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The living room is a central point in your home where you and your family can come to wind down together after a busy day or where you can enjoy cosy movie nights in and nibbles with your friends. However you choose to use your living room we believe that it is important to make sure that you indulge in the highest quality and luxury items to finish off the space to enhance a warm and inviting touch. In this article, you will discover many unique perspectives on the contemporary living room, all designed by the talented designers from the prestigious Scandinavian design brand Muuto.

The bright blue Oslo pieces within this living space add a vibrant expression to the interior space. The bold colour choice beautifully complements the soft grey tones seen throughout the decor and on the Around Coffee Table and side table. The brand-new Halves Side Table in sage green brings together the mixture of tones seen throughout the entirety of this room. One of our favourite characteristics that we have been drawn to is the bold, swooping staircase that can be seen to the rear of this space.

As you can probably see from this stunning living/office space, Muuto have an extreme talent for choosing specific colours to create a harmonized and synced effect. The soft interlacing shades in this interior space such as pale blues, greys and natural wooden aspects, all come together to produce a tranquil and ordered atmosphere; combining the ritualized life at the office with the relaxation of a living room, the perfect mixture for this space.

Here again, the designer has used pale blues to create an inviting and relaxing space. However, this time they have chosen to use a dark blue Outline Sofa to enhance a more sophisticated vibe. The Leaf Floor Lamp overshadows the sofa, casting a beautiful glow to assist you as you read. The simplistic yet stunning Workshop Coffee Table is the perfect choice for a minimalistic interior space as you can see here.

While the Pebble Rug provides this homeowner with some much-needed softness under their feet, the Connect Sofa offers a warming shade of orange to add warmth and luxury to this hard textured room. Just above the sofa, the Ambit Wall Lamp offers a warming glow to anyone who desires the casting light to read as they settle down for the evening.

We are loving green right now! That is why we adore this living room area so much. The brand-new Doze Lounge Chair and Ottoman is the perfect reading chair that offers you a gorgeous foot rest as well. The dark green shades carry through to the clips on the highly functional Stacked Storage System, that is being used for both decorative and storage purposes in this luxury interior space. This living room also presents us with one of our ultimate favourite lights this season. That is the Post Floor Lamp! Not only is this light absolutely stunning, the substantial design casts out a bright yet defining beam of light.

How gorgeous is this space? The designer has taken advantage of the luscious green outdoors that can be seen through the large windows and has used light shades of green throughout this interior space. The sofas match almost perfectly with the Around Coffee Table, while the dark grey Ply Rug uplifts the cool concrete floor into a floor that becomes warmer and more appealing to glide across bare foot.

Amongst the cool tones of the surface of this room, the contemporary sofa and brand-new Echo Pouf’s inject vibrant colours into this space to create a more uplifting atmosphere to enjoy. Cleverly, the designer has chosen a red toned canvas print to match one of the Echo Pouf’s, bringing this interior space together and enhancing a warmer atmosphere.

Despite all the bold colours, the little Airy Table takes center stage in this large living space. We love the way that the designer has used the beautiful colours of the furniture to create this stunning feature wall.

The cognac leather on the Cover Chair and the gorgeous Outline Sofa works seamlessly together, as do the natural wooden tones from the chair and Workshop Coffee Table. This room is gently illuminated by the soft glow of both the Fluid Pendant Light and the Beam Table Lamp.

Who would of thought that the much-loved Pull Floor Lamp would now be available in this luscious shade of grey, that we have to say goes beautifully side by side to the Oslo Sofa?

We only have high hopes for the newly designed Ridge Vase, that is situated at the back of this room. The terracotta shades seen throughout this interior pair fantastically with the warm wooden features. We think that the wood walls in this living room creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for settling down with a book or magazine in the Doze Lounge Chair.

Take a seat on the Fiber Chair and relax as you take in the breathtaking design of this living room. Look closely and you will notice the mountainous range of textures. From the gently speckled floor to the ridged wall art, this living space has been beautifully styled to show off some of Muuto’s most iconic pieces such as the Around Side Table and the Pull Floor Lamp.

As you take in the magnificent views from the inside of these glass fronted living rooms, you can enjoy the many different award-winning pieces designed by some of Muuto’s most prestigious designers. From the Workshop Coffee Table, in its new square dimension, to the Post Floor Lamp and Pebble Rug. Not to mention the idyllic Strand Pendant Light that overlooks the whole room as its silently glows.

We hope that you have gained some inspiration for your own living room from this article. Have we inspired you to go Muuto crazy? We know we are! Don’t forget to look at the whole Muuto collection over on our site It would be impossible to share every one of their stunning designs here.

Nestled in the industrial, Copenhagen town of Nordhavn is the Danish design brand Menu’s Audo Hotel. All ten stunning guest suites are dressed with the brand’s range of furniture, lighting and homeware accessories. Menu and one of their most successful designers Norm Architects, have come together to showcase their most loved pieces within this breath-taking space.

Settled in a 1918 building, Menu says that this building highlights “multidisciplinary, unifying nature of design”. This is a space where cosy, earth-toned design meets sophistication and brilliance.

Joachim Hansen, the director of Menu explains that “by showing the collection in different contexts within hospitality they will make the collection become more alive”. We couldn’t agree more.


As well as a selection of gorgeously styled guest suites, this building is also home to Menu’s headquarters. The office space above overlooks the grande staircase that is elevated from the hotel’s lobby. Guests and workers alike can enjoy the experience that they get when in touch with the stunning Menu range.

The brass-toned stairs form together seamlessly, creating a structure that appears as a work of art centered in the middle of this spectacular space. The Tearoom Lounge Chairs that have been chosen work in harmony with the golden tones that have been flooded throughout this building. The curvaceous shapes that appear from the seating arrangements softens the clean lines that piece together the interior architecture of this space.

The Circular Pendant Lamp that hangs above the Column Dining Table perfectly, can be controlled by guests using the Menu app on their phone. Menu have insisted that each one of their products have been designed with luxury details, ensuring optimal ease of functionality and enjoyability.

The dining space within this hotel retreat showcases a variety of designer homeware accessories designed by the fantastic Scandinavian brand. Throughout the day, this room is encaptivated by the natural light that pours through the substancial windows at the end of the interior space. Whilst during the evening and into the night fine dining is assistsed by the romantic shimmer of the Duca Candleholder and the soft glow from the Tribeca Wall Lamp.

There are plenty of comforting spaces for guests to relax in such as this stylish seating area that features the Plinth Coffee Table atop of the Gravel Rug.

As well as an excellent way to display some of the most gorgeous pieces from Menu such as the Echassse Vase, this wooden cabinet also creates an excellent solution to store a wide selection of items, extremely useful for a meeting room like this.

Situated next to this sunny Tearoom Lounge Chair is the Androgyne Side Table. This side table translates other significant Menu spaces into the Audo Hotel. The table was first designed for the Menu Space Cafe.

Situated in yet another lobby area, is one of Menu’s best-selling products, the Knitting Chair. Combining classic handmade techniques with the latest day technologies, this chair represents the true beauty behind Danish design.

You have enjoyed drinks in the hotel lobby and dined in the sophisticated restaurant space and now it is finally time to get your head down in one of the luxurious hotel guest suites. Seperated from your very own sleeping quarters is a sepeate seating area. The Plinth Low and Plinth Tall has been placed next to one another to create a unique sculpture, making up one of the focal points of this bedroom.

Assisting you as you read your favourite bedtime novel is the JWDA Table Lamp that can be dimmed to suit to your individual lighting requirements. As well as the pair of bedside lamps, the Column Table Lamp as seen on top of the Plinth, can be used in any area of your room due to its versatile cordless design.

Above is another example of one of the spectacular suites that this hotel has to offer. The natural wooden features of this room pair harmoniously with the neutral grey decor features. An opalescent TR Bulb Table Lamp has been situated on top of a solid marble bedside table.

In addition to beautifully designed bedrooms, Menu have also gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the en-suite bathrooms are just as deluxe as the bedrooms. This bathroom features the Norm Rectangular Mirror.

Besides the numerous characterful pieces in this hotel, Menu have made the effort to display a wide selection of floral arrangements around the building to make this residence feel even more homely and welcoming than it already does.

We hope you have enjoyed looking around the Audo Hotel as much as we initially did. Be sure to explore the whole Menu collection over at to discover many more impressive designs from Menu.

During May 2018, the Danish design brand Menu launched a showroom on the fashionable streets of New York. Situated in a historic building, the Menu Space is located in a loft-style apartment that also doubles up as the brand’s area sales manager’s home. How lucky are they to live in a home like this? If you love Menu as much as we do, you may want to consider taking a trip to visit this fantastic apartment. It is open on weekdays to visit by appointment.  In Menu’s own words, “the idea was to create a space that was warm, welcoming and inviting – a little slice of Copenhagen in the Big Apple”.

As well as a luxury home for an important member of Menu’s team, this very special residence has also been designed to showcase the brands wide selection of designer furniture, lighting and homeware pieces.  Designer director, Joachim Kornbaek Engell-Hansen, said that the idea behind this project was “to keep Menu Space moving and ever-changing”. Regular interior layouts and décor changes helps to maintain a trendy and creative interior environment that continues to inspire the neighbours, visitors, friends, clients and fellow designers. In-keeping with the products, this typical Scandinavian styled apartment is fit to hold meetings, product launches and other events.

The above features a sophisticated dining arrangement that consists of a collection of Afteroom Dining Chairs around the Snaregade Dining Table.

Casting a warming glow around the interior of this property is a selection of one of Menu’s best-selling lighting designs, the JWDA Table Lamp.  The heavy weight marble base makes this piece a stunning decorative item. This light is also available in a range of designs.


A glossy wooden floor has been softened with a range of soft textured rugs. Laid adjacent to the luxurious upholstered sofas and chairs, these rugs provide a comforting steppingstone as one vacates their seat.

Spaced around this fantastic New York apartment are many homeware accessories that the brand are so well known for. They have styled these vases with small bunches of florals and foliage to add another decorative touch.

Extravagant, dark-toned curtains hang low to corner off private areas of the showroom. The heavy drapes create a sought-after ambience within this interior space. The above displays feature two of Menu’s most loved chairs. These include the Harbour Chair and the Afteroom Lounge Chair. The substantial Echassse Vase is pictured next to the luxurious upholstered seat.


The one and only bedroom in this home is in-keeping with the classic Scandinavian design aesthetic. Above the stained wooden floor is an array of white furniture that complements the grand pillar that is situated in the corner of this room. One of our favourites, the Plinth Cubic, is pictured here as a bedside table. We love the way the silky surface of the white marble contrasts with its heavy and substantial structure. The pure colour scheme of this bedroom makes it the perfect sanctuary to relax in.

This red brick farmhouse has been transformed into a selection of luxurious apartments that caters for a wide variety of modern-day lifestyles. Dating back to the late 1800s, this building’s architecture is a work of art on its own. The red brick and brown windows and doors amongst the iron railings and black painted walls make up an industrial style exterior. Settled in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood, some of these apartments have been designed with a spacious balcony to enjoy evening sunsets and morning sunrises with friends and family.

The designer has chosen to retain one of the original farmhouse walls, creating the main feature wall of this apartment, fitting for a naturally beautiful and historic interior space. In contrast, the plain white walls bring out the exotic green leaves that are spaced out around this living area and the contemporary, black furniture pieces that have been chosen to create a cosy atmosphere, everything a lounge should be.

The Menu Chandelier, originating from the Tribeca Series, has been suspended at the center of this living space. The exposed light bulbs and staggered composition reflect the industrialized style that is showcased throughout this home.

An open plan space is one of the many characteristics of a contemporary home. Nestled under the stairs is a functional kitchen space, illuminated by spotlights up the underside slope of the stairs. In-keeping with the rest of the interior, a monochromatic colour scheme maintains a warming atmosphere whilst taking full advantage of the natural light that the large arched windows draw in.

This homeowner’s love of luscious house plants comes with their exceptional taste in fine design. Plant care comes with the need of the perfect watering can. Notice the Menu Well Watering Can, placed on the kitchen countertop, is never too far away from any of their plants.

If you look closely, you will identify one of Menu’s best-selling pieces, the JWDA Table Lamp. The frosted egg-shaped diffuser of this light casts a soft glow out into the room. Finished with a polished brass switch, this light consists of a dimmable function, so that you can adjust the light intensity to your own atmospheric requirements.

An original beam has been left in the attic space of this apartment. The designer has curated a comfortable environment here, that is suitable to work or relax in.

This whole space has been gifted with natural light, establishing a clean and contemporary home interior. Again, the original beams have been left to remind us of the humble beginings of this living accommodation.

This apartment is lucky enough to have a spacious balcony.

The bathroom is undoubtedly the most modern space in the whole apartment. The minimalistic and state-of-the-art design makes this bathroom a serene and relaxing place to come back to after a long day.

Having said that, wouldn’t anyone love to come back to this apartment at the end of a day?


First seen on Emma Hos blog.

Photography credited to Alen Cordic

Are you in love with the Danish design brand Muuto as much as we are? As everyday passes Muuto bring out new and fantastic products that we just can’t wait to share with you.

If we haven’t already tempted you enough, in this blog we have the most stunning interiors that you will ever see to show you, featuring some of Muuto’s most loved pieces.

Explore Muuto’s HQ to discover your favourite products in situe and if you are lucky, you might even stumble upon a few new treasures.

How cosy does this seating area look? The Five Pouf creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere for any visitors that may be visiting the HQ.

How would you like to spend your working day in this inspiring space? The Base High Table provides a great space for creative minds to share ideas.

Here we have the brand new addition to the Outline Series. The Outline Highback Work forms as a comfortable working space. This innovative design combines comfortable seating with a functional desk area.

We think that the Under The Bell Felt Pendant Lights are a great way of adding warmth to any interior space. Featuring Muuto’s new Relate Side Table.

The Grain Pendant Light is the perfect lighting piece to cast a soft glow atop your working area.

Are you a perfectionist? The Beam Table Lamp is the perfect companion to assist you as you put pen to paper. Writing, reading, drawing or designing will be a breeze from now on at night or during the evenings.

We love the collaboration of bold colours around this meeting table. Mix and match the Muuto Fiber Side Chair for the same eye-catching effect.

Here, the Halves Side Table has been quietly set back into the corner. The beautiful floral trimmings add a pop of colour to the corner of the room. The Silent Vase exaggerates the bright shades of blue and pink that are blooming amongst the flowers.

Designed by one of Muuto’s prestigious designers, Anderssen & Voll, the new Oslo Chair has been chosen to compliment the elegant Base Table.

The soft shades of green in this kitchen space establishes a fresh aesthetic, that emphasises the subtle grey Amit Pendant Lights, that have been stylishly hung together over the kitchen countertop.

This is the perfect example of an impressive piece of wall art created by the Dots Coat Hooks. Not only does it look amazing, it has also provided a large area to hang everyday essentials such as coats, umbrellas, hats and scarves.

Sit up high on the popular Fiber Bar Stool from Muuto.

Muuto really know how to make a statement. The Stacked Storage System creates an interesting focal point within this interior space. What’s more, extra seating has been incorporated into this design which is paired with the Ambit Wall Lamp, a fresh, new design from Muuto.

When lit up, this cluster of E27 Pendant Lights will create a dazzling lighting spectacular. What a great way to warmly invite guests into your home or work space!

This room has been kitted out with the award-winning Loft collection. The fantastic choice of natural plants and flowers compliment the soft green walls and the quirky Beige Green Unfold Pendant Light.

We hope this blog has given you some new ideas for your own interior space. If we have caught your eye with any of the products shown in this blog then make sure to head on over to our site to check out the whole Muuto collection.

Decorating a bathroom with wallpaper is one decorating task that the majority of people worry about the most. Is the wallpaper going to peal off? Will soap suds and bathroom grime wipe off easily without ruining the paper? These questions are all important. However, they can also put people like you and me off proceeding with the task, that in the end could create a truly magnificent bathroom.

This blog will explain to you the reasons why decorating your bathroom with wallpaper is a good idea and the things to look out for when buying and installing the wallpaper.

Can I Use Wallpaper In My Bathroom?

The answer is yes! Wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. Bathroom wallpaper is commonly used in both residential and commercial bathrooms and there is no surprise why . Read on to follow our steps on how you can achieve an extra stylish look within your very own bathroom.

As standard most of the vinyl wallpapers that we sell, works in the majority of bathroom environments and are easy to clean and water-resistant. It’s a good option out of the box. That said, its worth checking with us first if you plan on using one of our vinyl papers as supplier guarantees/advice varies.

For standard non-woven papers (the vast majority of papers sold on beut) A decorator’s varnish such as Polyvine can be purchased to protect wallpaper from things such as water, finger marks, scuffing, colour fading and abrasion. Polyvine is highly rated by many wallpaper experts including Cole & Son who recommend it for their bathroom applications.

We would recommend the “Dead Flat” finish to minimise impact on the aesthetic of the paper. Polyvine is simply painted on to your wallpaper to seal it.

Beut cannot guarantee Polyvine. For advice on this product we recommend speaking directly to the manufacturer. Also, do reach out to an experienced decorator. Wallpaper in bathrooms is incredibly popular so its likely they have used polyvine or a similar product in a similar application. We would recommend ordering a sample to test the wallpaper in your bathroom environment before purchasing a whole roll.

Some other considerations are mentioned at the bottom of this blog.

Above: Cole & Son Acquario Wallpaper

Why is the demand for wallpaper in a bathroom so high?

We have all come across wallpaper in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. On the odd occasion you might come across a wallpaper in a commercial bathroom or toilet. With the love of interior design, wallpaper is now becoming increasingly popular in residential bathrooms. We believe that we might have the answer for this.

Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add personality and a pop of colour to a bathroom. Bathrooms are usually very clinical looking spaces. A stylish and eye-catching bathroom for your guests to be stunned by is equally as important as a clean and sterile bathroom. Imagine a bright and colourful wallpaper behind your white bathroom amenities.

Rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms will generally get redecorated more so than a bathroom. We think that a bathroom deserves as much love and attention as all the other rooms in your house. Whether you change your bathroom furniture every couple of years or not, a wallpaper is a clever and cost-efficient way of updating the room on a regular basis.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. You, your family and your guests will all use this room frequently throughout the day. Therefore, we think it is so important to make your bathroom look as good as it possibly can be.

 One of the main positives of using wallpaper in the bathroom is that there are no grout lines for soap suds and bathroom grime to gather.

Above: Cole & Son Hicks’ Grand Wallpaper

Using Wallpaper In Your Bathroom

You may be wondering where exactly wallpaper would look good in your bathroom. Are you? Well, we have a couple of ideas that may inspire you.

Using wallpaper to create a feature wall behind your bath or toilet is a great way to create an inspiring atmosphere within your very own bathroom. Prints such as palm leaves, birds or flowers can produce the most relaxing environment for you to take a hot soak in the bath.

Why not consider a wallpaper border to go around a mirror, window or door? A wallpaper border is a great way to frame something without using any extra wall space. Whilst we are on the subject of frames, using a smaller piece of wallpaper and framing it in a picture frame is an easy way to add pattern and colour to your bathroom. Think of this as a piece of wall art to hang on your bathroom wall.

If nothing else, a wallpaper will add a major impact to your bathrooms character and personality. Whether you choose to go for a bold pattern that brings an array of bright colours to your interior or something more subtle for a calmer effect, there are many wallpapers out there that a bathroom would easily accomodate.

Below are some inspiring ideas that you may find useful when deciding on your own bathroom wallpaper.

Image credited to @sarahlovedaystudio

Instagram account of Sarah Loveday Studio

Featuring the Cole & Son Secret Garden wallpaper.

Featuring the Circus wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Image credited to Caitlin Murray

Showcasing the Hicks’ Hexagon wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Above: Cole & Son Woods Wallpaper

Things To Think About


  • As mentioned above, we recommend using a decorators’s varnish such as Polyvine to protect the wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers will require a decorators varnish.
  • Speak with your decorator to make sure they are comfortable with the install and that your bath
  • It goes without saying that soaking wet areas such as inside the shower, are probably not the best spaces to hang a wallpaper.
  • Areas close to the sink, bath or shower will frequently get damp. If you want to use wallpaper by these areas, make sure you wipe them down.
  • Bathrooms will always get humid. A good ventilation system and or frequently opened windows should protect the wallpaper for as long as possible. The suitability of the wallpaper will depend on how steamy the room is.
  • For more steamy/humid rooms where ventilation is a problem perhaps look at using a vinyl.
  • Before buying a wallpaper for your bathroom we would suggest always checking if it is suitable for bathroom installation. Is there ventilation in place/will windows be open etc?


We hope this blog has inspired you to take the plunge into using wallpaper in the bathroom and has answered all your questions on this interesting topic.

Please contact our customer service team at if your require more information on bathroom wallpapers.

Before you even enter this beautiful home, you are welcomed by luscious green garlands and foliage that drape over your head as you walk through the center of the front courtyard, up until the elegant entrance. Under the shelter of the natural, green beauty, ample seating is set out in the prime position to enjoy the morning sunrise and evening sunset.

At the entrance of this house, you are immediately ahead of a grande, wooden staircase that meanders up towards the first floor. The staircase integrates seamlessly with the wooden floor that continues throughout the entirety of the ground floor.



In contrast to the traditional, wooden features, accents of timeless white marble instantly makes an appearance. The marble block adjacent to the staircase sets the scene for the rest of this stunning home. As we make our way through this house, you will notice that the house has been designed around prominent marble features.


The effortless, marble kitchen counters stand out amongst the minimal kitchen design. The part-solid, marble kitchen island  stands at the center of this room as the main focal point, shadowed by a basic but intriguing artwork piece.


The homeowner has made optimal use of kitchen cupboards to perfect a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.


A soft rug and a couple of comforting pieces of furniture creates a warm and inviting environment here in the homeowners living space.


In-keeping with the rest of this house, marble pieces has been chosen to withhold an elegant and modern look, whilst still holding on to it’s much-loved traditional features. If you look up, you will notice a brass pendant light that adds a touch of warmth to the cool colour palette that has been used.

The minimalistic design of this bathroom shows off the stunning view that this rooftop window has on offer. The tree tops create a picturesque setting for this designer bathroom. Almost like a piece of art, the window hovers over the bath that shows off the solid, white block of marble behind. In contrast to the light and clean looking design, a black marble side table is conveniently situated next to the bath, holding the Carrie LED Table Lamp by Danish designers, Menu.


First seen on Anna Gillar

Clean Beauty by Conrad Architects


Settled in the stylish district of Stockholm, this large family villa was built in the late 1920s. Despite its age, this stunning Swedish home has been lovingly designed with Danish design traditions in mind. Situated on top of a hill, the villa takes full advantage of the panoramic view of Nockeby.

As you enter this delightful villa, you are drawn to the grand architecture of a wooden, swooping staircase. The contrast between the subtle parquet flooring and the strong wooden tones of the staircase is separated out by a striking snow white wall that continues throughout the entirety of the home. Combining modern and classic design, the crisp white walls allow the dark wooden floors and fittings to make the bold statement they deserve.

Some say the kitchen is at the heart of the home. With a family orientated living space like this, we would say that the living area is at the heart of this home. The furniture has been positioned so that the whole family can engage in each others conversations and can all enjoy cosy nights in together.

Again this room has been painted in a bright white. The white and grey sofas blend into the background whilst the striking artwork behind tells a story that only one with a creative mind can read. The rich green shades in this painting, gives the room a touch of warmth amongst the cool tonal choices that have been intentionally made.

A storage cabinet is situated just to the side of this seating area. The cabinet stages the brilliant Snoopy Table Lamp from the Italian designers,  Flos.

A bench has many uses as we can see from this picture. How many of you use your indoor bench as a seat for putting your shoes on in the hallway, or just for storing odd bits and pieces? This wooden bench has been used to stack collections of favourite books and magazines in a very organized manner.

The dining room discontinues the fresh and contemporary feel that the rest of the villa has. Older furniture, mysterious artwork and a dark cabinet filled with ancient books sets the scene of a more traditional property.

Set aside from the more classic dining room design, a more modern approach has been taken for this dining space. The homeowner has decided to use glossy, white flooring instead of the favorited parquet flooring. The increased use of white, tricks the minds eye into thinking that this room is larger than it actually is.

In-keeping with the beautiful surroundings of this property, the homeowner has introduced curved walls and mirrored doors to create their own small interior landscape.

A very simplistic desk space is just what you need to clear your head in readiness for the working day.

This snug bedroom is lit by the helping hand of the Tab Table Light by Flos. This light is the perfect reading light for any bedside table or desk space.

Styling by Pella Hedeby.

Photography credited to Ragnar Omarsson for Elle Decoration.

First seen on Coco Lapine Design Blog.




As you enter this stunning countryside retreat you are welcomed by warming wood tones and fresh shades of white. We love the quirky window up high. The white wash flooring, wooden paneled walls and small windows remind us of the interior of an old boat, the perfect vibe for a relaxing countryside home.

In-keeping with the style of the rest of the house, a bureau can be seen in the corner of this living space. It was typical for a homeowner to own a bureau during the 20th century. A stylish parquet flooring sends warm, golden tones up through this room, giving off an inviting atmosphere.



Touches of greenery has been scattered around this home to emphasize the natural beauty that this hideout is tucked away in. Plants, shrubs and flowers have been hung from the walls and displayed in natural clay pots throughout this house. What’s more, every window that this home has, takes full advantage of the stunning views outside.

If you look closely, amongst the luscious greenery and fresh shades of white and grey, there is a deep chocolate brown sheepskin. Soft furnishings such as these are what really makes a house a home ; an easy way to create a cosy atmosphere. We sell similar sheepskins here at beut.

We love a thick, cosy throw in the bedroom, especially throughout those cold, wintery months. Here at beut, we have a wide selection of throws that range from a variety of beautiful colours.Hidden away in the corner of this bedroom is a charming grey blanket whilst draped over the end of the bed is a large grey quilt. How dreamy!How adorable is this children’s bedroom? Once again, this house proud homeowner has been inspired by the outdoors. A vibrant, green wallpaper has been chosen to decorate this room. Quaint additions such as the teepee and bunting create a space that is reminiscent of a camping sleepover in the woods.