In Season

We are now proud to present the brand new Pearwood Wallpaper collection by Cole and Son. Celebrating the prestigious British wallpaper brand’s famous design history, this collection pays homage to the rich block print archive and traditional print techniques that Cole & Son have pioneered throughout their time. This stunning wallpaper range takes its name from the fruity wooden blocks originally used by Cole & Son’s founder, John Perry.

Cole and Son Woodvale Orchard

The Woodvale Orchard Wallpaper exibits a colourful selection of perching parrots, sitting amongst a flourishing canopy of blooming leaves and sun-ripened grapes.

Cole and Son Vines Of Pomona

Cole & Son’s Vines Of Pomona Wallpaper pays tribute to the Roman goddess of the harvest and fruitful abundance, Pomona.

Cole and Son Treillage 

This geometric wallpaper from Cole and Son features a stunning three-dimensional lattice trellis pattern that has been designed to coordonate perfectly with many other designs from this beautiful wallpaper range.

Cole and Son Pugin Palace Flock

The Pugin Palace Flock Wallpaper features a textured damask pattern that would have been commonly seen in grande houses and palaces built in the 1800s by the famous A.W. Pugin.

Cole and Son Pavo Parade

The Pavo Parade Wallpaper has got to be one of our favourites from this stunning wallpaper range. The design has been inspired by the peacock genus, Pavo Parade and has been beautifully detailed with subtle, metallic and ombre details that pays homage to one of Cole & Son’s traditional printing techniques.

Cole and Son Aurora

Get lost within your own fairytale with the Aurora Wallpaper. This classy design is reminiscent of a mystical forest that features dense undergrowth and magical, blooming flowers. What’s more, this design has been lovingly hand-painted and has been inspired by the brand’s archival documents.

Cole and Son Midsummer Bloom

Embrace the summertime in your very own home and the wonderous floral displays that come with it. The Midsummer Bloom Wallpaper depicts an arrangement of fully bloomed summertime flowers that has been inspired by an original print that was found within Cole & Son’s archives; now re-painted by the Design Studio to inject a contemporary vibe into this traditional print.

Cole and Son Floral Kingdom

Inspired by Gothic Revival design, the Floral Kingdom Wallpaper consists of an eyeful arrangement of the nation’s most symbolic flowers. For Wales, the spring daffodils, fragrant roses for England, the extravagent rosettes for the Scottish thistle and the shamrock sprig that represents Northern Ireland. These gorgeous flowers make up a soft geometric pattern that encloses the collection of our most precious flowers.

Cole and Son Fanfare Flock

The Fanfare Flock Wallpaper by Cole & Son combines contemporary design with traditional processes. This textured wallpaper features a flock overlay that was re-established by John Perry in the late 1800s. The romantic and rich design is perfect for your bedroom or living space alike.

Cole and Son Boscobel Oak

The Boscobel Oak Wallpaper is a true embodiement of the British society. Featuring many monarchical symbols of England such as the Tudor Rose, the roaring lion and the oak tree, this design is a contemporary and unique reinvention of the traditional damask print. The design has been inspired by the great oak in Boscobel wood that helped Charles ll take refuge from the Roundhead soldiers. It’s metallic appearance is perfect for contemporary interior spaces.



Never Struggle To Shop For Dad Again

Father’s Day is fast approaching for us here in the UK, it only feels like 5 minutes since we were stressing over what to buy Mum in March. None the less, its not always easy to shop for Dads, for many of us they are our rock, our mentor and our best friend, so a pack of pale ales and chocolate just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Well don’t collapse in a ball of confusion on the floor just yet, we have compiled a list of some of our best products for just this occasion. Every Dad is different, just as every human is, therefore we have made sure to include a good range of pieces to get your inspiration hyped.


Before we get into it though, we must address the metaphorical elephant in the room, many of these items have been selected to meet stereotypical ‘masculine’ ideas. Many of our items listed below do however have other colour options so be assured this is purely a post intended to inspire.

SO, with no further ado, let’s get into it.

For The Dad Who Loves A Tipple:

Give your Dad the best gift of all, no, not love, the opportunity to feel like James Bond drinking a celebratory whiskey after a successful mission. He is sure to feel mega cool with this stylish whiskey set from Tom Dixon.tom-dixon-wisky-setTom Dixon Tank Whiskey Decanter Set  – £110

For The Organised or Disorganised Dad:

Does your Dad need yet another place to put stuff he keeps “just in case”? Why not kit him out with these awesome concrete storage solutions from Lyon Beton and happily watch the clutter find its place. Whether it’s the man cave, study or bedroom, both the desk organiser and shelf easily fit into any room type and interior theme.

d-09112-blockwork-desktop-organizer-acLyon Beton Concrete Blockwork Desk Organiser – £39


Lyon Beton Concrete Shelf – £129

For The Dad Who Likes To Tinker:

Ever forget what your Dad looks like because he has spent so long tinkering in the man cave? Whether its building miniature cars, building birdhouses or fixing broken household items you’ve already replaced by buying a new one, show him some support for the thing he loves with this brilliant desk lamp from Anour. Never again will your Dad complain about how well lit his work space is once you’ve literally gifted him direct and contained light that won’t get in his way.

anour_table_lampAnour Brass T Model Desk Lamp – From £733

For The Dad Who Appreciates The Good Smelling Things In Life:

Without encouraging stereotypes, candles are often associated with female-orientated gifting occasions such as Mother’s Day. Well no more, of course there is nothing wrong with giving your Dad a fruity candle from the high street, but wouldn’t it be so much cooler to buy him one of these unique candle options, made with ‘masculinity’ in mind.

8300007_5Dutchbone Gem Candle Holder – £40

alloy-candlesTom Dixon Materialism Alloy Candle – From £65

For The Dad Who Is Always Late:

Does your Dad have a tendency to lose track of time and always ends up running late? Why not politely and stylishly provide him with a stunning solution with one of our clocks or watches. Give him the gift of time, whatever his style. We have picked out two of our faves, put the time directly on his wrist with Leff’s Tube Watch, designed in collaboration with Piet Hein Eek. Alternatively, Zuiver’s Pendulum Clock is the perfect addition to any wall your Dad is likely to see most often.

lt72002_5Leff Amsterdam Tube Watch – From £149

minimalclock-blackZuiver Pendulum Clock – £49

For The Dad Who REALLY Deserves To Be Spoiled:

Earnt a bonus and want to really treat the man who raised you? Go all out with the ultimate Dad comfort, a high-backed armchair, our particular favourite is this incredible Wingback Chair from Tom Dixon. Not only will he be incredibly relaxed in this piece, but it’s also a stunning talking point for any guests.

untitled-4dddTom Dixon Wingback Blue Chair – £3,250

We hope you are sufficiently inspired, of course the best present of all will always be the memories you make together. But getting him a gift that shows you care and have really put thought into will always earn you some extra brownie points and hopefully but a smile on his face. If you’re inspired but haven’t quite seen what you’re looking for, head on over to our shop and browse the wide selection of furniture, lighting, homeware and wallpaper we have on offer.