Spring is here and that only means one thing – it’s decoarting time! We think that although bright shades of paint can uplift your interior space dramatically, an easy application of designer wallpaper will add not only a pop of colour and pattern to your walls but an artistic flare as well.

To help you decide we have pulled together some of the biggest wallpaper trends so far this year. From chinoiserie influenced designs to eccentricly bold patterns, the trends of 2020 offer a wide variety of styles to suit almost any personal taste and interior decor. As well as these stunning featured wallpapers below, here at beut we have a wider selection of wallpapers for you to explore. Consisting of prestigious wallpaper brands such as Cole and Son, Coordonne, Feathr and many more.

Pantone Colour Of The Year: Classic Blue

This year’s Pantone colour of year is the reliable, versatile and solid Classic Blue. The deep blue hue offers you a warming and lavish shade of colour for your interior space. Although it’s not the exact shade, we have picked out some of our best-selling wallpapers below, that show influences of this stunning shade. The shade has been complemented with a variety of different animals, birds and intricate florals. The colour of the year for 2020 will deffinately return due to the easy application of this popular colour that it has stemmed from.

Moody Pastels

Ever so popular this year, pastel colours such as corals, sage greens and warm greys have really come into play recently within the wallpaper world. The softer shades of colour leave a cooling and relaxing lasting impression on its guest. The range of colours seen within these pastel inspired wallpapers offer a fresh and uplifting atmosphere – perfect for the upcoming summer months ahead.


Who doesn’t love a sunny terracotta shade? Reminiscent of the traditional terracotta vases and terracotta architectural elements seen throughout the Mediterranean locations, this popular shade of orange is being recognised more and more throughout wallpaper design this year. These designs below, show huge terracotta influence as well as many elements of Spanish inspiration.

Bold & Beautiful

There is nothing wrong with plastering your walls in a beautifully bold pattern, styled with either blooming florals, jazzy geometrics, cheeky monkeys or flamboyant species of birds. There are no limits when it comes to bold patterns. They will continue to crop up in wallpaper archives and releases for many decades to come. However, this year we have noticed a larger want for extravagent and brightly coloured patterns and what we have seen so far is absolutely stunning. We believe that now this trend has found its place, it will never go out of fashion.


A mixture between bold patterns, pastel shades and bright colours, Chinoiserie influenced wallpaper is extremely popular within the interior design world. In fact, it has got to be one of our most best-selling trends within our wallpaper collection. In particular, Coordonne’s Edo Mural Wallpaper, featured below in our very own version that we collaborated with Coordonne for. Featuring etheral birds, flamboyant trees and elegant details, Chinoiserie wallpaper is one of our favourite ways to uplift a home and create a magical and exotic space for you to enjoy. Within this area, we have also noticed occassional sparks of metallic detailing such as the glowing background of the Byobu Wallpaper by Mind The Gap.


Throughout the past year we have noticed several prominent colours capturing the eyes of our fellow wallpaper lovers and making numerous appearances in brand new wallpaper collections from across the globe. From designer brands such as Coordonne and Feathr, we have curated a list of the top 10 wallpaper colours of 2019 so far.

Designer wallpaper is one of the best ways to uplift an interior space. We believe that this article will inspire you with fantastic new ideas on current colour trends to help you and your home stay trendy this year. Here is your top 10 so far:

1) Coral 

Riviera Coral Wall Mural by Feathr

2) Warm Terracotta

Mallorca Estellenchs Wallpaper by Coordonne

3) Dusty Pink

Wetlands Mural by Coordonne

4) Rich Purple

Allium Wallpaper by Cole & Son

5) Hunter’s Green

Utopia Green Wallpaper by ELO

6) Soft Sage

Peonies Mural by Coordonne

7) Muted Mustard

Gypsy Wallpaper by Mind The Gap

8) Classic Chestnut

Swan Chestnut Wallpaper by Hugh Hamshaw Thomas

9) Warm Grey

Misty Beach Wallpaper by Feathr

10) Smoky Taupe

Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Now that you have explored the most loved wallpaper colour trends of 2019 so far, we would love to know if you have been inspired to paste your walls in any of these fantastic colours. You might have even been lucky enough to discover your perfect wallpaper in this article.

An Introduction to Fat Interiors

Fat Interiors, the brand-new trend that is taking the interiors world by storm. From top-selling brands such as Normann Copenhagen and Borastapeter, we have discovered many fat and fantastic products that will welcome this new trend into your home.

The trend was established when a Japanese furniture company called Kamarq had an innovative idea. The idea was to rent cheap Ikea-like furniture by the month. If you wished to keep it at the end of the year, each installment would have paid for the whole product. The furniture pieces costed around $100 or around $8 per month.

However, when this collection launched, design enthusiasts started to recognize the collection looked extremely similar to the work of furniture designer, Ana Kras. To be more specific they recognized the similarity from a show that she put on in 2015 called Slon, meaning elephant in Czech. It’s not every day, us interior enthusiasts would combine the thought of a fat elephant with our much-loved homeware statements. Although in this instance, they are strongly relatable. Her collection was inspired by drum shells and an earthy color palette. The chubby, simple shapes of Ana Kras’ designs started off this whirl wind of a trend.

Similar to Memphis, the Italian architecture group, the Fat Interiors new and upcoming trend shows comparable features such as the bold colors and playful shapes.

Read on further to discover some of the interesting ‘Fat Interior’ products we offer here at beut.

Normann Copenhagen Acrobat Table Lamp – £265.00

Not so ‘chubby’ as the rest, Normann Copenahgen’s Acrobat Table Lamp would be a perfect desk/task light. Designed by Marc Venot, Acrobat is inspired by acrobats and the things that they can do.

Acrobat isn’t what you might expect on this post, however here at beut we believe it has just as much right. More modest, than the rest, the designer, Marc Venot, has taken the shape of a slimline desk light that everyone is familiar with and has slightly stretched and softened the edges to ‘fatten’ it up.

Apart from the ‘chubby’ aspect of the ‘fat interiors’ trend, we also believe that the trend isn’t just about the unusual shape, it is also about the difference it has from everything else. Futuristic, playful and friendly, Acrobat is held together by a magnet ad can adopt many magical positions just like an acrobat.



Borastapeter Korrallang Wallpaper – £59.00

Explore one of the biggest trends right now in the Interiors world, Scandinavian design. Borastapeter is Sweden’s oldest, best-known and best-selling wallpaper brand.

Stunningly designed by Hannah Werning, Borastapeter’s Korrallang Wallpaper allows you to set your mind free while diving into a fantasized, contrasting world of deep-sea corals and wild forest bunnies. The surrealality of this design would make it an excellent choice for your tranquil area such as your living space, or even the bathroom where you can let your imagination run away with you, whilst relaxing in the bath.

The playful pattern and obscure shapes of this wallpaper by Borastapeter truly defines the ‘Fat Interiors’ trend. Chose from four color ways to suit your interior. Why not explore the rest of our marvelous and mysterious wallpaper range from Borastapeter?



Woud Dot Pendant Medium – £169.00

The chunky and contrasting design of Woud’s Dot Pendant is available In three size options: small, medium and large and two colour options: white or black. The monochromatic scheme ensures sophistication alongside the slightly unique design that could be styled within a more eccentric décor.

Designed by Rikke Frost, the Dot Pendant has been intelligently designed with perforated metal and smooth opal glass so that light can show through either area and create different ambiences of lighting. The light diffuses from the bottom and projects to the top, creating a cozy aura in the room.

Some people might say that this pendant formalizes within the chubby trend due to the curved edges and inflated shape. On the other hand, people might say that the pendant doesn’t obtain the bright colours that this trend upholds. Therefore, we think it is a subtle choice for your interior space with the trend still in mind and visible.

The Dot Pendant would look stunning above a dining table or desk. We think that this light would look great in a residential or commercial space.

Head on over to our website to discover the rest of Woud’s collection.



Woud Pidestall Design – Small – £59.00

This very unusual design by Emile Stahl Carlsen is something to be desired and strongly captures our attention here at beut. Choose from three bold colour ways to match your colourful interior and let your flowers bloom in this fat but flourishing flower pot. Despite the fat shape and loopy legs, the simplicity of this design will suit almost any contemporary interior style.

Bold and beautiful is just what ‘fat interiors’ is all about. Use Woud’s Pidestall inside or outside.


Woud Stone Pendant – Small – £119.00

This is the perfect example of a ‘fat interior’ piece. Woud’s Stone Pendant-Small, lovingly designed by Phillip Bro is inspired by the softness of beach stones stacked on top of one another off a gently, eroded beach having spent their life underwater, sand and wind.

The pendant characterizes a bubble- like, squashed and stretched shape that is reminiscent of the ‘fat interior’ trend. Despite, the very unusual shape, Woud’s stone pendant is a minimalistic, Scandinavian design that would suit most interiors. Simple design and simple colours make it a great fit for either a commercial or residential space. Choose between two matte colour finishes.

We suggest hanging this pendant alone or pairing it with its larger sibling to create more depth within your space.



Normann Copenhagen Cap Table Lamp – £315.00

Designed by the tremendous designer, Kasch Kasch, the Chunky ‘Cap’ Table Lamp is a true masterpiece.  Featuring a chunky cylinder base and a thick steel tub, Normann Copenhagen’s Cap Table Lamp stumbles right into the ‘Chubby’ trend.

Inspired by a cartoon character called Calimero, a charming chicken with an eggshell on its head, gives the table lamp more of a reason to be a bedside table lamp in a child’s bedroom. With bags of personality, and a choice of bold colours, this piece represents the fun and gimmicky side of this returning trend.

Head on over to our website and explore the rest of Normann Copenhagen’s new range.



Borastapeter Tallyho Wallpaper – £59.00

Looking back in time to the 70s and 80s where the style was first alive, this playfully bold wallpaper, designed by Stid Lindberg is inspired by apples. Who would of thought? Silly and random, the concept of this idea sums up this trend entirely. The child – like appearance suggests that this wallpaper would be a smart choice for a youthful and energetic home environment.

Like the look and can imagine this wallpaper working in your home, then head on over to our website to take a glimpse at the different color options we have available in this wallpaper.



Normann Copenhagen Hello Floor Lamp – £605.00

The contrasting shapes of the Hello Floor Lamp make this product we offer here at beut a controversy topic with are fellow ‘fat interiors’ enthusiasts. The slim neck and the ‘chubby’ head aren’t what we would normally associate with this trend. However, we think the shade on its own should at least deserve a space.

Lovingly designed by Jonas Wagell, this contemporary floor lamp is made of high-quality materials including: steel, beech and acrylic which acts as a diffuser giving an even distribution of soft light.

Thankful of it’s fresh and minimal aesthetic the lamp would fit into almost any interior style and we suggest situating the ‘Hello Floor Lamp’ in a dark corner of your living space or even home study. Chose between two crisp colours: grey or white.



Tom Dixon Bump – From £50.00

From one of the most Iconic British designers’,Tom Dixon’s Bump Collection consists of jugs, short glasses, tall glasses, teapots and tea cups. The rare but wonderful collection is the perfect example of a ‘fat interiors’ piece. Tubular, spherical and chubby, Tom Dixon’s Bump collection is inspired by laboratory equipment. Even the name sounds clumsy like the aesthetic of the ‘chubby’ trend.

Uniquely this set is crafted from double-walled blown glass which means your product will be completely different to anyone else’s. How unusual? This collection will be a conversation starter when you invite your friends over for tea and cake.












Get in the know

A new year and new season means new trends, a constantly evolving subject matter which can become tiring to keep up with. One minute everyone is shouting about marble and the next the hype surrounds concrete. To help you out, we have complied a list of the top 10 trends to look out for and got on board with this Spring/Summer season. Covering everything from furniture to lighting to wallpaper, if you want to know how to prepare yourself and your home for this season then continue gliding your eyes down our top 10.


So where to start? Where one would start when redecorating of course, the colour palette. Here is your guide to everything you need to know, from tones to patterns and how to put them together.

1. Ice Cream Colours


Bold and playful, ice cream colours take many of us back to our childhood weekend treats. Therefore, the use of a bright, yet slightly pastelized colour palette has the power to instantly bring a smile to the face of anyone who enters your home.


Boråstapeter Molntuss Wallpaper  – £58

2. Colour Pops

chris-knight-458509-unsplashIf you like the thought of using bright colours but don’t want to overdo it, you’re in luck because pops of colour are set to be a huge trend this season. Whether this be in the form of an accent wall, a signature furniture piece or small homeware pieces.


Mind The Gap Banana Leaves Wallpaper  – £125

3. Indigo Blues

Too many colours to choose from, too little time? We’ve got you. Indigo blues are the way to go in all areas of your interior, from furniture, to rugs to walls. Designers over at Mind The Gap have clearly done their homework as they have an entire collection of wallpapers dedicated to this colour palette. Be careful though, this is a deep palette and easy to overdo, so be sure to use different tones to add depth or use as your playful but classic pop of colour.


Mind The Gap Indigo Marvel Wallpaper  – £150

4. Geometrics

Like the sound of an accent wall, or just a fan of all things angular? Geometric patterns are the perfect option for you. Bring your interior space to life with a stunning wallpaper sporting a geometric pattern, this is sure to get your guests talking.


Cole & Son Hicks’ Grand Wallpaper  – £84

Geometrics aren’t just for wallpaper however, furniture and homeware design has latched onto the trend, producing some incredible pieces inspired by geometry. So, if you’re not up for redecorating the entire space by love the look of geometric design, start by investing in a contemporary piece of geometric furniture or homeware.


Andrew Martin Brancusi Stool  – £325

5. Herringbone

Speaking of geometry, herringbone patterns are rumoured to be the top pick in this area and general pattern choice this season. Choose from a large range of styles, for instance wood-effect and block coloured herringbone styles are a popular choice for wallpaper.


NLXL Teak on Chevron Wallpaper By Piet Hein Eek – £175

6. Tropical

Prefer more of a naturalistic style? It’s a good thing tropical patterns are back in fashion then. Cover or accent your walls with incredibly detailed tropical themed wallpaper or opt for a subtler, more contemporary option.


Witch and Watchman Amazonia Wallpaper  – £240

7. Foliage

Bringing the outside in is a style that continues into a more realistic sense with this next trend. Having foliage in one’s home has always been an on-going fashion; however, the interiors community are taking this to a new level by filling interior spaces with bushels and succulents galore. Not only does this look add mysterious jungle vibes but bringing more live plants into your home brings fresh oxygen with it, which is never a bad thing.


Vitamin X Tray Plant Pot  –  £51

Want to literally incorporate foliage into your furniture?


Lyon Beton Concrete Planter Coffee Table  –  £450

8. Embellishments

A touch of sparkle and pizazz is needed in every home all year round if you ask us, it seems the interiors community agree, for this year at least. Unlike the explosion of glamour often seen in the A/W months leading up to Christmas and New Year, S/S embellishment is played down and very much a finishing touch. From a lighting centre piece to small homeware items, embellishment is available in many forms to suit your personal style.


Zuiver Woollen Striped Norway Rug – £760

9. Gold

Copper has stood strong for a long time, but it looks like its rein is over and gold is set to take back the crown this season. Much like how copper was used, gold is appearing in minimal and subtle ways, for instance wallpapers featuring this eloquent colour use it as outlining and accents. Furniture and homeware are slightly more generous with the use of gold, this is however with the intention the pieces are used sporadically as accent pieces.


Delightfull Brubeck Chandelier – £8,129

If big and bold isn’t your style, try a hint here and there instead.


Tom Dixon Stone Table Light – £195

10. Ombré

First a trend in hair styling, now its blended into interiors. Ombré is a French term meaning “shaded” which has been adopted by the English language to mean “tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark”. A term of which majority of us will have come across in the last few years. If you love a good gradient, you’re in luck, because they’re everywhere. From homeware to wallpaper, your interior ombré options are so endless your home will start to match your hair. Take a gander at the pieces we have picked out for the shading obsessives amongst you.


NLXL Gradient Original Wallpaper By Thomas Eurlings – £175


Zuiver Moody Ombré Glass Table Lamp – £89

You’re all set. So, stop stressing about keeping up with the trends, you’ve got the tools you need. Now go and enjoy discovering new pieces to update your interior’s stylish look, then invite your loved ones over to admire the beauty with you.

Grey is one of our favourite colours here at beut, so we thought we would share with you some of our favourite grey products that we sell!

cole-_-son---fornasetti-ii---97-2007-nuvolette-midCole & Son’s Nuvolette wallpaper – £255

grey-sheepskin_1Long Wool Large Sheepskin Rug Grey – £55

gant_light_1GANTlights B3 Concrete Wall light – £134

Zieta Plopp Bar Stool, Grey – £385

key-wallpaper-darkgreyFeathr Key Wallpaper by Inka, Grey – £89

Those were just a few of our favourites, let us know what yours are!