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Join us whilst we take a deeper look into the home of Kristina Line. Kristina works as a small-scale architect and designs cottages for private clients as well as taking on interior design projects for commercial clients. Kristina says “My work is quite versatile. I work with renovating and transforming already existing structures, and with projects where I start from scratch”.

Kristina’s home is in a small, almost hidden area in Copenhagen, surrounded by a row of boathouses side by side each other by the waterfront of the Copenhagen Harbour. Her home is named “Kahytten” and when asked why, she explains ”To me, the ultimate dream is to live close to nature. It drives me how one can achieve this while respecting the surroundings. So Kahytten’s name is a tribute to the characteristics of a hytte – a small building within nature. And Kahytten, in Danish, is the word for a ship’s cabin – so the name just seemed so fitting when we are right by the water”.

As we take a look inside Kristina’s home, we notice how bright and airy it is. In the living room, the panelled wall has a rustic appearance which complements the boathouse aesthetic. The wall art creates a more homely setting, one to sit and relax with a book and cup of coffee in the morning. The wooden tones from the wall, sofa and floor brings a warm atmosphere, whilst the neutral furnishings reinforces the cosy feeling and makes the space appear more open. 

The large potted plant adds serenity and colour into the space, bringing nature indoors too. The Ferm Living Pouf is not only is a form of additional seating, but also adds inviting and engaging dimensions into the room and is a captivating and eye-catching design.

The Ferm Living Oyster Table Lamp displays a unique and organic form and is inspired by oyster shells gathered at the beach. It is made from recycled aluminium and is designed with an LED light source and when lit, it creates a cosy setting wherever it is placed. The brass candle holder is similar to the Ferm Living Hoy Candle Holder. It’s extra tall design helps to show off the pure elegance of this design.

Kristina explains ”Home to me is a place where I can feel comfortable, protected and disconnect from the world outside. It is a place for calmness, warmth and serenity.” The boathouse is a warm and welcoming space with a neutral, understated colour palette, where every object has both purpose and a story to tell. Kristina can look out onto the water while the afternoon sun filters through the curtains: ”Me and Anton both grew up close to the water and have always had a dream of living by the water again”.

The comfortable boucle lounge chair is situated perfectly for Kristina to gaze out of the window and enjoy the view. In front of the artistic mural is the Ferm Living Tiny Floor Lamp which works as a functional and decorative light source. Due to its slim look, it fits effortlessly in most corners where you need some extra light without overpowering the space. Designed with a tipping head, means that it is possible to tilt the shade to create a different look of the lamp and to create your own lighting atmosphere. 

This dining space is both traditional and experimental with the large, eye-catching pendant light which hovers over the dining table beautifully and the minimal wooden dining set. This describes the rest of Kristina’s home as well. The Ferm Living Tuck Vase blends a sleek, modern finish with a rugged, “rocky” composition.

When asked about her interior design reflections, Kristina explains: ”I think it is a matter of picking a few pieces that truly speak to you. And then, when you place them together, you have a collection of treasures that means something.”

Due to the boathouse being just 60 square meters, they needed to think smart about design choices. Therefore, they wanted to create an open functional plan to avoid crammed spaces using only natural materials to create a warm atmosphere and to respect the boathouse’s soul. Here is the kitchen which is also part of the same room as the dining space and living space. The organic counter top and splash back complements the wooden tones beautifully. Placed on the shelves is the Ferm Living Ripple Virrine Glasses which are expertly crafted from mouth-blown glass and have a gorgeous contemporary look. 

To be used as both a place to work or to do makeup, this gorgeous desk space is surrounded by storage, which once again demonstrates how Kristina has saved space in her small boathouse. The Ferm Living Herman Dining Chair mixes both a contemporary aesthetic with a simplistic but elegant functionality. Its broad and curved backrest provides plenty of back support, but can also be used to rest your arms upon thanks to its sweeping comfort throughout it. On the shelves above is the Ferm Living Grib Toolbox which has a beautifully designed silhouette and is being used here as a stylish storage solution for Kristina. 

The Ferm Living Tiny Table Lamp has a slim form so doesn’t take up too much space on the small desk, yet provides a warm light when additional lighting is needed. 


We hope you have enjoyed taking a look around the home of Kristina Line, and perhaps even learned some handy design tips! Discover our full collection from Ferm Living to find more beautiful pieces. 







Born in 1902 in Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen is renowned across the globe as one of the driving forces behind modern Danish design. His father was in the wholesale trade of snap fasteners and safety pins. His mother worked as a bank teller and loved to paint floral motifs as a hobby. Arne was influenced by his mother and originally wanted to become a painter. However, his father encouraged him to study architecture, which led to an apprenticeship as a mason. Later, Jacobsen was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied from 1924 to 1927 in the Architecture School. His breakthrough as an architect came in 1929, with the winning design for the contest on the House of the Future which was really the introduction of modern architecture in Denmark. Going on to design ultra-modern buildings such as the Bellevue Teatret near Copenhagen, the National Bank of Denmark and the Royal Danish Embassy in London. It was during these projects the Jacobsen found he was into product and furniture design, through his growing interest in “Gesamtkunst” (total work of art, i.e. not only designing the building, but everything in it too).

Arne Jacobsen | Designer profile | Carl Hansen & Søn

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) was an architect by calling, but eventually made history by creating sleek and elegant furniture remaining on high demand even to this day. He started designing furniture back in 1934, but it wasn’t until 1952 that he made into the spotlight with his moulded plywood, three-legged Fritz Hansen Ant Chair. Initially designed for the canteen at Novo Nordisk, this chair has become one of the most famous icons of chair design history. Since, the chair has been relaunched as a 4-legged version in many colourways. 

Another success followed in 1955 when he launched one more Mid Century Modern classic – the Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair. This aesthetically pleasing seat comprises press moulded sliced veneer as a further development from the Ant Chair. Providing both comfort and style to your home or workspace this chair is stylish and practical, being able to stack up to 12 pieces, making them easy to store away when not in use. Now available in many finishes including a front upholstery, fully upholstered and various fabrics and leather types. As well as a swivel base finish.

Here, the iconic chair is featured in a rose lacquered colourway which adds a pop of colour to the space. 

By the end of the ‘50s, he was already famous for his striking aesthetics and furniture pieces like the Egg Chair, Swan Chair, Swan Sofa and Series 3300 Chairs.

Fritz Hansen’s Egg Lounge Chair is one of his best achievements and triumphs of his total design journey. The chair itself is one of the most prominent and award-winning designs in the whole of furniture history. It displays a sculptural contrast to the building’s vertical and horizontal surfaces, springing from a new technique first used by Jacobsen himself. The technique involved a strong foam inner shell underneath the upholstery, producing the unique Egg design you see today. The originality and timelessness of the Egg Lounge Chair offers a one-of-a-kind experience both aesthetically and functionally with its unique sculptural curves that will last for years. 

The Fritz Hansen Swan Chair was designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, specifically for lobby and lounge areas. Often imitated but never quite matched, The Fritz Hansen Swan Lounge Chair is a masterpiece in an assortment of fabric colours. Falling in love with it is inevitable, with its beautiful, sophisticated expression applicable to any interior. The sleek and timeless design can fit into any formal room like an office or a sitting room. The joy and comfort it brings to any design enthusiast are two of its most satisfying qualities, along with the precise and quality craftsmanship.

In 1957, Arne Jacobsen designed the Fritz Hansen Grand Prix 4130 Chair. This classic design features oak legs for added style and a seamless impression. In the same year, the Grand Prix chair earned its name at the Triennale in Milan where it received the finest distinction of the exhibition.

As well as designing furniture for Fritz Hansen, Arne Jacobsen has also designed wallpaper for Borastapeter. The Borastapeter Trapez Wallpaper is a classic, graphic pattern based on reversed trapezes, originally designed for fabric in the 1950’s.

Get inspired by more incredible, timeless designs by Arne Jacobsen in our full collection that we have to offer here at beut. 




We know just how important it is to have a stylish and comfortable work space when working from home to stay productive. This is why we have put together this inspirational blog so you can make some stylish improvements to your home office. 

This home office is a calm space to work. The Menu Harbour Dining Chair has a comfortable and supportive frame which is also aesthetically pleasing. The Menu Harbour Swivel Chair has the same sleek and sophisticated finish, but its swivel base allows you to position the chair in any direction making it more practical. The wall mounted floating desk gives a more spacious appearance and will be perfect for smaller spaces. The delicate plant adds some serenity to the space. 

Designed by Gubi, this home office has a luxury and classic style. The Gubi Beetle Meeting Chair – Swivel Base in an orange upholstery with a brass base has a rich and eye-catching appearance. The swivel base means it is easy to position the chair when you are working and the padded seat provides you with the upmost comfort. The Gubi Cobra Table Lamp has a unique and striking form and emits direct light for additional lighting when working. 

Looking out of a large window allows your creativity to go wild, as well as allowing gusts of natural light to fill the room. The Menu Co Chair has a minimal and lightweight design which is easy to tuck away. The table lamp has an elegant style and allows the homeowner to continue to work through the evening. 

This stunning workspace has been designed by Fritz Hansen to be both highly practical and stylish. The floating shelves allow you to store and display any work essentials such as paperwork and books. The Fritz Hansen Series 7 Swivel Chair in leather lets its user experience a mixture of luxury and functionality together at the same time. The swivel base with wheels allows you to move around your home office at ease. The Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell 6556-T Table Lamp has a slim and elegant design and features an innovative swivel joint that helps the lamp to be effortlessly tilted from a 15 to 18 degree angle.

With a refreshing 2-in-1 design, the Artek REB 013 Kaari Shelf acts as both a desk and a shelving unit, providing multiple opportunities for use within the home or office environment. Perfect for smaller spaces such as an apartment or small home office. Or why not use as a dressing table within a bedroom? The Artek Atelier Chair flows with clean lines and a slender profile, expressing elegance with a lightweight display. The 60 Stool is an award-winning design which is perfect for use as some additional seating without taking up too much space. 

The natural grains of the wood from the chair and desk as well as the marble in the Menu Plinth Tall Marble Table gives this home office space an elegant and rich feeling. The Plinth table shows the natural beauty of marble. Above stands the Menu Aer Vase, which is inspired by the movement of the air. By adding some decorative homeware pieces, it allows the space to look beautiful as well as be a practical space for working. The Menu Reverse Table Lamp features a a raw and imperfect conical travertine base and a bronzed aluminium shade and provides additional warming light when needed. 

This playful and colourful space is sure to get anyone’s creative mind flowing. The Gubi 62 Desk has a unique style and is a timeless masterpiece which features an eccentric asymmetric line, slender metal legs, wooden knob feet and an exceptional shape that defies all traditional and conventional thinking. The Gubi Beetle Meeting Chair – 4-Star Swivel Base is a highly stylish and recognisable design which is also extremely comfortable and supportive for long-lasting comfort. It’s swivel base allows it to be even more functional for home working, or even in a commercial office space. Positioned above is the Gubi BL6 Wall Lamp, which has a distinctive industrial design. This style allows the homeowner to have an eye-catching lighting fixture, whilst not taking up room on the desk. 


Discover our full range of office furniture to find a wide selection of high quality, aesthetically pleasing designs by many designer brands. 




Designing a bedroom to make it everything from calming and comfortable to practical and functional can be a hard task, so whether you are redesigning your bedroom, or decorating an empty room, we have put together a collection of beautiful bedrooms of different styles to give you some much needed inspiration. 

Gorgeous Dark Bedroom

This gorgeous bedroom has been painted in a striking dark green colour. We love the wall art behind the bed, which is only visible due to the abstract textures throughout. This very bold colour creates a beautiful moody effect. The warm and light accents in this room help to brighten up the space and stands out against the dark walls. These include the warm beige and orange blankets, pillows and curtain. The gorgeous Ferm Living Arum Wall Light in Cashmere again creates a strong contrast against the walls and adds a calming feel, whilst providing the perfect additional light for bedtime reading. 

Similar to the Vitra Akari 45A Pendant Light, the pendant light above has a light and weightless appearance due to the material used. The light wooden floor further adds warmth to the space. The wooden chest of drawers and wall hook supplies extra storage for the home owner and complements the brass accessories well. 

Classy Bedroom With Wallpaper & Ample Storage

This bedroom has been decorated with the Morris & Co Pimpernel Wallpaper. This elegant wallpaper features repeating flowers and adds an eye-catching feature to the room. The large custom-built storage system provides the homeowner with ample storage and frames the bed.

The wall lamps, similar to the Gubi BL7 Wall Lamps, on either side of the bed provide functional direct lighting. These are a perfect solution if your bedroom doesn’t have bedside tables to place a lamp – they look beautifully stylish too.

Here we can see that the remaining walls have been painted in an earthy green, which beautifully complements the wallpaper. The green potted plants bring the outside in and introduces a fresh a lively atmosphere into the room. The Muuto Dots on the wall are a contemporary take on the traditional coat hook, providing somewhere to place on the go items such as coats, hats and scarfs as well as looking stylish.

Light & Airy Small Bedroom

This bright bedroom has been accessorised with a large blue throw on the bed and warm beige tones in the pillows and artwork. This combination of cool and warm tones creates a fresh finish. The layered pillows make the space feel more inviting and adds additional textures into the room. 

The Ferm Living Arum Wall Light contrasts against the light wall behind and provides a gorgeous functional bedside lamp. 

Bedroom With Spashes Of Colour

Anpassa bildstorlek efter skärm

The bright abstract wall art and the vibrant colours in the books stand out against the plain white walls and light accessories in the room. This is an easy way to bring a space to life and add personality into a room. 

Anpassa bildstorlek efter skärm

The large mirror which is surrounded by a sleek black frame has a modern form. Not only a functional piece for the homeowner to view their outfit, but this contemporary mirror looks stylish and opens the room up. 

Anpassa bildstorlek efter skärm

Green potted plants injects more colour into the room. The back wall is full with floor to ceiling wardrobes which don’t over power the space as they are in the same white colour as the rest of the room. 

This minimal bedroom leads onto a gorgeous balcony. Imagine starting your morning with a warm coffee on a balcony overlooking a beautiful scene full of nature. 

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This is a beautiful classic bedroom featuring the gorgeous Coordonne Core Edo Mural Wallpaper which has been lovingly framed to create an eye-catching feature piece in the room. This wallpaper further stands out against the dark blue walls. The decorative cushions on the bed perfectly complement the Mural.  


This monochrome bedroom has a dreamy atmosphere due to the stunning Cole and Son Nuvolette Wallpaper – Fornasetti. It’s cloud sky print creates relaxing haven surrounded by clouds. The black accents such as the bedding, curtains and side table create a string contrast which looks great against the grey backdrop. 




This Scandinavian styled bedroom has been accessorised with warm tones from the bedding and pillows to create a relaxing and calming setting. The Muuto Leaf Table Lamps have a sleek and modern appearance, which feature energy-efficient LED technology, keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. 


We hope this has given you some additional ideas to help you when designing your own bedroom.


Images from Coco Lapine Design & Historiskahem.






Born in 1914 in Tønder, a town in southern Denmark, Hans Wegner is considered the pioneering furniture designer of the twentieth century. The five iconic chair designs for Carl Hansen are a testament to the brands philosophy for 65 years. The 1950 chairs include the CH22 Chair, CH23 Chair, CH24 Wishbone Chair, CH25 Lounge Chair and CH26 Chair. The Danish designer has also gone on to design many more recognisable furniture pieces seen today.

Hans Wegner

Hans Wegner’s chairs are iconic examples of modern Danish design. “The first chairs that Wegner created for Carl Hansen & Søn were regarded as extremely avantgarde at the time. There was a completely new and exciting mode of expression to the work, but also a simplicity that appealed to many people,” says Carl Hansen’s CEO Knud Erik Hansen. “The first chairs had a totally unique aesthetic and their quality was excellent. Each chair had its own original design with characteristic elements that were subsequently included in other chair designs.

The CH24 Wishbone Chairs was the very first model established by this fantastic designer back in 1949. Famous for it’s curved back and armrest, made from a single piece of solid, steam-bent wood. The hand-woven seat takes incredible detail to make, taking over 100 steps and 120 metres of paper cord to create it’s uniquely designed seat. 

We love the way these Wishbone Chairs have been paired with the Carl Hansen CH337 Dining Table in the same lacquered walnut colourway. The wooden beam on the wall, alongside with the simple decor completes the natural and organic atmosphere of the space. 

The Ch25 Lounge Chair is also one of the first chairs created by legendary designer Hans J. Wagner exclusively for Carl Hansen, at the start of their collaboration which began in 1949. The chair was first put into production in 1950, and the timeless design has been in production ever since. The rich history of the design is emulated in the intense craftsmanship needed to create it, as it takes 400 metres of paper cord and 10 hours of labour to create the backrest and seat for this chair. The handmade seat is durably designed to last, surviving through years, whilst still maintaining its enticing aesthetic.

The Ch23 Chairs was brought back into production by Carl Hansen in 2016 to provide the wonderful designs of Wegner to a modern audience. It’s elegant and flowing armrests help to box in the design, creating powerful forms of blank space in between. Its woven paper cord seat really sets it apart, made by hand in order to best perform as a seat shell. The thin and tapered legs lock into place, providing a downward glance as they hold up the seat rest, making it a well refined piece of art. The CH23 is still manufactured by hand, the same way that it first was when it was designed by Wegner in 1950, helping to keep the tradition and his image alive through it.

This minimalistic dining space has been paired with the Carl Hansen CH327 Dining Table also designed by Hans Wegner and complemented with simplistic decorative ornaments and a modern rug below, creating the perfect timeless space to socialise with friends and family. 

The CH22 Chair’s elegant and flowing armrests help to box in the design, creating powerful forms of blank space in between. Its woven paper cord seat really sets it apart, made by hand in order to best perform as a seat shell, this chair is a design masterpiece. Here the Carl Hansen CH22 Chair is placed in a luxurious living room for comfortable seating for guests.

The CH26 Chairs was also one of the first pieces from Wegner’s extended collection that was remade by Carl Hansen for a modern market. We believe that this chair is perfect for dining applications to ensure that you can enjoy the most sophisticated dining experience possible. 


Wegner’s early designs share common properties to create unique designs that reflect his respect for ergonomics and the tactility of natural materials. Each chair features hand-woven paper cord for optimal durability, making the chair a timeless investment and a coveted collector’s piece.

The Head of Exhibitions and Collections at Design museum Denmark, Christian Holmsted Olesen explains: “The first four chairs possess all the properties that characterise Danish Design: they are based on a long history of craftsmanship and are all inspired by historical furniture types.This means that many people view them as timeless.They are made from natural materials and are therefore both sustainable and durable. They feature organic forms and have a human dimensionand, even with their strong artistic expression, are clearly designed for everyday use.”

Wegner’s early masterpieces for Carl Hansen were designed to be used as practical and comfortable seating solutions as well as aesthetic and admired, century-defining design characteristics.


Discover our full collection by Hans Wegner or why not take the time to browse more from Carl Hansen to explore more iconic designs?






Now that those long summer days and balmy evenings have arrived, we are spending more and more time outside. Why not treat your outdoor space like an interior room? That means using elements you’d find inside, like comfortable furniture, pretty pillows, accessories, rugs and lighting.

Like an outdoor living room, this beautiful terrace has been transformed into the perfect area to unwind and relax. The Ferm Living Peka Bench provides the perfect space to gather with friends and family and enjoy a moment of calm. With FSC-certified Accoya-treated pine wood, this bench is ideal for use outdoors or in your home. The Level Side Table has two convenient levels that allow for more storage space for places everyday objects such as books and for display space. The continuous line that goes through the design creates a sleek appearance. 


Plants are a great way to connect your indoor living space to outside. This can be made possible with the Bau Pot, with its sleek and ribbed textures and heightened stand creating engaging levels, it is the perfect piece to complete your space. Pair with the Sekki Pot for a more minimal look. Presenting a clean design throughout with its charismatic appearance, the Orb Watering Can makes for both a great practical insertion to your home as well as its clean design that helps to make it a feature for your outdoor space.

Adding a splash of colour, the Grand Cushion is made from a mix of 50% natural linen and 50% cotton and adds some extra comfort. 

Behind the backrest of the Peka Bench is a conveniently placed narrow shelf, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet morning cup of tea or to share a summer evening drink with a friend. The Casca Glass brings some life and vibrancy into the space, helping to lighten the air with its colourful expression.

This Ferm Living Plant Box provides ample storage whilst maintaining a slim form. Holding green plants in multiple planters including the distinctive Hourglass Pot, it introduces new and engaging levels to draw your eyes in. 

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Liba Watering Can gives a modern and redesigned take on the classic gardening utensil. It’s sleek and sustainable design makes this watering can one to be displayed and not to be hidden. 

Introduce greenery up high with the Bau Balcony Box, which features two hooks and a metal bracket making it easy to mount on a rail or something similar. This also allows you to inject some colour and liveliness into your small balcony. As well, its textured and industrial surface will give your outdoor space a vibrant and classical design that is sure to provide a modern industrial look that suits any urban home.

Dine outside the with Flod Tiles Cafe Table featuring a sophisticated design, focusing on the essentials. Constructed with clay and powder-coated galvanised steel,  its seamless form and thoughtful practicality, this iconic table provides the perfect space to enjoy breakfast on a summer morning or delve into an evening dinner. The Desert Dining Chairs provide a useful seating solution for both your home and outdoor space. With its modern profile and foldable design, these chairs can be easily transported and stored. 

Serve delicious food and snacks with the perfectly imperfect tableware from the Flow collection. Crafted from mouth-blown glass, the Ripple Verines Glasses have a stunning rippled texture that encourages a contemporary look. Perfect for impressing guests at a dinner party, you can serve a refreshing beverage in excellent sophistication. 

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the Desert Lounge Chair‘s contemporary expression and encompassing structure encourages relaxation. Whether you want to enjoy an early morning coffee in the sun or socialise in comfort in the evening, the Desert Chair’s lightweight expression is both perfectly practical and beautiful. Made from the same ECO-friendly material, the Desert Cushion adds comfort and aesthetics.

The gorgeous hand-made Inlay Cup and Saucer mixes bold proportions throughout to create its unique stoneware appearance. Its distinctive design is created through the use of two-tone mix of clays within it and this helps to create a large mix of marble-like patterns.

Coming with 12 hours of warm battery life and cordless design, the Meridian Table Lamp is the perfect outdoor light so you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun draws in. Due to its structural form, made from powder coated steel, this lamp can be displayed as a piece of artwork on its own. 

Explore our full collection of Ferm Living furniture & lighting today to transform your outdoor space. 



The neutral colour scheme in this room paired with a touch of deep blue works beautifully with a contrast of cool and warm tones. Similar to the New Works Lantern Pendant Lamp, the large pendant lamp has a light and airy appearance, emitting a calming ambient light when lit. The textured rug creates a cosy feel in combination with the beautiful hardwood flooring.

The white sheets on the bed have been paired with a light beige blanket which matches with the beige in the art print on the wall. The Menu Norm Oval Mirror with a black frame poses an elegant form with its rounded corms. The black frame contrasts against the light walls creating a beautiful modern aesthetic.

There is also a space for a home office or somewhere to do makeup. This vintage-looking table is paired with a minimal yet modern and sleek chair with chrome legs, combining traditional with contemporary. Touches of blue in the wall art brings through the blue accents as seen throughout the rest of the space.

The wooden desk has been accessorised with navy blue books, notebooks and a delicate letter stand, providing the perfect space for home working.

Large windows add to the light and airy feel of the room by allowing floods of natural light to fill the space. Placed on the sideboard in the living space, the New Works Kizu Table Lamp in white marble holds a bold and contemporary form, whilst not overwhelming the space.

Similar to the Muuto Plank Coat Rack, the coat hook holds multiple on the go items such as coats, hats, scarf and more or can be used to display the homeowners’ favourite clothes. Through the large double doors, we can see a glimpse of the glamorous living room. A contemporary reference to the classic chandelier, the Flos 2097/30 Suspension Light adds a grand and rich appearance to the room.

The luxurious velvet blue chairs display a rich form, providing a comfortable seat for guests.

The large glass vase with fresh green plants perfectly finishes of this space by adding colour and life.

We hope you have enjoyed looking around this space just as much as we have.

Via bjurfors.




This unconventional floor plan allows for a great social space. Comprising of a kitchen space as well as a dining area and living space, this open plan living is perfect for hosting any occasion with friends and family. 

This beautiful dining area is made up of the Carl Hansen CH24 Wishbone Chairs. The striking black oak colourway contrasts against the surrounding neutral tones. These timeless chairs will never fail to impress you and your guests. The sculptural pendant above the dining table is a statement piece on its own. Not only a piece of artwork, but it also emits a calming ambient light when lit, illuminating the dining area perfectly in the evenings.

Various objects decorate the dining table to make the area a comfortable and homely place. The large window allows for floods of natural light to fill the space, whilst the circular mirror further reflects light across the room.

The sage green cabinets and white marble countertops create a tranquil atmosphere. Decorated with a multitude of well used objects, including the Ferm Living Ripple Long Drink Glasses on the floating shelf and other crockery items. Many green plants fill the space, introducing life and colour. The artistic picture on the wall adds character and personality. The black wall light brings traditional and modern together and provides a direct light when needed.


Similar to the New Works Lantern Light, the large pendant over the living space holds a bold and ubiquitous form, creating an eye-catching statement piece. The large soft rug divides the individual areas as well as creating a relaxing and homely area for lounging. 

Similar to the MG501 Cuba Chair, the black webbed lounge chair introduces natural materials for an aesthetically pleasing and strong finish. Multiple cushions are layered on the sofa make for an inviting and comfortable space for relaxing. The Gubi Pedrera Coffee Table exudes a modern and contemporary design with its minimal glass top and sleek legs, which allows the homeowner to place books, decorative objects, coffee and more.

Stacked shelves allow for the perfect space to display your most loved items, whilst adding additional character to the space, which would otherwise be a plain wall. The large cabinet provides the homeowner with some much needed storage, which blends with the wall behind due to the continued skirting boards. The wooden ladder adds a quirky touch to the room and allows for the high units to be reached. 


Placed on the large window seal, the New Works Kizu Table Lamp displays a balancing act within its curved form, boasting a contemporary and unique silhouette that is also a fantastic source of light.  


Capturing a striking form, inspired by the ant, this Fritz Hansen Ant Chair is made with just three legs making this a unique and sleek design.

We hope that you have gained some inspiration for your own home from this article.

First seen on Alvhem.




Welcome to this traditional yet minimalistic home which has been delicately acessorised to create an eye-catching appearance.  

The white walls and furnishings create a light and airy dining space. We love the large display of flowers on the dining table which have been placed in a large glass vase which doesn’t distract the eye from the flowers. Similar to the Menu POV Oval Tealight Candleholder, the brass wall candle holders create a sophisticated display and emit a romantic atmosphere with lit. 

The large window allows for floods of light to enter, making the space feel brighter and more welcoming. The panelled walls uplifts the space making it appear richer and more sophisticated than an otherwise plain wall. 

Pillows have been displayed on the window seal creating a comfortable space for reading and gazing out to the outside. 

Here we can see a wider view of this gorgeous open plan dining and living space. The bold patterned rug separates the two individual spaces and provides a burst of colour to this otherwise very white space. 

Combining traditional with contemporary, this stunning unit provides an eye-catching piece and is perfect for storing everyday essentials such as glasses, plates, books and more. It goes without saying, the large candle holder above truly is a statement piece. Holding an almost tree like display, this candle holder is really a piece of artwork in itself. The smaller glass vases delicately paired together add subtle colour and life. 

From this angle we can see a multitude of black accessories such as the black artworks and wall lamp which creates a striking contrast against the white walls. The grandee chandelier hanging above holds a bold display adding a richer feel to the room. 

Pillows on the cushion adds an additional touch of colour, making this area feel more comfortable and inviting. 

As we move into the living room, we can see a homely space where the homeowner can relax with family. The grey walls contrast from the plain white walls in the dining space. The grey throw over the organic looking armchair suggests that this is a cosy and comfortable space. 

This abstract coffee table creates a delightful surface to enjoy coffee, snacks, or a place to display various decorative ornaments and magazines.

Similar to the Gubi BL3 Floor Lamp – ‘Bestlite 90’, this stunning chrome floor lamp is a practical piece that is ideal for reading or just some additional lighting in the evenings.  

Through to the master bedroom, the pendant lamp has been crafted from a soft linen material which flows down over the bed creating a calming atmosphere. The bold wallpaper is suited to many rustic and vintage styles, and it’s warm colours are perfect for this bedroom. 

This minimal bookshelf provides an ideal place to hold books, ornaments and more without overpowering the beauty of the wallpaper.  

Similar to the Menu Norm Floor Mirror, the large mirror is in keeping with the industrial feel of this room whilst being a functional piece too.

Thank you for reading this blog post, we hope you have loved exploring this gorgeous home as much as we have. 


With credits to Alvhem



Located amongst delightful canals and quirky houseboats, the Home of Ferm Living dates back to 1770. This historic building is a visual space to show off some of their most iconic pieces to private consumers as well as wholesale clients and the press.

As we enter our eyes are drawn to the stunning Pond Mirror which is placed above the functional sink area. Hanging above, the paired Collect Opal Pendant Lights add a modern and contemporary feel.

The countertop has been accessorised with a range of decorative objects from Ferm Living. The Rest Table Lamp rests in a ring of solid white marble creating an impressive focal point as well as providing additional lighting when required. Enjoy the soft scent coming from the candlesticks in the Muses – Ania.

Combining natural, intricate shapes with contemporary design, the Shell Pot makes for the perfect place to store whatever you choose.

On entering this warm and welcoming lounge space, the View Tufted Rug is made with a soft New Zealand wool and displays an eye-catching geometric shape in a warm neutral shade. Take a seat on the clean and minimal Turn Sofa 3 and perhaps enjoy a book with the help of some additional lighting from the distinctive Hebe Large Lamp Base. Perfect for additional seating when guests come over, the Herman Lounge Chair has a generous backrest that wraps around the body for maximum comfort. 

Framed with two Arum Wall Lamps this peaceful bedroom has been decorated with calming colours which introduce a relaxing feel to the room. The Oblique Stool being used here as a functional bedside table is perfect for placing everyday objects such as books and drinks. Standing strong at the end of the bed is the Ferm Living Oval Medium Pouf which introduces engaging dimensions and modern qualities.

A stylish way to increase storage and display ornaments, the Ferm Living Punctual Shelving System 3X5 is a functional addition to the space. Boasting endearing comfort and a fresh and elegant appearance, the Turn Daybed can seat a multitude of guests. As well, the Desert Lounge Chair and Pouf’s provide additional comfortable and modern seating.

Displaying some of Ferm Living’s finest pieces, including the gorgeous Vuelta Table Lamp which holds a fantastic contemporary form of a sculptural arc, and emits a soft and diffused light when lit. The Muses – Ania also adds an interesting touch to the modern arrangement.  These shelves have been accessorised beautifully due to the combination of high and low objects and placings.

Whether to be used as a place to work or to do your makeup, the Herman Dining Chair is a timeless piece and a fashionable way to spend your day at work. Modern and sophisticated in style, the Ferm Living Pouf sits collectively alongside for additional seating.

The neutral shades in this living space creates a calming atmosphere to relax in the evenings. The large Hourglass Pot  brings greenery and life into the space. Both the Place Side Table and Mineral Coffee Table provide the perfect space to hold a cup of coffee or tea. We love the raw and textured finish of the stones which hold the strong glass top of the Mineral Coffee Table.

Here we have the large Extendable Bevel Table, overshadowed by an arrangement of the Collect lighting range. The different shapes paired together adds a striking yet minimal touch. The red framed shelves introduces a playful pop of colour.

The sleek and minimalistic Herman Stool is a contemporary take of the traditional stool and has been further enhanced here with the bright yellow seat. Above, the gorgeous arrangement of Collect Opal Pendant Lights hang elegantly to shine a spotlight on the Bevel Round Table.

The Meadow High Pile Rug adds a sumptuous feeling under foot and leads you to the bold Rico Lounge Chairs. Their curvaceous design draws us in to be enveloped in its seat. In front, the Insert Side Table holds a green potted plant to bring some life into the space.

As a matching piece to the lounge chairs, the Rico 3-Seater Sofa is a statement piece that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but is also incredibly comfortable, making you never want to leave your seat again.

Made up of stunning pieces with organic forms, including the Tuck Pot which has been originally shaped by hand to give it its natural appearance and the Hebe Lamp Base Small with a natural lampshade curating a calming space. 

This stunning kid’s bedroom immediately catches the eye with the multitude of braided lights, including the Braided Belly Lampshade, Braided Bottle Lampshade and Braided Pendant Light, paired together to make the appearance of a large chandelier.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk around the Home of Ferm Living as much as we have.