us first if you plan on using one of our vinyl papers as supplier guarantees/advice varies.

For standard non-woven papers (the vast majority of papers sold on beut) A decorator’s varnish such as Polyvine can be purchased to protect wallpaper from things such as water, finger marks, scuffing, colour fading and abrasion. Polyvine is highly rated by many wallpaper experts including Cole & Son who recommend it for their bathroom applications.

We would recommend the “Dead Flat” finish to minimise impact on the aesthetic of the paper. Polyvine is simply painted on to your wallpaper to seal it.

Beut cannot guarantee Polyvine. For advice on this product we recommend speaking directly to the manufacturer. Also, do reach out to an experienced decorator. Wallpaper in bathrooms is incredibly popular so its likely they have used polyvine or a similar product in a similar application. We would recommend ordering a sample to test the wallpaper in your bathroom environment before purchasing a whole roll.

Some other considerations are mentioned at the bottom of this blog.

Above: Cole & Son Acquario Wallpaper

Why is the demand for wallpaper in a bathroom so high?

We have all come across wallpaper in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. On the odd occasion you might come across a wallpaper in a commercial bathroom or toilet. With the love of interior design, wallpaper is now becoming increasingly popular in residential bathrooms. We believe that we might have the answer for this.

Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add personality and a pop of colour to a bathroom. Bathrooms are usually very clinical looking spaces. A stylish and eye-catching bathroom for your guests to be stunned by is equally as important as a clean and sterile bathroom. Imagine a bright and colourful wallpaper behind your white bathroom amenities.

Rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms will generally get redecorated more so than a bathroom. We think that a bathroom deserves as much love and attention as all the other rooms in your house. Whether you change your bathroom furniture every couple of years or not, a wallpaper is a clever and cost-efficient way of updating the room on a regular basis.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. You, your family and your guests will all use this room frequently throughout the day. Therefore, we think it is so important to make your bathroom look as good as it possibly can be.

 One of the main positives of using wallpaper in the bathroom is that there are no grout lines for soap suds and bathroom grime to gather.

Above: Cole & Son Hicks’ Grand Wallpaper

Using Wallpaper In Your Bathroom

You may be wondering where exactly wallpaper would look good in your bathroom. Are you? Well, we have a couple of ideas that may inspire you.

Using wallpaper to create a feature wall behind your bath or toilet is a great way to create an inspiring atmosphere within your very own bathroom. Prints such as palm leaves, birds or flowers can produce the most relaxing environment for you to take a hot soak in the bath.

Why not consider a wallpaper border to go around a mirror, window or door? A wallpaper border is a great way to frame something without using any extra wall space. Whilst we are on the subject of frames, using a smaller piece of wallpaper and framing it in a picture frame is an easy way to add pattern and colour to your bathroom. Think of this as a piece of wall art to hang on your bathroom wall.

If nothing else, a wallpaper will add a major impact to your bathrooms character and personality. Whether you choose to go for a bold pattern that brings an array of bright colours to your interior or something more subtle for a calmer effect, there are many wallpapers out there that a bathroom would easily accomodate.

Below are some inspiring ideas that you may find useful when deciding on your own bathroom wallpaper.

Image credited to @sarahlovedaystudio

Instagram account of Sarah Loveday Studio

Featuring the Cole & Son Secret Garden wallpaper.

Featuring the Circus wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Image credited to Caitlin Murray

Showcasing the Hicks’ Hexagon wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Above: Cole & Son Woods Wallpaper

Things To Think About


  • As mentioned above, we recommend using a decorators’s varnish such as Polyvine to protect the wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers will require a decorators varnish.
  • Speak with your decorator to make sure they are comfortable with the install and that your bath
  • It goes without saying that soaking wet areas such as inside the shower, are probably not the best spaces to hang a wallpaper.
  • Areas close to the sink, bath or shower will frequently get damp. If you want to use wallpaper by these areas, make sure you wipe them down.
  • Bathrooms will always get humid. A good ventilation system and or frequently opened windows should protect the wallpaper for as long as possible. The suitability of the wallpaper will depend on how steamy the room is.
  • For more steamy/humid rooms where ventilation is a problem perhaps look at using a vinyl.
  • Before buying a wallpaper for your bathroom we would suggest always checking if it is suitable for bathroom installation. Is there ventilation in place/will windows be open etc?


We hope this blog has inspired you to take the plunge into using wallpaper in the bathroom and has answered all your questions on this interesting topic.

Please contact our customer service team at if your require more information on bathroom wallpapers.

With bar stools rapidly growing in popularity across the interior world, choosing the right stool for your interior space, is a decision you want to make perfectly, right? Hiding behind every stunning design are technical details that have been meticulously thought about, to ensure maximum comfort for you and your guests.

If you follow our guidelines below, the chances are you will not make the huge mistakes that most people do, when purchasing a bar stool. Typically speaking, a bar stool that is too low for you to reach the tabletop when you are eating your dinner, or the stool being too high, causing the body to slouch.

Read on further, to ensure you buy the bar stool right for you and your chosen area.

What Is The Height Of Your Counter/Bar?

Ranging between 58-72cm at seat height, counter stools are the most popular within home kitchens or breakfast areas. On the other hand, a bar stool is generally slightly taller, with its seat height varying from 74-82cm.

If you require a stool for a commercial area such as a swanky bar or restaurant, usually an extra tall model will be what you need. These range between 84-92cm.

Use the diagrams above to choose what stool is correct to suit your individual counter top. The counter top heights are shown in the diagram. Once you know what height your counter is, you will be able to identify what seat height your stool needs. See below on how to measure your seat height. If you are buying a stool online, the seat height will generally be listed in the specifications.


The most familiar counter/bar stool that you may have come across is the adjustable height stool. A very versatile stool that will cater for a selection of roles. A gas lift adjustment makes this possible.

Legroom Space

How many of you cross your legs when sat at the bar or breakfast bar? Statistically most of us do, without even knowing it, for comfort reasons. There is nothing worse than when you are sat down and have no room underneath the tabletop to cross your legs or move them freely.

We have just the solution! Measure from the underside of the counter to the floor, then subtract between 23-28cm, this is the recommended space for legroom.

Once you have completed this task, then why not consider a stool with a foot rest such as the Normann Copenhagen Form Bar Stool or Tom Dixon’s Slab Oak Bar Stool.


Distance Between Each Stool

How many stools will fit at your kitchen island or countertop comfortably? You will want enough space so that you can turn, eat and drink easily when others are by your side.

It is suggested that you leave a 15cm space between each stool.


Consider The Depth And Backrest Height

Just because you now have the perfect height, it doesn’t mean to say that the depth of your stool will be right for your space.

Consider how much room you have behind the chosen space for people to walk by. The last thing you want is your stool getting damaged or marked because of the volume of traffic that is brushing past every day. If you can’t cater for a lot of space, then go for a stool without a backrest as this will increase the depth of the stool. For example, the Tempo High Cork Stool by La Chance.

If you count yourself and home as neat and tidy and would prefer the stool to be tucked away underneath the counter top when not in use, then you must take into account the backrest height.

Find Your Perfect Stool

We have given you all the information that you need. Find your perfect stool from our stunning range of Stools that we sell here at beut.

Have you seen the infamous Acapulco chairs? If so have you seen these ones from OK Design. OK Design is the brand that started off the whole craze. Their Acapulco chairs are the only ones you should buy, they are authentic and made right here in Europe rather than the cheap copies which are usually made in china and not very good quality.

Heres a little about OK Design:

Ok Design is a Danish design company founded by Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krough. The pair launched OK design, originally known as Oficina Kreativa back in 2007. The company started when they designed their Acapulco chair after travels in Mexico, where they learnt about the traditional woven furniture, which inspired the Chair.

Nowadays the Danish duo have a team of in-house designers who work in collaboration with international designers to create stunning pieces for furniture, some of which are suitable for outdoors use. They are now based in Copenhagen and sell to over 30 countries worldwide. Their chairs are iconic and easily recognisable.



The Acapulco chair from OK Design is named after the iconic Pacific Resort Acapulco in Mexico. The Acapulco resort was a quiet refuge in the pacific for Hollywood’s greatest stars like Elvis and Elisabeth Taylor, back in the ‘50s and 60’s. The beautiful Acapulco chair has been designed to look like the chairs on the resort.

The Acapulco Chair is made from a galvanized steel frame, which has been powder coated to get the Black and White colours. The Chair has high Quality PVC cord to create the seat, which is extremely comfy even if it doesn’t look it. This stunning outdoor chair is available in 5 colours, Black, Petroleum Blue, Light Blue, Yellow and All White. This chair is suitable for use outdoors as well as in, so you can brighten up your garden in style.

Let us know what you like most about OK Design and their Acapulco chairs

Have you seen some of our new products we have on the site? No? Then you’ve come to the right place, we are going to show you some of the very best of the new products we have available for you.

Printed Sari Metal Side Table, £140

This side table is just beautiful and is great to add a bit more culture to your living room. This Gem is one to not to be missed.


Moulin Mid Century Brass Side Table, £281.11

Another Metal Side Table, this geometric style side table is perfect for pairing with any interior style. We think it would look particularly great when paired with some sheepskins.


This beautiful desk is perfect for your home office! This desk has a cover which slides away when the desk is in use, and then covers back over when it is not, this means you can cover up all of your mess and you don’t need to worry about everyone seeing your work.


This stunning pendant is perfect for creating a feature in your room. It would look great hung above your dining table as the centerpiece creating more room for guests and their food on the table!
 Let us know which is your favourite out of the four, and if you have any other favourite products on the site!



Wallpaper: does it give you the shudders?

If you had asked me five years ago, I would have said yes – shudders of horror. Today I have joined the other side – I have been renovated and transformed into a passionate wallpaper aficionado. Now I see that wallpaper can and does give homeowners shudders of pleasure.

When we started beut 4 years ago, I discovered companies and designers like NLXL, Mineheart, Milton and King, Ella Doran, Debora Bowness, Blackpop, Yukari Sweeny, Studio Ditte and YoYo just to mention few and my love affair with wallpaper began.

I do have what my family classifies as a slightly obsessive personality and I admit it, I am “slightly” obsessed with wallpaper. I do draw the line though, I have not yet warmed to the abomination that is chip board – do you know you can still buy this stuff, it belongs in the same hell as Artex, but that is another story altogether.

I love the stuff and now need to understand the history of it, where it came from, who invented it, when did it first start being used, was is it “posh” if so when did we common folk start using it, do specific countries have a love of it, what kinds of wallpapers are there, how is it made? You get the idea.

So I am going to take you on, – if you want to come with me that is, my journey of wallpaper discovery!

Day one:- where and when was wallpaper invented?


Well to be honest no one seems to know precisely, though for as long as people have lived with walls we have wanted to decorate them.

I naturally look to the Chinese and their invention of paper. There is anecdotal evidence that they covered their walls with decorated rice paper but as its ephemeral we don’t have hard evidence. The Chinese kept the secret of paper making to themselves until around 12th Century when it arrived in Europe.

traveling procession
A Han (206 BC – 9 AD) dynasty mural  ‘Traveling Procession with Chariots and Horses’

From a “western” perspective the evolution of wallpaper appears to come from the Egyptian and Greek tradition of painting on walls and European tradition of using tapestries and embossed and painted leather, Cuir de Cordoue (meaning „from Córdoba“) insulate rooms in the homes of the very wealthy.

Cuir de Cordoue
16th Century Cuir de Cordoue from Erasmus’ house in Belgium.

Wallpaper was probably introduced as a cheap imitation.

The first documented account of wallpaper in Europe comes from France and a bill from Jean Bourdichon to Louis XI 1481 for 50 rolls of wallpaper – angels on a blue background. Apparently Louis XI would bring the “portable” wallpaper with him as he traveled throughout France to his various castles – tacking on to the walls when he arrived.

Jean Bourdichon Angel book of hours
A page for a book of hour by Jean Bourdichon, with an angel- so Louie’s wallpaper may have had angels just like this.

The first wallpaper fragment we have from the UK is from 1509 it’s a block print

first wallpaper from the UK

Next week’s blog will be about how wallpaper became the “in thing” in Europe and how this wonderful and glorious part of our artist and social history and always inspired passion be it – love or hate


Marylin Monroe once said “Imperfection is beauty” and that is most definitely true about concrete!

We the general public have just started our love affair with concrete, whilst interior designers and architects have been a fan for a while now.

Everyone here at beut loves concrete, so here are our top 5 concrete products we know you will love.

1.Concrete Cloud

“Cemented” as top concrete product at beut is the cloud toilet roll holder. The Great Cloud Toilet Roll holder is a new and exciting way to store your Loo rolls. Gone are the days when you have to go and get a roll from the cupboard in the other room. Thanks to the Stunning Cloud shelf, you can now store them in your bathroom and create a feature of them. You also know that you will never run out of loo rolls because you know that displaying them just looks so good.

2. Hauteville Rocking Chair

After success with their existing Hauteville range, Lyon Beton have launched the Hauteville Rocking Chair. Its simply fab, drawing on inspiration from iconic mid century design including Eames this chair offers both a stylish, clean finish and industrial look. Aesthetics where not the only thing the leading French designers had in mind, this chair not only looks great its built for comfort.

3. DOC Magazine Holder

The beautiful Concrete magazine holder shaped as a folder allows you to store all of your magazines in style. Top French Designer, Bertrand Jayr calls it DOC, as it looks like a document folder. He wants everyone to step away from the digital world and touch paper again. The Concrete Magazine holder will look great in any room you wish to put it in.

4. Gant C1 Pendant

The Stunning Gant C1 Pendants are strip lights made from concrete and a contrasting material. These Pendants are available in a range of materials, including Copper, Brass Zinc and my personal favourite Oak. The Concrete looks great contrasting against all of the different materials, and the concrete is available in light or dark. These pendants make a huge difference to your home and really finish of the room.

5. Concrete Print

The Beautiful World Map Print from Lyon Beton is a great addition to any home and the fact that it is made from Concrete really does make it even better. There is a whole range of Concrete Prints from Lyon Beton and they really are something to be admired. The prints range from cartoon style bugs to wallpaper being half ripped off a wall. The world Map Print is one of the favourites here at beut though.

Let us know what your favourite concrete piece was, or if you have any other favourites!