In Season

Enjoy the first sunny days of the year and make your garden or balcony part of your home again. Designing your outdoor space is a great chance to be creative. Choose from vibrant furniture or keep it more muted with soft colours.

Make the most of the sunny weather with the ultimate outdoor garden party. Of course, ensuring that your guests have delicious food and drink is essential, but taking the extra step to ensure the dining set up and design is beautiful makes all the difference to make sure that your party will be spoken about all summer long. Each dining chair by Vitra shown here feature distinctive and iconic designs providing long lasting comfort.

Imagine relaxing in the summer with the hot sun on your face whilst socialising with friends with your favourite cold drink in hand. The Vitra Panton Chairs are moulded from plastic in one continuous, ever-flowing shape, making this chair durable too.

Available in many colourways, the Vitra Panton Chair was originally designed in the 1960s and provides a contemporary and seamless furnishing which can be easily used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mix and matching a variety of different seats is a great way to add character into a space. We love this evening dining set up which has been lit by wonderful outdoor lighting and candles.

This contemporary seating area has been brightened by bold pops of colours through the cushions and chairs. The Vitra Herringbone Pillow adds a fresh and modern design to the dark wooden wall. This also enhances the comfort and brings in soft fabrics into the seating area. The Vitra Eames Plastic Armchair LAR has a low form allowing the user to relax deep into the shell. Made from plastic, it also has a lightweight and durable form allowing you to move it easily.

The Vitra Eames Side Chair in Forest seamlessly complements surrounding greenery in many outdoor spaces, allowing the furniture to become almost camouflaged.

A large bunch of flowers is sure to brighten anyone’s mood. The Vitra Herringbone Vase Ribbed is created through the method of immersion dyeing, which involves lowering the vase into a batch of coloured liquid multiple times to create a distinctive overlapping paint design. The defining ribbed textures creates an interesting visual effect to accentuate the flowers stored within.

Boasting a minimal and sleek design, the Vitra Belleville Chair Plastic – Outdoor features strong defining lines for a contemporary appearance. Made from plastic, this seat is comforting but also easy to clean, with a deliberately relaxed aesthetic that draws you into it. This set up is perfect for a small BBQ with family.

We hope you have gained some much needed inspiration to make your outdoor space feel part of your home.

One of our favourite things about this time of year is gathering with friends and family. Celebrate the occasion by preparing your home with beautiful furniture, lighting and homeware. 

Vitra Eames Fiberglass Side Chair DSW

We love this table set up by Vitra. Adding a pop of colour with mix and matched chairs including the Eames Fiberglass Side Chair DSW. The Vitra Eames Segmented Round Dining Table is perfect for seating a lot of people as the round design means that many people can gather around for a sociable setting. 

No celebration is complete without a glass or two of your favourite drink. Whatever choice of drink, an aesthetically pleasing designer glass will make it feel extra special. From wine and beer glasses to shot and water glasses and everything in between, choose beautiful glassware that will perfectly accessorise your dining table too. 

Tom Dixon Melt

Statement lighting can transform any setting and can be the most memorable piece of your home to you and your guests. Such as the Tom Dixon Melt collection, potentially Tom Dixon’s most iconic collection. You can create many different unique displays with a wide selection of pendants, chandeliers, wall lamps and more that we have to offer here at beut. Perhaps pair multiple pendants together to create a grander statement. 



Vitra DSR Eames Plastic Side Chair

Add your own character to the space, whether that is with bold colours, some greenery, decorations and more. This setting by Vitra shows a beautifully fun yet stylish way to decorate your table to impress your guests. With an arrangement of pendant lights above, a cushion on the chair, vibrant colours and candles in the centre. 

Tom Dixon Scent

Add the finishing touch with an arrangement of candles, whether you place them on the dining table or on a side table, candles can set the mood for the evening. 

Menu JWDA Metallic Table Lamp

If candles aren’t for you, or you desire some additional lighting, table lamps are the perfect option. If you would like some greater flexibility in where you would like to place your lamps, opt for our selection of cordless lamps, allowing you to move them around wherever you like, even on your dining table. 



We hope you have found some inspiration to get your home party ready this Christmas and New Year. If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, please contact our customer service team via or via Live Chat. 



Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love the most. Make this festive season extra special with elegant accessories to bring your friends or family closer. From setting the table to decorating the tree, and everything in between, we have put an assortment of ideas to inspire you.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

No house is complete at Christmas without a tree. Whether you prefer a real or fake tree, decorating it is where the magic happens. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones when decorating the tree, from the stress of tangled lights to adding the final baubles.

The Ferm Living Christmas Accessories collection is one that can’t be missed. Comprising of contemporary and elegant decorations which will complement any modern home. The Paper Star is the perfect neutral modern topper for any Christmas tree. No two pieces are ever exactly the same due to the hand-folded FSC-certified paper. The delicate brass ornaments softly reflect the light around the room and add a sophisticated and luxurious touch to any tree. Complementing the brass finish, the Ferm Living Christmas Tree Foot is one not to hide. Its stylish design provides an immensely firm base to hold any tree – even under the weight of your finest decorations. 

Perfect to add some extra joy and colour to your tree, without breaking its elegant style, the Ferm Living Twirl Christmas Baubles are made from mouth-blown glass and come in four different colours. Their twirl design reflect light of its glass enhancing the finishing look. 

Set The Table For Christmas

A Christmas dinner party is a regular occurrence for most in December. Of course celebrating togetherness and being with your loved ones is what Christmas is all about, but why not make it even more magical with a beautiful dining table set up. 

There are many different ways to present serveware for a beautiful display. We love how Ferm Living have layered multiple items to create a striking look. Although it looks complex, it is actually very easy to achieve. The Ferm Living Linen Napkins underneath is both practical and aesthetic. Layered on top is the Flow Plate which has a characterful design due to its seemingly unfinished and uneven edges for a captivating look. Finished with the Ferm Living Ripple Glasses which have a delicate rippled texture made from mouth-blown glass. This timeless set up adds depth and texture to any dining table this festive season. 

Ferm Living Linen Napkins & Striped Elf Decoration

We love this simplistic yet stylish set up created using the Ferm Living Linen Napkins and the Striped Elf Decoration. The small foliage and twine adds a natural and aesthetic touch. 

Tom Dixon Puck Collection

Serve just about any type of drink to your guests in style with the Tom Dixon Puck collection. Comprising of a wide range of different styled glasses for cocktails, wine, shots, water, and whatever other drink you or your guest would like. Made from mouth-blown glass and featuring a heavy, thick base the Puck glasses provide elegance and class to your setting. 

Ferm Living Ripple Glasses & Flow Napkin Rings

This neutral setup has a very modern aesthetic which will complement nearly any interior style. The Ferm Living Linen Napkin held together by the Flow Ring creates a classy and sophisticated appearance. We love how the patterned napkin matches the wrapping paper for the small gift – a lovely way to give back to your guests. 

Gubi Moon Dining Table – Eliptical

This beautiful dining set up by Gubi features tints of reds and gold – instantly brings Christmas to mind. The large Gubi Moon Dining Table – Eliptical is a stunning example of traditional Danish design. The large form and curved edges means it can fit everyone around the table, so you can all sit around and enjoy Christmas dinner and drinks together. Paired with the Gubi Beetle Dining Chairs with a metal base and upholstered in a velvet material adds a rich and luxury style which will provide long-lasting comfort. 

Add The Finishing Touches

Ferm Living Bowl Candle Holder

A candle can transform a room’s atmosphere making us feel calm and tranquil. The Bowl Candleholder by Ferm Living provides both a place to display decorative objects in the bowl, whilst being surrounded by tall pillars of your favourite candles, which works perfectly for seasonal displays. 

Menu Umanoff Candle Holder

Perfect to place on your dining table or coffee table, the sleek Umanoff Candle Holder by Menu features a tapered and impressive silhouette which helps to set this design apart from others. The stained walnut wood and the light and reflective brass colour works perfectly with surrounded reds from other decorations in your home. 


We hope this blog has provided you with some Christmas inspiration and helped you get into the festive spirit!



As the night draws in and the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to prepare your home for the colder months.

We love this cosy set up by Menu. The Small Torso Table Lamp and Hashira Floor Lamp adds warmth to the space and lights up the darker evenings. Designed by Norm Architects, the Hashira Floor Lamp’s translucent fabric shade acts as a humble diffuser by evenly dispersing the light in multiple directions and creating a glare-free ambience. Bringing each piece of furniture together is the Gravel Rug which has been made from hand-woven natural wool and adds a soft and comforting feel to the space. The natural grain of the Kunis Breccia stone in the Androgyne Lounge Table introduces raw materials, whilst also providing a functional piece to place a warm cup of coffee.

Prepare your dining area for a warm roast dinner with friends and family with a warm centre-piece light. The Menu Hashira Cluster Pendant Light features a translucent fabric which allows the light to beautifully diffuse through creating a calming ambient light, perfect for lighting up a dining table. The natural wood grains on the Androgyne Dining Table brings additional warmth into the space.

The new Ferm Living Oyster Wall Lamp displays a natural shape with eye-catching curves moulded from 100% recycled casted aluminium. The LED light inside is softly diffused by the shade, producing stunning warm ambient lighting across any space. The natural form of the Ferm Living Mineral Sculptural Table can easily enhance almost any interior style due to its neutral colour. To be used as a piece of artwork on its own and as a practical furnishing to place any everyday objects on. 

The Menu Knitting Lounge Chair – Sheepskin adds a warm feel to any space with the comfort from the super soft sheepskin material.

The glimpse of warm light coming from a candle will be sure to transform the mood of any atmosphere. The Ferm Living Bowl Candle Holder allows you to display your candle sticks in a unique and gorgeous display. Made from the softest New Zealand wool, the Meadow High Pile Rug is a soft and inviting rug that invites you to sink your feet into it. Perhaps place on hard flooring for an extra comfortable touch. Positioned behind the Rico Sofa is the Hebe Floor Lamp which provides a relaxed ambient light due to its large canvas shade. 

Don’t go cold this winter with the help of the Ferm Living Port Wood Basket. Hold your fire wood in a contemporary style.

Candles are a delightful finishing accessory to make your home smell wonderful and feel cosy and relaxing with the soft light they bring to any interior space. The Tom Dixon Eclectic London Candle has a contemporary styled copper hand-spun vessel finished by a marble lid. 


We hope this has provided you with some much need inspiration to get your space feeling cosy this winter. 



Now that those long summer days and balmy evenings have arrived, we are spending more and more time outside. Why not treat your outdoor space like an interior room? That means using elements you’d find inside, like comfortable furniture, pretty pillows, accessories, rugs and lighting.

Like an outdoor living room, this beautiful terrace has been transformed into the perfect area to unwind and relax. The Ferm Living Peka Bench provides the perfect space to gather with friends and family and enjoy a moment of calm. With FSC-certified Accoya-treated pine wood, this bench is ideal for use outdoors or in your home. The Level Side Table has two convenient levels that allow for more storage space for places everyday objects such as books and for display space. The continuous line that goes through the design creates a sleek appearance. 


Plants are a great way to connect your indoor living space to outside. This can be made possible with the Bau Pot, with its sleek and ribbed textures and heightened stand creating engaging levels, it is the perfect piece to complete your space. Pair with the Sekki Pot for a more minimal look. Presenting a clean design throughout with its charismatic appearance, the Orb Watering Can makes for both a great practical insertion to your home as well as its clean design that helps to make it a feature for your outdoor space.

Adding a splash of colour, the Grand Cushion is made from a mix of 50% natural linen and 50% cotton and adds some extra comfort. 

Behind the backrest of the Peka Bench is a conveniently placed narrow shelf, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet morning cup of tea or to share a summer evening drink with a friend. The Casca Glass brings some life and vibrancy into the space, helping to lighten the air with its colourful expression.

This Ferm Living Plant Box provides ample storage whilst maintaining a slim form. Holding green plants in multiple planters including the distinctive Hourglass Pot, it introduces new and engaging levels to draw your eyes in. 

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Liba Watering Can gives a modern and redesigned take on the classic gardening utensil. It’s sleek and sustainable design makes this watering can one to be displayed and not to be hidden. 

Introduce greenery up high with the Bau Balcony Box, which features two hooks and a metal bracket making it easy to mount on a rail or something similar. This also allows you to inject some colour and liveliness into your small balcony. As well, its textured and industrial surface will give your outdoor space a vibrant and classical design that is sure to provide a modern industrial look that suits any urban home.

Dine outside the with Flod Tiles Cafe Table featuring a sophisticated design, focusing on the essentials. Constructed with clay and powder-coated galvanised steel,  its seamless form and thoughtful practicality, this iconic table provides the perfect space to enjoy breakfast on a summer morning or delve into an evening dinner. The Desert Dining Chairs provide a useful seating solution for both your home and outdoor space. With its modern profile and foldable design, these chairs can be easily transported and stored. 

Serve delicious food and snacks with the perfectly imperfect tableware from the Flow collection. Crafted from mouth-blown glass, the Ripple Verines Glasses have a stunning rippled texture that encourages a contemporary look. Perfect for impressing guests at a dinner party, you can serve a refreshing beverage in excellent sophistication. 

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the Desert Lounge Chair‘s contemporary expression and encompassing structure encourages relaxation. Whether you want to enjoy an early morning coffee in the sun or socialise in comfort in the evening, the Desert Chair’s lightweight expression is both perfectly practical and beautiful. Made from the same ECO-friendly material, the Desert Cushion adds comfort and aesthetics.

The gorgeous hand-made Inlay Cup and Saucer mixes bold proportions throughout to create its unique stoneware appearance. Its distinctive design is created through the use of two-tone mix of clays within it and this helps to create a large mix of marble-like patterns.

Coming with 12 hours of warm battery life and cordless design, the Meridian Table Lamp is the perfect outdoor light so you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun draws in. Due to its structural form, made from powder coated steel, this lamp can be displayed as a piece of artwork on its own. 

Explore our full collection of Ferm Living furniture & lighting today to transform your outdoor space. 



Good outdoor lighting can really enhance your garden or outdoor space, giving it a wonderful ambience as well as practical illumination for well used areas. 

Get to know your outdoor space at nighttime to better understand where you want the lighting to be and where you will most benefit from it. For example, areas you will use in the evening, such as a dining or lounge area, a pathway, at your front door and more. 

When it comes to which light to choose for your outdoor lighting scheme, there are plenty of styles of outdoor lights to consider, including table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and more!


Flos In Vitro Unplugged Table Lamp


We love the design of the portable Flos In Vitro Unplugged Table Lamp. Coming with a 6 hour battery life and a dimmable function, this lamp is both highly practical and stylish. The bold rubber handle contrasting against the black aluminium base makes this portable lamp a highly modern and striking luminaire.  This lamp would be perfect to light up a dining or lounge area.





Flos Climber 87 Wall Lamp


The Climber Wall Lamp displays a minimal and sleek form. Whether you choose to place this on its own perhaps by your doorway, or in a small grouping, this modern lamp will be sure to enhance any contemporary setting. Making for the perfect lamp to light up a pathway or entranceway, creating a grand first impression as well as a practical light.





Ferm Living Meridian Table Lamp



The Ferm Living Meridian Lamp has a unique structural form, made out of powder coated metal which can be used a a piece of artwork on its own. Its cordless design creates a seamless look and allows you to easily move it to wherever you need, whether that be indoors or outdoors. Coming with 12 hours of warm battery life, this lamp is just as much beautiful as it is practical. 


Flos Bellhop 125 Wall Lamp








Place the sleek Flos Bellhop 125 Wall Lamp along a walkway to create the perfect mood lighting to help guide the way, or perhaps place on the walls of your garden to beautifully light up the outskirts of your outdoor space. With the option to choose the temperature of the light, this lamp will seamlessly fit with your personal lighting requirements. 


Menu Column Table Lamp


The Menu Column Table Lamp is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Perhaps place on your bedside table or light up your outdoor dining space.  Due to its cordless design, wherever you go, the lamp can go with you. Designed by the famous Norm Architects, you can create your own lighting display due to its dimmable LED bulb.


Flos Superarchimoon Outdoor Floor Light


The eye-catching design of the Flos Superarchimoon Outdoor Floor Light is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on anyone who sets eyes on it. Place this in the corner of a patio, or surrounding a conservatory so that you can always light up the surroundings at night with this overhanging light construction. The springs and metal beams that make up the frame are made with consideration for serious tensile strength, which helps to keep them upright during high winds or other seasonal alternatives which we face every year. This light gives you the opportunity to decorate your outdoor space with the amount of love and care you would with your interior.



Kartell Battery Table Lamp

A modern take on the traditional table lamp, the Kartell Battery Table Lamp features a rechargeable battery via a USB cable, helping to light up your space for hours with its warm glow. The see-through nature of the lampshade makes for the easiest light diffusion of any lamp – travelling straight through it – which helps to make for an interesting and distinctive appearance. Its highly portable nature means that it can be used wherever you need it, whether to provide quaint reading light or a corner light for a bedroom or to light up an outdoor lounge area in the summer – the choice remains ultimately yours thanks to the versatility and multi-use nature that exists through this design.


Flos IC Outdoor Floor Lamp









Illuminate your outdoor patio or garden with the stunning Flos IC Outdoor Floor Lamps with its minimal and timless design and enjoy your time lounging in a warm and calming glow.


Discover our full range of outdoor lighting and start planning your outdoor lighting scheme today. 


With lockdown finally coming to an end, we can at last hug friends and family and host both indoors and outdoors. Why not celebrate with new furnishings and accessories to get your home looking beautiful and leave a long-lasting impression on your guests? For those after some much-needed inspiration or additional ideas, we have compiled together some of our favourite items for just this occasion.

Whether it’s a quick coffee in the morning or a garden party, a beautiful outdoor dining set up will no doubt encourage you to make the most of the sun in the summer months. It has never been easier to transform your outdoor space with the Muuto Linear Steel Outdoor Dining Set, with the table and matching benches coming as a set. Serving as the perfect place to socialise with your guests and share a conversation with everybody.

Create a magical atmosphere with outdoor lighting and continue the party after sunset. Some of our favourites includes the Flos Last Order Table Lamp which features a generous 24 hours of wire-free illumination, so there is no need to worry about outdoor electrics with its super easy and functional portable design. Don’t just limit this stunning lamp to your outdoor space, it is also perfect for indoor spaces such as on a desk or side table. We also love the Flos Captain Flint Outdoor Floor Light which has a sleek, modern design, creating a luxury setting for your outdoor space. It also features a dimmer switch allowing you to choose the amount of light that you want.

Sit Back and Relax

Why not make your outdoor space even more enticing with the addition of lounge chairs too! Once guests have finished eating, they may want somewhere that is just that little bit more comfortable. Some additional seating can’t harm either! The Ferm Living Desert Lounge Chair features an exceptionally comfy chair for relaxing or daydreaming, whilst displaying an attractive finish to enhance your space. Not just made to enjoy outside, but when the summer months come to an end, these chairs can seat you and your guests inside too. We also love the Menu WM String Chair which takes the conventional shape of a standard lounge chair and uses unique materials and unconventional ideas to produce a whole new take on the typical chair.


Add The Finishing Details

Finish and perfect your intended aesthetic with some beautiful accessories. Planters provide the perfect place to hold all your gorgeous plants and inject some extra colour and life into your space. The Ferm Living Bau Balcony Box is the perfect for those with smaller spaces such as a balcony or terrace, allowing you to uplift the area with vibrant plants.

If you have a larger space, the Ferm Living Hourglass Pot can hold small trees or larger plants.

Another great accessory that can’t go forgotten about is a designer throw! Perfect for pulling over your arms in the summer evenings or using as a decorative piece all year round. The beut Waves Throw is just one example of our many impressive throws.

Entertain Inside Too

Don’t just rely on Britain’s summer to be sunny at all times. We can now host whatever the weather now we are allowed to socialise indoors again. A dining table is the best place to reconnect with friends and family. Whether it’s a big Sunday roast or a Friday night takeaway, the dining table is the centre piece to all conversations. One example of our stunning dining tables that we have to offer here at beut is the Gubi Dining Table – Elliptical which allows you to dine in style with its iconic design and classic expression.  

Due to the versatility of the sleek Gubi Dining Table, most dining chairs would pair perfectly. We love the Gubi Beetle Dining Chairs that have been paired together already, they hold a unique, modern and sophisticated appearance whilst not compromising on the utmost comfort. Another stunning chair is the Vitra Panton Chair which holds a distinctive and playful display and can be situated in almost any dining space.


A great solution to seating a large number of guests is the addition of a bench to your dining table. Not only do these look great, but they also allow you to squeeze in an extra person too. The Muuto Linear Wood Bench has a timeless aesthetic that will seamlessly complement almost any interior space due to its simplistic design. If you are after something with a little bit more comfort, the Gabriel Scott Prong Bench has the addition of a long-lasting upholstered cushion for extra support.

Set The Mood

Choosing the perfect light is a very important part of completing your space. Different lights can create different moods. Whether that be a romantic, cosy or loud atmosphere. Some of our most-loved pieces are the Tom Dixon Globe Burst Chandelier holds a true eye-catching conversation starter. Its stunning unique display reflects light in all different directions, creating a romantic atmosphere. 

Create a cosy atmosphere with the New Works Kizu Table Lamp which, when lit emits a gorgeous ambient light whilst showing of the natural beauty of marble. Discover more stunning lights in our designer lighting range to browse hundreds of more beautiful lights from a range of prestigious designer brands. 

We hope this blog has provided you with some inspiration to help you create the perfect setting to host dinner parties with your friends and family. 


Now the rule of 6 has come into action, there has never been a better time to get your outdoor space looking better than ever! We have selected our favourite pieces from Ferm Living which we think are a must-have for this summer.

Create the perfect place to sit outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with a book in hand or a cold drink, or rather to dine with friends and family with this stunning Ferm Living Peka Bench. It has been expertly crafted from sustainable FSC-certified Accoya-treated pine wood making it especially resistant to external factors without the need for additional treatment, maintaining the beautiful appearance of the wood over time. Behind the backrest you’ll find an innovative shelf, making for the ideal spot to place a book or cold lemonade. Here it has been paired with a small pillow for some additional comfort.

Here we can see more clearly the natural grains of the wood which are highlighted even more by the sun light beaming on it. This yellow speckle Flow Plate is being used here to serve a quick snack, however, due to the selection of sizes, it can also be used to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Imagine relaxing in this stunning Desert Chair with the sun shining down on your skin. It’s contemporary expression and encompassing structure encourages composure whilst supplementing a touch of style to your home. Made from 53 plastic bottles, this timeless chair is both eco friendly and weather proof, supplying your space with sustainability too. This bold Hourglass Pot is holding a beautiful lemon plant which would make delicious fresh lemonade just when you need a refreshing cold drink.

When the sun goes in and an extra boost of light is needed, the Meridian Table Lamp seen below is a must-have! Its cordless design means it’s a practical and portable light and has 12 hours of battery life, so you can easily bring it outside with you without the worry of a plug point! Its sculptural form, made out of powder coated metal, helps to show off a refined silhouette, making it both stylish a functional. 

Here the Desert Chair is featured in a bright red colour framework – truley highlighting its powder-coated steel frame that supports an interchangeable woven seat as it contrasts against the olive green background. The Pond Mirror reflects the light in a way differently to any other mirror due to its organic shape which is inspired by free-flowing movements of water. 

Why not make the most of the gorgeous weather by hosting a garden party? Of course making sure your guests are happy with good food, refreshing drinks and snacks is essential. In any case you’ll need something beautiful to serve them up in. Our pick is the Ferm Living Flow collection – consisting of a mug, plate, jug, bowls and more. As you can see it is a series of perfectly imperfect tableware designed with traditional craftsmanship techniques to create simple yet stunning pieces.

Setting a dreamy scene once again with unique shadows on the rustic wall behind and this gorgeous Desert set. We love the colours in these furnishings, with the striking black stripe going through the middle creating an eye-catching contrast to the surrounding beige colours. The Desert Stool serves as a compact seating solution which is foldable and easy to transport form, and can even be used to relax your feet after a long day. 

Imagine sitting by the pool with the sun reflecting on the water whilst socialising with friends and family. Why not make this a reality with these distinctive Desert Chairs in this stunning stripe pattern?

Don’t forget to add some extra life and serenity into your outdoor space with some additional plants. This can be made possible with the Bau Pot from Ferm Living, with its sleek and ribbed textures and heightened stand creating engaging levels, it is the perfect piece to finish off your space. 

We all need somewhere to place drinks, books or to display decorative adornments whilst we are relaxing outside on a lounge chair and the Level Side Table could be the perfect solution. Its contemporary structure and asymmetric profile results in a modern expression that is both stylish and very functional. We love that its frame work matches with the Desert Chair frames, as shown in the image below. 


We hope this has provided you with some extra inspiration to transform your outdoor space this summer.




With spring round the corner there is no better time for new beginnings and new plants to transform your space into a colourful and lively atmosphere. Read on to find out how you can inject some life into your space. Also explore our favourite plant recommendations!

If you want to add colour and liveliness into your small balcony, but you can’t find the space, the Ferm Living Bau Balcony Box has been designed for just that. It has two hooks and a metal bracket making it easy to mount on a rail to give any balcony a vibrant and classic look. This industrial styled plant box features a smart drainage system at the bottom and the metal is weatherproof, allowing you to enjoy your balcony plants in the rain or sun. Try growing delicious fruit such as strawberries in your plant box. We recommend growing herbs too, so you can attract bees to your space and pollinate the strawberry plant so you can harvest all the strawberries you can eat during the summer. 


The Nordics are known for bad weather. But also for the joys of changing seasons, because there is nothing better when the sun hits your skin for the first time in what feels like an eternity. To celebrate the four seasons, each of these plants bloom at different times of the year so you will have flowers all year round, even in the cold winter months. 

Sedum Succulent – Snowdrop – Cross-leaved heather – Pussy Willow


Created out of premium ceramic, these Kristina Dam Bowl Plant Pots add a stylish touch to any space. It’s detailed lines and supporting legs creates a characterised shape to support and cradle the plant. It’s available in four sizes, allowing this stunning planter to cater to almost any plant, whether that be a Banana Palm plant, or something small such as cacti.



Try growing your own fruit with a strawberry plant, apple tree or sea buckthorn, which are perfect for Nordic – inspired cooking and are happy to live in a pot as long as it is big enough. Not only do you get the joy of delicious fruits, but also the pleasure of beautiful flowers to look at too. Be sure to choose the correct type of apple tree, some variety requires other apple trees nearby to grow apples.

Strawberry – Apple Tree – Sea Buckthorn


These photos have been taken from our customers Instagrams: @no33boston & @design_at_no9

The Ferm Living Bau Pot is a popular choice for many plant lovers, with its sleek and sophisticated design, it offers a stylish solution to house botanical florals and succulents within your home or outside space such as a balcony and more. The base of the Bau Pot features a drainage hole for effortless plant care to ensure it doesn’t overfill. Try pairing the Bau Pot with a beautiful green leaf plant such as a Calathea to create a tropical and serene atmosphere into your home. 

The simplicity of the Vitamin Pitch Planter creates an elegant feel which is perfect for displaying interior foliage in style. As seen in the photo above, the brass colour looks great against the black background behind, creating a sophisticated and modern design. This versatile planter can be placed anywhere inside, including a mantelpiece, shelves, or anywhere that you would like. Although designed to hold a stunning plant, it can also make for an aesthetically pleasing stationary holder, makeup brush holder and anything else you may desire.



Nothing oozes summer more than a large pot filled with beautiful vibrant colours. We have chosen our favourite flowers so you can bring  joy and happiness into your space.

  • Coneflower
  • Lavender
  • Daucus Carota “Dara”
  • Lacy Phacelia




Almost impossible to kill, Succulents look great in almost any space, making them a go to for most plant lovers. The Ferm Living Hourglass Pot holds a grandee gesture to both your home and plants with its elevated and spacious design which offers plenty of room for your plants to spread their roots, perfect for the growth of a succulent – although a shallow pot will be just fine as long as you go for a wider container. The Hourglass Pot comes in three different sizes and can be used for both inside and outdoors, allowing you to make your home, garden or balcony spaces feel more appealing and alive. This contemporary design will be sure to enhance any space it is placed into.

This distinct and unique Gubi Mategot Flow Pot allows you to get creative with what you wish to place in it, whether that be a twig like plant, or a blooming flower. Its refined and original silhouette will finish off any space it is placed in, even if there is no plant in it! We love the ‘mustard gold’ colour as well, which adds a bright and vibrant colour to your space, truly embracing the spring and summer season.


Explore the rest of our planter collection here.









We are now proud to present the brand new Pearwood Wallpaper collection by Cole and Son. Celebrating the prestigious British wallpaper brand’s famous design history, this collection pays homage to the rich block print archive and traditional print techniques that Cole & Son have pioneered throughout their time. This stunning wallpaper range takes its name from the fruity wooden blocks originally used by Cole & Son’s founder, John Perry.

Cole and Son Woodvale Orchard

The Woodvale Orchard Wallpaper exibits a colourful selection of perching parrots, sitting amongst a flourishing canopy of blooming leaves and sun-ripened grapes.

Cole and Son Vines Of Pomona

Cole & Son’s Vines Of Pomona Wallpaper pays tribute to the Roman goddess of the harvest and fruitful abundance, Pomona.

Cole and Son Treillage 

This geometric wallpaper from Cole and Son features a stunning three-dimensional lattice trellis pattern that has been designed to coordonate perfectly with many other designs from this beautiful wallpaper range.

Cole and Son Pugin Palace Flock

The Pugin Palace Flock Wallpaper features a textured damask pattern that would have been commonly seen in grande houses and palaces built in the 1800s by the famous A.W. Pugin.

Cole and Son Pavo Parade

The Pavo Parade Wallpaper has got to be one of our favourites from this stunning wallpaper range. The design has been inspired by the peacock genus, Pavo Parade and has been beautifully detailed with subtle, metallic and ombre details that pays homage to one of Cole & Son’s traditional printing techniques.

Cole and Son Aurora

Get lost within your own fairytale with the Aurora Wallpaper. This classy design is reminiscent of a mystical forest that features dense undergrowth and magical, blooming flowers. What’s more, this design has been lovingly hand-painted and has been inspired by the brand’s archival documents.

Cole and Son Midsummer Bloom

Embrace the summertime in your very own home and the wonderous floral displays that come with it. The Midsummer Bloom Wallpaper depicts an arrangement of fully bloomed summertime flowers that has been inspired by an original print that was found within Cole & Son’s archives; now re-painted by the Design Studio to inject a contemporary vibe into this traditional print.

Cole and Son Floral Kingdom

Inspired by Gothic Revival design, the Floral Kingdom Wallpaper consists of an eyeful arrangement of the nation’s most symbolic flowers. For Wales, the spring daffodils, fragrant roses for England, the extravagent rosettes for the Scottish thistle and the shamrock sprig that represents Northern Ireland. These gorgeous flowers make up a soft geometric pattern that encloses the collection of our most precious flowers.

Cole and Son Fanfare Flock

The Fanfare Flock Wallpaper by Cole & Son combines contemporary design with traditional processes. This textured wallpaper features a flock overlay that was re-established by John Perry in the late 1800s. The romantic and rich design is perfect for your bedroom or living space alike.

Cole and Son Boscobel Oak

The Boscobel Oak Wallpaper is a true embodiement of the British society. Featuring many monarchical symbols of England such as the Tudor Rose, the roaring lion and the oak tree, this design is a contemporary and unique reinvention of the traditional damask print. The design has been inspired by the great oak in Boscobel wood that helped Charles ll take refuge from the Roundhead soldiers. It’s metallic appearance is perfect for contemporary interior spaces.