Who are GANTlights?

Once regarded as a small, niche independent, GANTlights has rapidly grown from it’s humble beginning in the home of founder Stefan Gant back in 2012. Starting life as a home project for Stefan’s kitchen, he experimented with “moulding” concrete, a task he describes as easier said than done. After much peer encouragement and a strong will to stay away from a certain giant Swedish furniture store, Stefan succeeded in his venture. For all he knew that success would end there, it was just a challenging home décor project.


However, with compliment after compliment from friends and family, Stefan started to consider that more people may want one of these lights and that this could be something to pursue. Well, we are glad he did. Going from strength to strength, GANTlights is growing into an empire with endless customisation options and a brilliant range of innovative concrete lighting.

As one of the first UK distributors to sell GANTlights, we are big fans here at beut. We love GANTlights so much that we just had to know more. So, we reached out to company founder Stefan Gant to learn a little more.


How does your background in architecture affect your designs?

I would think my background results in designs that feature strong lines, angular surfaces and contrasting materials.

What object have you recently taken inspiration from?

I take inspiration mainly from my environment rather than other designs. I like the simple things such as riding my bike through Berlin and looking at different corners of buildings for example. The geometric shapes of those “little” things here and there provide inspiration for my lights.


Why concrete and what do you love most about the material?

It takes any shape you would like it to take. You could say it’s a material that really wants to work with you. Most other materials work a little bit against you in a sense. Depending on the material, you may need to cut it, sand it, glue it, hammer it and so on. Concrete, by contrast, comes out of a mould and, if you get it right, it looks great and that’s it.


How the products are made?

This is what makes concrete as a material so beautiful; the making of the raw product is as simple as you would imagine. Mix water and concrete, pour it into a mould and wait. Take it out. Finished. However, the key is in getting the mixture and the moulding right. That’s the not so simple part and it took us a long time to get it right and even longer to get it consistently right. The resulting raw concrete shape is then merged with the aforementioned materials (gold, copper, etc.). The whole production is done exclusively in Germany by hand.


What differentiates the products from other concrete designs?

Concrete furniture and lighting is often just “polished grey concrete”. That’s at least what most people appear to think of when they hear “concrete design”. In an interior design context, concrete on its own is somewhat limited to very special settings where it fits seamlessly. Many interior designers and end customers therefore steer away from it. Although our core material is light grey or dark grey concrete, we merge it with gold, silver, copper, Corten steel or oak for example. This aspect is what makes the products unique.

The blending with those materials changes the dynamics of concrete as a material completely. It opens up a multitude of settings in which the product can be utilised by interior designers. For end customers, the aesthetic contrast of the materials makes it easier for them to go for product based on concrete. It also provides for a real talking point which people seem to very much enjoy.


Where do you feel your brand sits within the market?

We are in the lucky position that concrete as a material is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the blending/highlighting with other materials such as gold, silver, copper or corten steel, our products are not just “polished grey concrete”. This makes it easier for many consumers to go for a product based on concrete. We have seen significant growth in demand for our products and expect to grow further and become better known accordingly.

We continue to innovate and increase the product range in order to meet this growing demand (just as an example, we have just released our ceiling light with LED technology in a direct response to requests by customers and retailers to fill this gap in the range). Based on this, we feel we sit in the upper quartile of emerging lighting brands.


What kind of projects are your designs used in?

GANTlights products are used in commercial and domestic interior projects, for example our lights were used for a newly opened Italian restaurant in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Of course when designing their own office, GANTlights incorporated a variety of their own lighting into the space.


This isn’t to say these are purely commercial lighting options, especially considering its origin. GANTlights are ideal for hanging over work surfaces, kitchen counters and dining tables, as demonstrated in this stunning Berlin apartment.


In love? Thought so.

If you’re itching to see more and get your hands on a GANTlight, lucky for you we have the whole range here.