Top List

Throughout the past year we have noticed several prominent colours capturing the eyes of our fellow wallpaper lovers and making numerous appearances in brand new wallpaper collections from across the globe. From designer brands such as Coordonne and Feathr, we have curated a list of the top 10 wallpaper colours of 2019 so far.

Designer wallpaper is one of the best ways to uplift an interior space. We believe that this article will inspire you with fantastic new ideas on current colour trends to help you and your home stay trendy this year. Here is your top 10 so far:

1) Coral 

Riviera Coral Wall Mural by Feathr

2) Warm Terracotta

Mallorca Estellenchs Wallpaper by Coordonne

3) Dusty Pink

Wetlands Mural by Coordonne

4) Rich Purple

Allium Wallpaper by Cole & Son

5) Hunter’s Green

Utopia Green Wallpaper by ELO

6) Soft Sage

Peonies Mural by Coordonne

7) Muted Mustard

Gypsy Wallpaper by Mind The Gap

8) Classic Chestnut

Swan Chestnut Wallpaper by Hugh Hamshaw Thomas

9) Warm Grey

Misty Beach Wallpaper by Feathr

10) Smoky Taupe

Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Now that you have explored the most loved wallpaper colour trends of 2019 so far, we would love to know if you have been inspired to paste your walls in any of these fantastic colours. You might have even been lucky enough to discover your perfect wallpaper in this article.

Spring is on its way and here at beut, we believe that this is the perfect time of year to get stuck into updating your interior, in readiness for the summer months ahead of us.

Here are just a few of our brand-new products that we love so much!

Coordonne Wetlands Mural



Muuto Fiber Armchair – Swivel Base with Wheels



Ibride Ambroise Portrait




Flos Sawaru Floor Light


Tom Dixon Eclectic London Candle



Firstly, a massive ‘Happy New Year’ to all of you! Here at beut, we believe that new year is all about having a fresh start and brushing out the negatives of last year with the positives that are still yet to come.

Enjoy the rest of the Winter months with these hand-picked interior essentials.


It goes without saying that Christmas and New Year is one of the busiest times of the year for most people. There is no better way to make a fresh start than to organize. Whether that is, your ever-growing book collection or simply the heap of clutter on your desk or kitchen table, everything in life looks better neat and tidy. Here at beut, we stock a unique range of Small Storage that are all sure to keep your interior space looking spick and span.

Above the new Emko Pill Cabinet in Pink is the perfect solution. A spacious, wall – mounted cabinet that folds out into a desk. An ideal dressing table or writing area. Available in Pink and White or Pink and Black.

New Year , New Look

It’s that time of year again, giving  you the perfect excuse to switch up your interior style. An eye-catching wallpaper, a new item of furniture or something as subtle as a decorative cushion will spruce up the room setting 2019 off to an invigorating and fresh beginning.

Featuring the Bermuda Wallpaper from the award-winning brand, MINDTHEGAP.

Give Some Light

January blues gets to the best of us at this time of year. After all of the celebrating and festivities that has happened, January can be one of the gloomiest months of the year, and that’s why we believe you are all in need of some stylish new lighting for you home or work space.

Take the C3 Pendant light from GANTlights. This stunning lamp is new to beut and is available in both light and dark concrete with a dazzling range of on-trend finishes to choose from. An ideal light to suspend over your dining table or kitchen island.


Keep Warm

Just because Christmas has past, it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t enjoy the guilty pleasures in life as much. We still have some of the coldest months of the year to come, before it starts to warm up. Cosy comforts such as our very own, beut Throws are sure to help you get through the chilly mornings and dark and gloomy nights comfortably.



What better way to start off your day, than with a steaming hot cup of coffee. The Muuto Push Coffee Maker is all you need to mix up a delicious brew.

Another week, another five little gems to share with you. This week we have selected five more stunning pieces that will look fitting in almost any home or work space interior. From the best-selling brands, Normann Copenhagen, Tom Dixon and Flos, the products we will be telling you about today have all been lovingly designed by highly talented designers such as, Simon Legald and Michael Anastassiades.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy this relaxing read to ensure that you are keeping up to date with the latest interior trends out there right now. You will never be too far away from the trendiest home amongst your friends and family.

Normann Copenhagen Form – From £220.00

Where do we start? Normann Copenhagen have truly gone to town with this collection. You wouldn’t believe just how much choice there is, from bar stools to dining tables, there is something for every interior style and space.

In true Scandinavian style, the minimalistic designs of this collection ensure every one of your requirements to be fulfilled. For example, the simple colour ways of the Form Chair – Steel to suit every interior design or the contrasting but stylish design of the Form Chair – Metal.

Flos Bellhop Table Lamp – £175.00

We’ve said it before and we are going to say it again, how honoured we are to work with the fantastic lighting brand, Flos.

The Bellhop Table Lamp, designed by the brilliant Edward Barber and Jay Osbergy was designed for the London Design Museum and launched in 2017. Providing a glare free light, the Bellhop also offers 24 hours of wire – free illumination, meaning you will never have to read your favourite novel in the dark again. This innovative design is available in four exciting colour ways including white, grey, chocolate and brick red.

Normann Copenhagen Trace Rug – £485.00

Due to the high-quality, Danish design and craftmanship, we are not surprised to be telling you that Normann Copenhagen is proving to be a high point of conversation in the interiors world, at this point in time.

Inspired by flowing lines and traces in the sand, created by grass and reeds blown in the wind, the Trace Rug has been designed with quilting to ensure maximum comfort. Cleverly, the Trace Rug has a reversible colour way meaning it is suitable for all year round.  Trace is available in four beautifully, tropical colour choices.

Flos IC Table Lamp – £340.00

Part of the best-selling IC Light collection from Flos, the slimline structure of the IC Table Lamp encapsulates a mouth-blown opal glass diffuser that diffuses a soft light into your atmosphere. Designed by Michael Anastassiades, the IC Table Lamp has been designed with a dimmer switch on the power cord, so that you can adjust the light to suit your atmospheric needs.

Beautifully simple, the table lamp is available in three glowing finishes and is part of the award-winning IC Light collection that includes a floor, ceiling/wall and suspension light as well. We suggest using this light as a bedside lamp or simply as a reading light.

Tom Dixon Beat Table Lamp – £420.00

Tom Dixon is one of the most iconic British designers and that’s why we believe it should take a place in this weeks top five. The Beat Table Lamp is part of an exclusive collection of lighting and homeware accessories such as the Beat Vessel/Vase.

Beat provides direct light, perfect for those long days at your desk or a short read at night time. The contemporary design of this stunning table lamp is available in two colour ways: black or gold. Why not pair the table lamp up with Beat Wall Lamp or the Beat Tall Pendant to finish off your interior in style?

In the space of a week, beut has discovered many more new and exciting products that we think you would love to witness. Once again, we think we have found some real treasures that fits right into the biggest interior trends right now.

From one of Scandinavia’s best-selling brands, Normann Copenhagen to the Lithuanian-based furniture design and home accessory company, Emko, we have hand-picked some of the most incredible products to suit the many interior and personal tastes out there. Read on further to find out what we have been loving…

Normann Copenhagen Slice Linoleum Table – From £1880.00

The Normann Copenhagen Slice Linoleum Table is part of the Slice collection. Lovingly designed by Hans Hornemann, the Slice Linoleum table is available in four humble but gorgeous colours that will harmonize with most interior styles. Slice is also available in three reasonable sizes so that you are able accommodate a range of party sizes for different occasions throughout the year.

Like all of Normann Copenhagen’s products, this anti-bacterial and self-healing table is manufactured with the finest materials, specifically talking, high-quality oak.

If you like this table by Normann Copenhagen, you may also like the rest of the ‘Slice’ collection.

Emko Foldin Shelving Unit, Two Holes, One Shelf –  £98.80

This innovative design by Emko, is naturally beautiful. The minimal and fresh aesthetic stands out on its own. The high functionality of this Japanese inspired design makes up for the simple look of this fantastic shelf. Foldin Shelving unit is delivered with hooks so that you can hang your treasured items on it as well as storing items on top. What’s more the Foldin Shelving Unit folds down so it can be stored flat-packed when you do not require it.

The Foldin Shelving Unit with Two Holes and One Shelf is available in two different versions.

Emko Pill Cabinet – £1,685.88

The fun quirks of Emko’s Pill Cabinet is truly something to be desired, it’s the perfect, unique storage solution for your home or work space. The Pill cabinet is eligible to be used as a dressing table, desk or just an ordinary cabinet that hides its interesting treasures inside. This is why we believe it would work in a number of different spaces including a bedroom, office or living space.

Pill can be fixed at any height you require as it is designed to be fixed to a wall. The magnificent piece is installed with shelves to maximize storage. With the choice of six colour ways, there is a design for every interior.

Emko Macaron Pendant Light – £144.95

Bright and colourful, is just what these pendants are. The Macaron Pendant designed by the amazing Silvia Cenal is available in two sizes and five bold colour options. The characterful, simple light is what makes this pendant unique.

Inspired by the sweet simple recipe, ‘macaron’, the Macaron Pendant is also crafted from two simple materials. Two pieces of wood are joined together by a playfully coloured rope. Fill your room with joyous light and let your inner creativity shine through.

Mind The Gap Procession Wallpaper – Blue –  £150.00

Make your room look beautiful whilst being environmentally friendly. The Indian inspired wallpaper by Mind the Gap is made from environmentally sourced paper and ink. The wallpaper has been lovingly designed with the most charming imagery consisting of ancient symbols, vintage patents and drawings, famous mathematical formulas or iconical photography.

This magnificent wallpaper would fit right into an interior with a vintage vibe of eclectic design style. The deep blue background makes this wallpaper perfect for a cozy living space or bedroom.

Mind the Gap has a fabulous collection of wallpapers that we sell here at beut. Their collections portray different styles, unique designs with a strong artistic identity.

It’s time to shake things up with the weekly top five. Here we are again to share the new and upcoming products, with you guys. We have been searching high and low for the best products to suit the biggest interior trends right now! Here at beut we take pride in making sure that your home is fresh and up-to-date.

From the Flos IC Light to Normann Copenhagen’s Slice Table collection, we have something for everyone. Read on, to discover some of the hottest products right now…




Sponge Ro! By POTT

All the way from Spain, POTT’s new and exciting ‘Sponge Ro’ range is a new addition to the rest of the POTT lighting range we have here at beut. The Sponge Ro is available in Terracotta and White in three different sizes to suit your lighting needs. Simple and traditional this pendant will create new life within your home.

Lyon Beton’s Twist – Coffee Table

Designed by Alexandre Dubreuil, Twist has the ability to rotate 360 degrees to serve many different purposes including: a coffee table to enjoy drinks with friends or simply a TV, computer or tablet stand so that you can spend your working day in style. The Twist Coffee Table is crafted from a high-performance platform that is raised by a black lacquered base.

Lyon Beton is always releasing new and exciting things, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Flos IC F2 Light

Flos is one of the most popular lighting brands around. Having always wanted to work with them, we are so thankful we have had the chance now.But, aren’t we over the moon that we found this gem of a brand. Simple but gorgeous, sums up what this brand is all about. The perfect addition to a contemporary home. Light up that dark corner in your room with the IC Floor Light.

Delve deep into the rest of the Flos collection over at and pick up the other beauties that this amazing brand has to offer such as the IC table lamp.


Normann Copenhagen Confetti Carpet – From £1090.00

Here at beut, we believe a floor shouldn’t be forgotten about. Just as if you were going to put artwork on your wall, we believe that a rug acts as a subtle piece of characterful art on the floor.

What’s more, the Confetti carpet inspired by shimmering cascades of confetti is also eco-friendly as it is made of lavish, hand-tufted bamboo silk. Check out the rest of our new and upcoming Normann Copenhagen range.


Designer’s Guild Rheinsberg Wallpaper – £65.00

Chinoiserie inspired, this stunning wallpaper from Designer’s Guild consists of bold, geometric patterns that is available in three different colour ways. Chinoiserie is a decorative style from the West mainly dating back from the 18th century. The movement takes its inspiration from Chinese motifs and techniques.

On our website you will notice we have a wide variety of Designer’s Guild wallpaper that suits a wide number of tastes. Inspired by this wallpaper? Then why not head on over to our website to order a sample and make your visions a reality?



New Week, New Wallpaper

They’re at it again, Cole & Son have launched their all new and improved Fornasetti Collection. This brilliant collection is inspired by the work of the late Italian painter Piero Fornasetti, so expect playful themes and odd combinations. Complete with new designs as well as much loved existing papers revived with new colourways, this collection is sure to be a hit with home décor fans around the globe.

So, what’s the best way to introduce this collection? We figured our new Weekly Top 5 segment would be the ideal method. We have hand picked five of our favourite papers from this collection to give you a taste of what it is all about.

Frutto Proibito – £149

Mediterranea – £95

Malachite – £90

Aquario – £164

Nuvolette – £279


Normann Copenhagen Has Finally Dropped at beut

Normann Copenhagen has been a long awaited addition to our site, so, what better way to introduce this incredible brand and what they have to offer than share our top picks. Every week we will be sharing our top 5 favourite products added that week. So stay tuned to see what we are raving about each week.

Choosing just five products was no mean feat. With so many amazing and innovative designs to choose from, varying style tastes and  a few office debates, we managed to narrow our top picks down to these five. Hover over each “+” to learn more and click to shop.

Get in the know

A new year and new season means new trends, a constantly evolving subject matter which can become tiring to keep up with. One minute everyone is shouting about marble and the next the hype surrounds concrete. To help you out, we have complied a list of the top 10 trends to look out for and got on board with this Spring/Summer season. Covering everything from furniture to lighting to wallpaper, if you want to know how to prepare yourself and your home for this season then continue gliding your eyes down our top 10.


So where to start? Where one would start when redecorating of course, the colour palette. Here is your guide to everything you need to know, from tones to patterns and how to put them together.

1. Ice Cream Colours


Bold and playful, ice cream colours take many of us back to our childhood weekend treats. Therefore, the use of a bright, yet slightly pastelized colour palette has the power to instantly bring a smile to the face of anyone who enters your home.


Boråstapeter Molntuss Wallpaper  – £58

2. Colour Pops

chris-knight-458509-unsplashIf you like the thought of using bright colours but don’t want to overdo it, you’re in luck because pops of colour are set to be a huge trend this season. Whether this be in the form of an accent wall, a signature furniture piece or small homeware pieces.


Mind The Gap Banana Leaves Wallpaper  – £125

3. Indigo Blues

Too many colours to choose from, too little time? We’ve got you. Indigo blues are the way to go in all areas of your interior, from furniture, to rugs to walls. Designers over at Mind The Gap have clearly done their homework as they have an entire collection of wallpapers dedicated to this colour palette. Be careful though, this is a deep palette and easy to overdo, so be sure to use different tones to add depth or use as your playful but classic pop of colour.


Mind The Gap Indigo Marvel Wallpaper  – £150

4. Geometrics

Like the sound of an accent wall, or just a fan of all things angular? Geometric patterns are the perfect option for you. Bring your interior space to life with a stunning wallpaper sporting a geometric pattern, this is sure to get your guests talking.


Cole & Son Hicks’ Grand Wallpaper  – £84

Geometrics aren’t just for wallpaper however, furniture and homeware design has latched onto the trend, producing some incredible pieces inspired by geometry. So, if you’re not up for redecorating the entire space by love the look of geometric design, start by investing in a contemporary piece of geometric furniture or homeware.


Andrew Martin Brancusi Stool  – £325

5. Herringbone

Speaking of geometry, herringbone patterns are rumoured to be the top pick in this area and general pattern choice this season. Choose from a large range of styles, for instance wood-effect and block coloured herringbone styles are a popular choice for wallpaper.


NLXL Teak on Chevron Wallpaper By Piet Hein Eek – £175

6. Tropical

Prefer more of a naturalistic style? It’s a good thing tropical patterns are back in fashion then. Cover or accent your walls with incredibly detailed tropical themed wallpaper or opt for a subtler, more contemporary option.


Witch and Watchman Amazonia Wallpaper  – £240

7. Foliage

Bringing the outside in is a style that continues into a more realistic sense with this next trend. Having foliage in one’s home has always been an on-going fashion; however, the interiors community are taking this to a new level by filling interior spaces with bushels and succulents galore. Not only does this look add mysterious jungle vibes but bringing more live plants into your home brings fresh oxygen with it, which is never a bad thing.


Vitamin X Tray Plant Pot  –  £51

Want to literally incorporate foliage into your furniture?


Lyon Beton Concrete Planter Coffee Table  –  £450

8. Embellishments

A touch of sparkle and pizazz is needed in every home all year round if you ask us, it seems the interiors community agree, for this year at least. Unlike the explosion of glamour often seen in the A/W months leading up to Christmas and New Year, S/S embellishment is played down and very much a finishing touch. From a lighting centre piece to small homeware items, embellishment is available in many forms to suit your personal style.


Zuiver Woollen Striped Norway Rug – £760

9. Gold

Copper has stood strong for a long time, but it looks like its rein is over and gold is set to take back the crown this season. Much like how copper was used, gold is appearing in minimal and subtle ways, for instance wallpapers featuring this eloquent colour use it as outlining and accents. Furniture and homeware are slightly more generous with the use of gold, this is however with the intention the pieces are used sporadically as accent pieces.


Delightfull Brubeck Chandelier – £8,129

If big and bold isn’t your style, try a hint here and there instead.


Tom Dixon Stone Table Light – £195

10. Ombré

First a trend in hair styling, now its blended into interiors. Ombré is a French term meaning “shaded” which has been adopted by the English language to mean “tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark”. A term of which majority of us will have come across in the last few years. If you love a good gradient, you’re in luck, because they’re everywhere. From homeware to wallpaper, your interior ombré options are so endless your home will start to match your hair. Take a gander at the pieces we have picked out for the shading obsessives amongst you.


NLXL Gradient Original Wallpaper By Thomas Eurlings – £175


Zuiver Moody Ombré Glass Table Lamp – £89

You’re all set. So, stop stressing about keeping up with the trends, you’ve got the tools you need. Now go and enjoy discovering new pieces to update your interior’s stylish look, then invite your loved ones over to admire the beauty with you.