Style Inspiration

Enjoy the first sunny days of the year and make your garden or balcony part of your home again. Designing your outdoor space is a great chance to be creative. Choose from vibrant furniture or keep it more muted with soft colours.

Make the most of the sunny weather with the ultimate outdoor garden party. Of course, ensuring that your guests have delicious food and drink is essential, but taking the extra step to ensure the dining set up and design is beautiful makes all the difference to make sure that your party will be spoken about all summer long. Each dining chair by Vitra shown here feature distinctive and iconic designs providing long lasting comfort.

Imagine relaxing in the summer with the hot sun on your face whilst socialising with friends with your favourite cold drink in hand. The Vitra Panton Chairs are moulded from plastic in one continuous, ever-flowing shape, making this chair durable too.

Available in many colourways, the Vitra Panton Chair was originally designed in the 1960s and provides a contemporary and seamless furnishing which can be easily used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mix and matching a variety of different seats is a great way to add character into a space. We love this evening dining set up which has been lit by wonderful outdoor lighting and candles.

This contemporary seating area has been brightened by bold pops of colours through the cushions and chairs. The Vitra Herringbone Pillow adds a fresh and modern design to the dark wooden wall. This also enhances the comfort and brings in soft fabrics into the seating area. The Vitra Eames Plastic Armchair LAR has a low form allowing the user to relax deep into the shell. Made from plastic, it also has a lightweight and durable form allowing you to move it easily.

The Vitra Eames Side Chair in Forest seamlessly complements surrounding greenery in many outdoor spaces, allowing the furniture to become almost camouflaged.

A large bunch of flowers is sure to brighten anyone’s mood. The Vitra Herringbone Vase Ribbed is created through the method of immersion dyeing, which involves lowering the vase into a batch of coloured liquid multiple times to create a distinctive overlapping paint design. The defining ribbed textures creates an interesting visual effect to accentuate the flowers stored within.

Boasting a minimal and sleek design, the Vitra Belleville Chair Plastic – Outdoor features strong defining lines for a contemporary appearance. Made from plastic, this seat is comforting but also easy to clean, with a deliberately relaxed aesthetic that draws you into it. This set up is perfect for a small BBQ with family.

We hope you have gained some much needed inspiration to make your outdoor space feel part of your home.

This bright and airy space comprises of both a dining area and a lounge space, making this apartment the perfect place to socialise with friends and family and host gatherings.

This dining space appears to be separate from the rest of the apartment due to the beautiful carved wall. The circle dining table conforms the shape of the room whilst providing a social area where all guests can be easily seen. The Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chairs has a distinctive frame that is instantly recognisable. We love how the home owner has introduced black chairs mixed inbetween the white creating a unique layout of comfort and practicality.

Following the curves of the wall, the bookcase allows the homeowner to accentuate the feature and make the most of the space. Arched windows are in-keeping with the annular features.

Constructed from granite, the New Works Core Table Lamp has a raw and organic expression, thanks to the natural materials used. The curved shade is incredibly appealing on the eye and the tactile, modern shape of the lamp complements the rest of the pieces in this home.

The Flos Viscontea Suspension Light placed over the centre of the dining table, has a unique shape, appearing almost as a piece of art, which is sure to captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. When lit, the Viscontea light designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos in the 1960s glows beautifully, recreating the ambience of any room into a calm and inviting one.

Floating stairs create a modern and airy setting, whilst the large fireplace introduces a traditional style. The geometric art print on the left wall add subtle contrast and character the the white wall behind.

This curved bookcase allows the homeowner to add personality to the space by showcasing book and photos. It also acts as a place to display decorative objects on top such as a vase, plants and more. The white walls behind act as a blank canvas allowing the homeowner to add colour and texture through ornaments and prints.

The large green plant is the perfect finishing touch to make this apartment feel like a home, and brings the beauty of the outside, in.

The large rug below – similar to the Ferm Living Meadow High Pile Rug has a soft look which immediately puts us in a relaxed mood. The large amount of textures from the rug, cushions and curtains creates a warm space.

The Ferm Living Flow Mug perfectly matches the rustic and unfinished feel of the outdoor balcony. Waking up to a cup of coffee with the sun shining on your face whilst looking at beautiful views sounds amazing to us!

This stripped-back bedroom is kept simplistic but also very cosy. The Fritz Hansen Drop Chair is instantly recognisable and provides a sophisticated yet comfortable seat.

This home office space has a view over ground floor of the apartment. The green plants not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they also can be a source of pleasure – relasing stress, boosting creativity and many more positive impacts. The Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair in Black Essential Leather designed by Arne Jacobsen has a sophisticated appearance without compromising on comfort.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring this beautiful apartment as much as we have, and gained some additional inspiration for your home.

As seen on Alvhem.

Renowned for her naturalistic sketches and wooden sculptures of art, Kethevane Cellard is a Parisian artist and speaks about the love of her home in Arcueil.

Kethevane’s home was first intended as a workshop, but now it is embraced as a family home with the artist’s husband Mathew, their two son’s and two cats. Showing off steel beams, industrial styled interiors and exposed brick to create a home and work space combined. Kethevane says “My work and my life are just one of the same mostly, I don’t feel the need to cut away, I would not be happy to cut that part away from me”

Ferm Living Post Coffee Table – Star

We love how Kethevane has incorporated soft and warm accents into her home to create a cosy atmosphere despite the large windows and industrial style in her home. Perfectly paired together, the different levels of the Ferm Living Post Coffee Table’s display an interesting composition. These tables have been expertly crafted to display the natural grains of the FSC-Certified wood in a star design. The Ferm Living Meadow High Pile Rug below balances the steel beams with its comforting New Zealand wool, inviting you to sink your feet into it and feel its embrace whilst you rest upon it.

Kethevane says “Nestled in between cosy cushions, I love just to sit here and gaze at the trees swaying in the wind or curl up with a cup of tea in my favourite nook by the woodburning stove. The atmosphere in here makes it ideal for family life and gathering friends, but it is also a place where I love to work when the house falls quiet”.

Kethevane says she needs a calm mind to influence her artistic mindset. “When I search for forms, I have to have a positive frame of mind – meaning that I cannot create if I’m in a critical mood. That mood is for heated debates with friends over a glass of wine – but not for art”. We believe that having a comforting space around you, with beautiful decor, can really affect the frame of mind you may be in.

A stunning fusion of texture and modern style, the Vuelta Pendant 100 explores a new, redefined balance when it comes to lighting. The cylinder shape features a visible rippled surface finished with a brushed texture that gives it a unique expression. The LED light is perfect for creating the perfect ambient lighting over the artists work desk.

Kethevane continues by saying how everything in her home has its own place and is carefully picked out “I look for a timeless essence in those interior design pieces I let into the house – even for contemporary items. Also, the textural quality of the materials is vital to me – there need to be elements of tactility, and I always welcome imperfections. The small flaws are a part of life, and they are always more interesting than utter perfection” The Ferm Living Vuelta Table Lamp is a bold lighting piece that fantastically displays a sculptural arc, somewhat reminiscent of ancient columns. Crafted from fine opal glass and finished with a beautifully rippled surface, the gorgeous textured effect of this lamp enhances the appeal of the overall design, we can see why Kethevane picked this piece for her home!

We hope you have loved looking around the home of Kethevane Cellard as much as we did.

We are proud to be introducing the Italian Lighting Brand – Astep – to beut. Featuring a large collection of floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights and chandeliers. Owner Alessandro Sarfatti is determined to carry on his family’s strong traditions and focuses on the values that drove his father Gini Sarfatti and Grandfather Riccardo Sarfatti before him. Bringing the experience, knowledge and future-oriented outlook that has been nurtured for three generations, each piece displays a timeless finish which is suitable for any interior style. Combining core traditional values with a modern take by using new technology, the possibilities are endless with Astep.

We have picked out just a few of our favourite designs by Astep for you to discover.

Astep Model 2065 Wall Lamp

Emphasizing a unique and contemporary form, the Astep Model 2065 Wall Lamp was originally designed in 1950 along with its sister piece – the Model 2065 Suspension Light. This timeless design came about when designer Gino Sarfatti experimented with materials and came across methacrylate. This material is much lighter and more resistant than glass. Now produced from 100% recycled polymethyl methacrylate making this light both highly stylish as well as sustainable. We love how it has been positioned here against other minimalistic furnishings, and will provide the perfect ambience for reading in the armchair.

Here the Astep Model 2109/12/14 Suspension Light provides a gorgeous statement piece to this open living space. Inspired from the calming elegance of the Moon and the solar system, this gorgeous chandelier features mouth blown glass spheres which are held together by aluminium rings and holds a delicate display, creating a calming ambience.

Made from the newest technology, the Astep Candela Table Lamp designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, is inspired from the traditional elegant Scandinavian flame luminaires. Combining both old and new forms of illumination, this portable table light uses fire to power LED lights and can charge your mobile phone via USB. Powered from biothanol, a clean, natural and renewable fuel made from plants. Either chargeable from a plug or a wireless charger, this beautiful, unique light is one of our must-haves from the collection.

We love the illumination which emits from the Astep VV Cinquanta Floor Lamp. Artfully leaning towards where the light is directed, the simplistic design has unique proportions which make it an eye-catching piece within the collection. Designed by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganó in 1951 the slender aluminium stem can swivel and tilt, so you can create various lighting scenarios.

Astep Pepa Table Lamp

Inspired by pepper grinders, the Astep Pepa Table Lamp can be held and twisted to add light wherever you require, with its handy portable feature. When this innovative lamp is twisted the ambience can be dimmed smoothly from off to on, so you choose your precise lighting setting. Made from the warm touch of solid Ash Wood, the beautiful grains of the natural material enhances the elegance of this piece.

Astep Model 537 Table Lamp

Combining rich materials and a playful design, the Astep Model 537 Table Lamp is an iconic design by Gino Sarfatti. The large aluminium reflector here in a vibrant orange adds a bold statement and is perfect for introducing some colour to your interior space. Like a beautiful balancing act, the brass stem twists around to the marble base. The stem also extends to the distinct handle for easy portability and a delightful feature.

Showing off the Astep Nox Table Lamp and VV Cinquanta Twin Wall Lamp, which are both unique lighting forms and have a distinct finish. Perfect for placing over a desk, in a living room for additional lighting the wall lamp has a sculptural form, with both reflectors able to be angled and rotated to provide both direct and indirect lighting based on your lighting needs. This design is also available in many more lamps for you to explore in our collection.

The Nox Table Lamp is a delightful portable lamp which can be easily moved around. The globe-like hand-blown glass diffuser glows when lit creating a calming setting, ideal as a bedside lamp. It also has a touch dimmer so you can choose from ample light perfect for reading or a soft light for subtle light. Designed by internationally recognized designer Alfredo Häberli, who is known for designs which combine tradition with innovation.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Astep. Don’t forget to take a look at our full collection to explore many more beautiful lighting designs.

We are proud to be introducing you to one of our newest lighting ranges here at beut, Nuura.

Founded in 2017 by Sofie Refer, Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg, Nuura is a modern and luxury Danish lighting brand. Nuura combines brand new technology and carefully selected high quality materials to create elegant designs which can fit into any setting, whether that is in a home, office or lobby area. We would love to show you some of our favourite pieces from each of the 5 lavish collections; Apiales, Anoli, Blossi, Liila and Miira, displayed in a range of interiors.

Nuura Apiales 18 Chandelier

This gorgeous apartment is located in Amager Fælled in Copenhagen. This beautiful dining set up could easily be mistaken with a 5 star hotel due to the luxury design throughout. The Nuura Apiales 18 Chandelier is designed by Sofie Refer and consists of 18 beautifully refined bulbs, creating a grande gesture over this large circular dining table.

The Nuura Anoli 1 Pendant Lights perfectly complement the luxury design of the Arts restaurant at Aker Brygge in Oslo. Multiple pendants are clustered over the top of a long bar table, which creates a truly eye catching display. Becoming part of the restaurant’s decor as well as lighting up the area. Its simple expression has been meticulously crafted with a mouth-blown glass shade which shows off its beautiful glow from within. What’s more, this light is DALI compatible, meaning you can set the light to suit your desired atmospheric mood.

Situated in a private home in Vedbæk, Denmark the Nuura Miira 13 Chandelier-Brass / Optic Clear hangs over the grand staircase creating a feature piece which is sure to leave a long lasting impression on anyone who lays eyes on it. Achieving a mesmerising finish with each shade hanging at different heights.

A more simple yet still aesthetically pleasing, the sleek design of the Nuura Blossi Table Lamp can fit into almost any interior style. Designed with the newest LED technology and a dimmable feature means that it emits a beautiful soft a subdued glow through its transparent mouth-blown glass shade. Perfect to use next to your bed or by your sofa for a practical yet stylish lighting solution.

Located in ‘Skovriderkroen’ in Charlottenlund, Denmark, the Pangea is a dinner club with a dark interior stlye. The gold base of the Nuura Liila 1 Wall / Ceiling Light – Large complements the rich theme, whilst the warm glow from the numerous shades appear to be like moons glowing from the suns reflection above.

Elegantly hanging over the oak dining table surrounded by Carl Hansen CH24 Wishbone Chairs, the Nuura Miira 8 Chandelier has a unique style which is perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings due to its refined yet delicate style.

Each light by Nuura is made with the finest quality materials and all feature unmatched timeless shapes.

Why not place one of Nuura’s lights in your home to enjoy the handmade glass and the sensory light experience?

One of our favourite things about this time of year is gathering with friends and family. Celebrate the occasion by preparing your home with beautiful furniture, lighting and homeware. 

Vitra Eames Fiberglass Side Chair DSW

We love this table set up by Vitra. Adding a pop of colour with mix and matched chairs including the Eames Fiberglass Side Chair DSW. The Vitra Eames Segmented Round Dining Table is perfect for seating a lot of people as the round design means that many people can gather around for a sociable setting. 

No celebration is complete without a glass or two of your favourite drink. Whatever choice of drink, an aesthetically pleasing designer glass will make it feel extra special. From wine and beer glasses to shot and water glasses and everything in between, choose beautiful glassware that will perfectly accessorise your dining table too. 

Tom Dixon Melt

Statement lighting can transform any setting and can be the most memorable piece of your home to you and your guests. Such as the Tom Dixon Melt collection, potentially Tom Dixon’s most iconic collection. You can create many different unique displays with a wide selection of pendants, chandeliers, wall lamps and more that we have to offer here at beut. Perhaps pair multiple pendants together to create a grander statement. 



Vitra DSR Eames Plastic Side Chair

Add your own character to the space, whether that is with bold colours, some greenery, decorations and more. This setting by Vitra shows a beautifully fun yet stylish way to decorate your table to impress your guests. With an arrangement of pendant lights above, a cushion on the chair, vibrant colours and candles in the centre. 

Tom Dixon Scent

Add the finishing touch with an arrangement of candles, whether you place them on the dining table or on a side table, candles can set the mood for the evening. 

Menu JWDA Metallic Table Lamp

If candles aren’t for you, or you desire some additional lighting, table lamps are the perfect option. If you would like some greater flexibility in where you would like to place your lamps, opt for our selection of cordless lamps, allowing you to move them around wherever you like, even on your dining table. 



We hope you have found some inspiration to get your home party ready this Christmas and New Year. If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, please contact our customer service team via or via Live Chat. 



Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love the most. Make this festive season extra special with elegant accessories to bring your friends or family closer. From setting the table to decorating the tree, and everything in between, we have put an assortment of ideas to inspire you.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

No house is complete at Christmas without a tree. Whether you prefer a real or fake tree, decorating it is where the magic happens. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones when decorating the tree, from the stress of tangled lights to adding the final baubles.

The Ferm Living Christmas Accessories collection is one that can’t be missed. Comprising of contemporary and elegant decorations which will complement any modern home. The Paper Star is the perfect neutral modern topper for any Christmas tree. No two pieces are ever exactly the same due to the hand-folded FSC-certified paper. The delicate brass ornaments softly reflect the light around the room and add a sophisticated and luxurious touch to any tree. Complementing the brass finish, the Ferm Living Christmas Tree Foot is one not to hide. Its stylish design provides an immensely firm base to hold any tree – even under the weight of your finest decorations. 

Perfect to add some extra joy and colour to your tree, without breaking its elegant style, the Ferm Living Twirl Christmas Baubles are made from mouth-blown glass and come in four different colours. Their twirl design reflect light of its glass enhancing the finishing look. 

Set The Table For Christmas

A Christmas dinner party is a regular occurrence for most in December. Of course celebrating togetherness and being with your loved ones is what Christmas is all about, but why not make it even more magical with a beautiful dining table set up. 

There are many different ways to present serveware for a beautiful display. We love how Ferm Living have layered multiple items to create a striking look. Although it looks complex, it is actually very easy to achieve. The Ferm Living Linen Napkins underneath is both practical and aesthetic. Layered on top is the Flow Plate which has a characterful design due to its seemingly unfinished and uneven edges for a captivating look. Finished with the Ferm Living Ripple Glasses which have a delicate rippled texture made from mouth-blown glass. This timeless set up adds depth and texture to any dining table this festive season. 

Ferm Living Linen Napkins & Striped Elf Decoration

We love this simplistic yet stylish set up created using the Ferm Living Linen Napkins and the Striped Elf Decoration. The small foliage and twine adds a natural and aesthetic touch. 

Tom Dixon Puck Collection

Serve just about any type of drink to your guests in style with the Tom Dixon Puck collection. Comprising of a wide range of different styled glasses for cocktails, wine, shots, water, and whatever other drink you or your guest would like. Made from mouth-blown glass and featuring a heavy, thick base the Puck glasses provide elegance and class to your setting. 

Ferm Living Ripple Glasses & Flow Napkin Rings

This neutral setup has a very modern aesthetic which will complement nearly any interior style. The Ferm Living Linen Napkin held together by the Flow Ring creates a classy and sophisticated appearance. We love how the patterned napkin matches the wrapping paper for the small gift – a lovely way to give back to your guests. 

Gubi Moon Dining Table – Eliptical

This beautiful dining set up by Gubi features tints of reds and gold – instantly brings Christmas to mind. The large Gubi Moon Dining Table – Eliptical is a stunning example of traditional Danish design. The large form and curved edges means it can fit everyone around the table, so you can all sit around and enjoy Christmas dinner and drinks together. Paired with the Gubi Beetle Dining Chairs with a metal base and upholstered in a velvet material adds a rich and luxury style which will provide long-lasting comfort. 

Add The Finishing Touches

Ferm Living Bowl Candle Holder

A candle can transform a room’s atmosphere making us feel calm and tranquil. The Bowl Candleholder by Ferm Living provides both a place to display decorative objects in the bowl, whilst being surrounded by tall pillars of your favourite candles, which works perfectly for seasonal displays. 

Menu Umanoff Candle Holder

Perfect to place on your dining table or coffee table, the sleek Umanoff Candle Holder by Menu features a tapered and impressive silhouette which helps to set this design apart from others. The stained walnut wood and the light and reflective brass colour works perfectly with surrounded reds from other decorations in your home. 


We hope this blog has provided you with some Christmas inspiration and helped you get into the festive spirit!



As the night draws in and the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to prepare your home for the colder months.

We love this cosy set up by Menu. The Small Torso Table Lamp and Hashira Floor Lamp adds warmth to the space and lights up the darker evenings. Designed by Norm Architects, the Hashira Floor Lamp’s translucent fabric shade acts as a humble diffuser by evenly dispersing the light in multiple directions and creating a glare-free ambience. Bringing each piece of furniture together is the Gravel Rug which has been made from hand-woven natural wool and adds a soft and comforting feel to the space. The natural grain of the Kunis Breccia stone in the Androgyne Lounge Table introduces raw materials, whilst also providing a functional piece to place a warm cup of coffee.

Prepare your dining area for a warm roast dinner with friends and family with a warm centre-piece light. The Menu Hashira Cluster Pendant Light features a translucent fabric which allows the light to beautifully diffuse through creating a calming ambient light, perfect for lighting up a dining table. The natural wood grains on the Androgyne Dining Table brings additional warmth into the space.

The new Ferm Living Oyster Wall Lamp displays a natural shape with eye-catching curves moulded from 100% recycled casted aluminium. The LED light inside is softly diffused by the shade, producing stunning warm ambient lighting across any space. The natural form of the Ferm Living Mineral Sculptural Table can easily enhance almost any interior style due to its neutral colour. To be used as a piece of artwork on its own and as a practical furnishing to place any everyday objects on. 

The Menu Knitting Lounge Chair – Sheepskin adds a warm feel to any space with the comfort from the super soft sheepskin material.

The glimpse of warm light coming from a candle will be sure to transform the mood of any atmosphere. The Ferm Living Bowl Candle Holder allows you to display your candle sticks in a unique and gorgeous display. Made from the softest New Zealand wool, the Meadow High Pile Rug is a soft and inviting rug that invites you to sink your feet into it. Perhaps place on hard flooring for an extra comfortable touch. Positioned behind the Rico Sofa is the Hebe Floor Lamp which provides a relaxed ambient light due to its large canvas shade. 

Don’t go cold this winter with the help of the Ferm Living Port Wood Basket. Hold your fire wood in a contemporary style.

Candles are a delightful finishing accessory to make your home smell wonderful and feel cosy and relaxing with the soft light they bring to any interior space. The Tom Dixon Eclectic London Candle has a contemporary styled copper hand-spun vessel finished by a marble lid. 


We hope this has provided you with some much need inspiration to get your space feeling cosy this winter. 



This cosy Swedish apartment combines traditional and modern and has an overall calming atmosphere. The textured warm coloured paint on the walls totally transforms the feel of the room and allows the furniture to stand out further. The Flos Viscontea Suspension Light in the centre of the living space and appears as a wonderful abstract work of art with its random yet symmetrical edges give it a definite impression. When lit, the pendant light glows beautifully, recreating the ambience of any room into a calm and inviting one.

The Gubi Grace Lounge Chair really does hold a graceful form due to its mix of organic curves and natural rattan material. The upholstered seat gives a generous amount of space and comfort through its plump cushioning that sits on top of the chair’s structure itself. The aesthetically pleasing side table has a bold marble base, complemented with a fine leg and top. Behind the chair stands a large arched mirror which reflects the light from the windows around the room, and allows the space to appear larger. 

Two very large windows allow for plenty of light to fill the space. There is also a balcony to walk into from the living space, so that the homeowner can enjoy the sun in the summer months. Placed in the corner is a black vitrine which has a traditional form. The black contrasts against the neutral backdrop. 

From the opposite angle, we can see that the living room extends down to the end of the room. The minimalistic ‘Paris’ poster adds a modern touch and stands out against the warm wall. The neutral sofa has been accessorised with a multitude of layered cushions giving an inviting feel. 

The leather armchair has been positioned around the marble coffee table, creating the perfect space to socialise with friends and family.

An intriguing wall light hangs above the sofa, adding an interesting display on the walls, whilst lighting up the space in the evenings. 

Moving into the dining / kitchen space, the homeowner has utilised their wall space in a practical way whilst still maintaining a stylish finish. The dark wooden accents continue the traditional, farmhouse elements seen throughout the rest of the apartment. The long wall hook positioned both high and low provides a place for the homeowner to hold practical objects. We can also get a glimpse of the cloakroom which has been decorated with a beautiful pink floral wallpaper. 

The table area has been accessorised with a linen table cloth and a fresh bunch of flowers. The vintage chairs have been paired with cushions to create a more comfortable seating area. 

On entering this relaxing bedroom, we can see that the textured wall paint has continued through from the living space. Due to the warm, neutral palette of the room, this space has a very calming atmosphere. The layered throws and cushions immediately draw us in. 

The Gubi Grasshoppa Floor Lamp next to the bed has been positioned perfectly so that it can emit a warming direct light for reading a book before bed. The paired candle light holders in gold add an elegant touch. 

Sheepskin covers the armchair and a large comforting rug placed on the wooden floor further enhances the comfort of the bedroom. 

The large wood mirror combined with the white side table complement each other perfectly. We love that the beige linen curtain acts as wardrobe doors to cover up the homeowners belongings. This stripped-back approach fits the look of the rest of the apartment. 



Via Alvhem






Join us whilst we take a deeper look into the home of Kristina Line. Kristina works as a small-scale architect and designs cottages for private clients as well as taking on interior design projects for commercial clients. Kristina says “My work is quite versatile. I work with renovating and transforming already existing structures, and with projects where I start from scratch”.

Kristina’s home is in a small, almost hidden area in Copenhagen, surrounded by a row of boathouses side by side each other by the waterfront of the Copenhagen Harbour. Her home is named “Kahytten” and when asked why, she explains ”To me, the ultimate dream is to live close to nature. It drives me how one can achieve this while respecting the surroundings. So Kahytten’s name is a tribute to the characteristics of a hytte – a small building within nature. And Kahytten, in Danish, is the word for a ship’s cabin – so the name just seemed so fitting when we are right by the water”.

As we take a look inside Kristina’s home, we notice how bright and airy it is. In the living room, the panelled wall has a rustic appearance which complements the boathouse aesthetic. The wall art creates a more homely setting, one to sit and relax with a book and cup of coffee in the morning. The wooden tones from the wall, sofa and floor brings a warm atmosphere, whilst the neutral furnishings reinforces the cosy feeling and makes the space appear more open. 

The large potted plant adds serenity and colour into the space, bringing nature indoors too. The Ferm Living Pouf is not only is a form of additional seating, but also adds inviting and engaging dimensions into the room and is a captivating and eye-catching design.

The Ferm Living Oyster Table Lamp displays a unique and organic form and is inspired by oyster shells gathered at the beach. It is made from recycled aluminium and is designed with an LED light source and when lit, it creates a cosy setting wherever it is placed. The brass candle holder is similar to the Ferm Living Hoy Candle Holder. It’s extra tall design helps to show off the pure elegance of this design.

Kristina explains ”Home to me is a place where I can feel comfortable, protected and disconnect from the world outside. It is a place for calmness, warmth and serenity.” The boathouse is a warm and welcoming space with a neutral, understated colour palette, where every object has both purpose and a story to tell. Kristina can look out onto the water while the afternoon sun filters through the curtains: ”Me and Anton both grew up close to the water and have always had a dream of living by the water again”.

The comfortable boucle lounge chair is situated perfectly for Kristina to gaze out of the window and enjoy the view. In front of the artistic mural is the Ferm Living Tiny Floor Lamp which works as a functional and decorative light source. Due to its slim look, it fits effortlessly in most corners where you need some extra light without overpowering the space. Designed with a tipping head, means that it is possible to tilt the shade to create a different look of the lamp and to create your own lighting atmosphere. 

This dining space is both traditional and experimental with the large, eye-catching pendant light which hovers over the dining table beautifully and the minimal wooden dining set. This describes the rest of Kristina’s home as well. The Ferm Living Tuck Vase blends a sleek, modern finish with a rugged, “rocky” composition.

When asked about her interior design reflections, Kristina explains: ”I think it is a matter of picking a few pieces that truly speak to you. And then, when you place them together, you have a collection of treasures that means something.”

Due to the boathouse being just 60 square meters, they needed to think smart about design choices. Therefore, they wanted to create an open functional plan to avoid crammed spaces using only natural materials to create a warm atmosphere and to respect the boathouse’s soul. Here is the kitchen which is also part of the same room as the dining space and living space. The organic counter top and splash back complements the wooden tones beautifully. Placed on the shelves is the Ferm Living Ripple Virrine Glasses which are expertly crafted from mouth-blown glass and have a gorgeous contemporary look. 

To be used as both a place to work or to do makeup, this gorgeous desk space is surrounded by storage, which once again demonstrates how Kristina has saved space in her small boathouse. The Ferm Living Herman Dining Chair mixes both a contemporary aesthetic with a simplistic but elegant functionality. Its broad and curved backrest provides plenty of back support, but can also be used to rest your arms upon thanks to its sweeping comfort throughout it. On the shelves above is the Ferm Living Grib Toolbox which has a beautifully designed silhouette and is being used here as a stylish storage solution for Kristina. 

The Ferm Living Tiny Table Lamp has a slim form so doesn’t take up too much space on the small desk, yet provides a warm light when additional lighting is needed. 


We hope you have enjoyed taking a look around the home of Kristina Line, and perhaps even learned some handy design tips! Discover our full collection from Ferm Living to find more beautiful pieces.