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Here at beut we believe that lighting is just as important and impactful as an eye-catching wallpaper or other furnishings within your home. In fact, it is a piece of interior architecture that should be chosen wisely. Whether you want to light up your desk space or cast a warming glow over your living area, we have everything you need, informing and inspiring you to make that all important decision.

When choosing your perfect light, you need to consider whether you want to make a statement, if you need your light to be ambient or rather a light that will assist you while working. Importantly, think about where your light will be situated. Will it be indoors, in a high moisture interior such as the bathroom or even outdoors?

Statement Lighting

Lighting doesn’t only need to be functional. Creating a statement with lighting can be the most influential and memorable piece of your home or interior space to you and your guests. It can finish a room off exquisitely, whilst also acting as a structural piece of art.

We think that you can add statement lighting into any area of your home. Whether you want to create the ‘wow’ factor in a commercial or residential space, we offer many lighting designs that we believe will create a magnificent display in any interior space. Whether you choose an iconic pendant light, grande pendant system or rather a cluster of similar pendants, there is a design for everyone. Why not suspend a pendant system over your kitchen island or at the center of your hallway? Or, cluster a small selection of pendant lights to illuminate your staircase. Commercial areas benefit greatly from statement lighting. The grande, illuminating effect creates a warming and invigorating environment to welcome guests. Spaces such as bars and restaurants can suspend multiple pendant lights above the bar to enhance the main focal point of its interior space.

Discover some iconic lighting designs that we believe will create a stunning statement within your space.

Ambient Lighting

Every interior needs light! Not only does lighting serve a practical and functional need, it also is a great way to add style and personality into your home. Ambient lighting replaces the natural light when it is not present. Although generally only used within the darker hours, ambient lighting is the most common form of lighting that the majority of us choose to illuminate our homes with.

Often pendant lights, ambient lighting is the perfect way to light up the center of a living room, bedroom or dining room. Situate above a dining table for the ultimate focal piece. Furthermore, why not cluster a selection of pendant lights together for a show-stopping showpiece that can be a statement even when the light is switched off. The wide variety of ambient lighting that is available makes it the perfect choice for any style of interior space. Not only are pendant lights suitable for our residential homes, they are also widely used within commercial areas as well such as bars, restaurants, retail stores and offices. What’s more, chandeliers can also be an appropriate choice of ambient lighting.

Here are just a few of our designer lights that we think would provide you with the most stunning ambient light.

Task Lighting

Working and studying at home comes with the high demand for task lighting. Task lighting is great for when you need direct and focused light for a particular task such as working on a computer, writing or reading. Task lighting does not need to just be functional, it can be highly stylish as well. For example, a desk lamp or table lamp will assist you as you work at your desk in the evening or as you read before sleep at nighttime. What’s more, a variety of desk lamps have the ability to adjust the direction of their light so that you can freely choose the position you want to read or work in. Not only do they have the high functionality to move, most table lamps are dimmable which means you can set the light to your own atmospheric requirements.

Task lighting can also come in the form of a floor lamp or wall light where it can be positioned behind a sofa or armchair providing you with the perfect glow to enjoy a spot of reading.

Explore some of our favourite lighting designs that are perfect for when you want to study hard into the night.

Bathroom Lighting

Before you choose your ideal bathroom light, you must consider the safety of your decision first. When choosing your bathroom light, please make sure that it has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of at least IP44. This will make sure your light is protected from water splashes.

Wall lights, flush ceiling lights and spot lights are a great choice for bathrooms as not only they look great, they also come compact with no hanging wires or outstanding edges to worry about. Just because a bathroom provides you with slightly less choice in lighting, you can still find a light to create a magnificent impact in your room. Explore our bathroom lighting collection to find your dream bathroom light.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is just as important as interior lighting in our opinion. It can provide you with a serene and tranquil space outside to enjoy outdoor dinner parties and barbeques with friends and family. Nowadays, the designer lighting industry has offered us with many unique designs for our outdoor spaces including wall lamps, floor lamps, table lights and even the odd outdoor pendant light.

Likewise to bathroom lighting, outdoor lighting also needs to have an IP rating of at least IP44 to protect themselves from general water splashes and general wear and tear of the outdoors.

Please note that when installing outdoor lighting, all wiring must be protected and metalwork earthed.

Understand Ingress Protection Ratings

IP ratings are split into two parts. The first digit relates to the ingress of particles and ranges from 0 (no protection) to 6 (dust tight). The second digit represents the ingress of moisture and spans from 0 (no protection) to 8 (protection from complete submersion under pressure).

Making sure the IP rating is right for your space before you purchase any light, it is undeniably one of the most important factors to consider.

Choose A Bulb That’s Right For You And Your Space

Incandescent Bulbs

Commonly used, incandescent bulbs are crafted with a filament wire to cast a warming glow.

CFL Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Lamps are also known as energy saving bulbs. Although they give off a similar glow to incandescent bulbs, they use up to 70% less energy, meaning you are saving money whilst doing your bit for the planet. What’s more, CFL bulbs are safer to handle as they produce less heat.

LED Bulbs

Not only are they extremely eco-friendly, they are also one of the longer-lasting bulbs that you can use. These bulbs can last up to a whopping twenty five years. LED bulbs use up to 90% les energy than incandescent bulbs, whilst emitting a soft warm glow into your interior space.

Halogen Bulb

Emitting a cooler, white light, halogen bulbs are crafted from high-grade glass to tolerate high temperatures, meaning that they can become too hot to handle. However, they are slightly more eco-friendly than an incandescent bulb as they use 20% less energy.

We hope our lighting guide has informed and inspired you to make your decision on the perfect lighting design for you and your space. Explore our whole designer lighting collection for more stunning designs from a wide variety of prestigious designers including Tom Dixon, GANT and Fritz Hansen.

Playful Wallpaper – Limit Busier Designs to One Wall

What resonates better with children than the carefree use of colour and playful forms. Stimulate their growing minds with a bold expression of the thing they love most in the world. This could be anything from planes and boats to mystical creatures or the night sky. Wallpaper has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with protective coatings for messy owners and top quality printing techniques for vibrant designs.

All this progress makes wallpaper the easiest way to give your child the creative decor they deserve…even if your motivation is partly to please your own inner child.

Creative Lighting

Make your child’s decor the talk of the playground for all the best reasons with incredible designer lighting. Your little ones will just love the simple, yet playful forms of our stunning lighting options. Opt for the smooth curves of Scandi lighting, especially from top brands including Normann Copenhagen, Vertigo Bird and Muuto. With this your child’s preferences can change and grow without the need to replace their lighting because these pieces simply go with everything.

Or why not go all out and fit them a quirky piece such as the Innermost Wooster Top Hat Pendant. This incredible piece will be sure to stay with them for years to come and even become a family heirloom for their children.

Multi-use and fun furniture

What child doesn’t ask for a wild animal as a pet?! Give them what they want without the expensive vet bills with iBride’s incredible Mobilier de Compagnie collection. This series of animal shaped furniture and lighting is sure to be a hit with any child and with a large selection to choose from you won’t have any issues pleasing your child.

Not only are these pieces awesome to look at, but they’re incredibly sturdy and practical too. So you can provide a zoo and encourage your child to read all at the same time with the extensive shelving spaces available.

Simple, safe and sturdy storage

If you’ve got young bambinos who have found their feet, you’ll know they get into everything. Constantly unpacking everything you just tidied away and a month or so later you find that stuffed animal you lost in the sock drawer. As you’ll know, this is just their natural curiosity whilst they attempt to learn about the world. Therefore, having plenty of storage space which will stay put when pulled on and repeatedly opened and closed is a must.

So there you have it, your quick guide on how to decorate your home to suit your children whilst keeping it looking stylish. We have plenty of other options available on our shop, so head on over and check out what else we have to offer to suit every age, size and style.

Let’s Get Creative

Whether you’ve just moved in or are simply looking to freshen up your home. Here at beut we have all the style tips you will need to keep your space looking and feeling fresh all year round. In this style guide we will cover everything from well-known homeware to the pieces you hadn’t even considered.

Know When To Stop

When decorating a new or much-loved space, it can be easy to go overboard. And with all the gorgeous pieces available to you, it’s not difficult to see why. So how do you tackle this? Much like how one considers getting dressed each day. Select pieces that complement one another and consider the balance of shapes and colours.

Balance? You might be thinking. Let us explain. If your space features a prominent accent wall such as a mural or block bright colour, you may want to consider mainly neutral colour or pattern choices with the odd pop of complementary accessorising. What’s more, keeping homeware decoration to a minimum gives the pieces you do select more impact and stops them creating a cluttered aesthetic.

Change It Up Each Season

If like us, you simply cannot control your love for home accessories, we have the solution for you. Seasonal decoration. And we aren’t talking about Christmas, Easter or Hanukkah. Every three months the season changes and so should your home décor. Not only does this mean you can own a multitude of homeware pieces without the worry of over decorating, you’ll also maintain a fresh atmosphere throughout your home all year round.

Select light, fresh and energising pieces for the Spring and Summer months. Placing vases full of bouquets considerately throughout your home and opt for light neutrals when laying down your rugs and cushions. For the Autumn and Winter part of the year, create a cosy haven for hibernation. Bring out the warm autumnal colours, lay down an ultra fluffy rug and replace your flowers with candles.

Use Multiples

Any fashionistas will know that group aesthetics work best in odd numbers. For some this is having five pearls on a necklace, for us it means creating a formation of three identical candles. However this unwritten rule applies, it’s premise is to give an otherwise small and overpowered piece the impact and dimension it deserves.

Use this method by hanging three complementing or matching pieces of art in a row or displaying a trio of gorgeous trinkets on your hallway console. If you opt for five or more small candles or trinkets you could even get creative with their formation.

Accessorising Doesn’t Stop With Homeware

Although maybe not the easiest pieces to interchange, lighting and furniture can go a long way to adding those finishing touches to your home. In fact, award winning British designer Tom Dixon goes to great lengths to ensure that each of this lighting pieces look just as gorgeous when turned both on and off.

Keep your room’s balance in check by opting for neutral coloured furniture to suit every season. Whether this be a gorgeous natural wood such as Walnut or a piece with a coat of black, white or grey paint.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your accessorising to a minimum not only maintains a fresh aesthetic, it also makes cleaning a whole lot easier. No need to move 100s of little bits out the way and then back into their place. Follow our tips and tricks and you’ll find yourself feeling evermore proud of your home as each season passes. What’s more, you’re sure to receive compliments a-plenty from guests and loved ones.

Spreading Your Wings

Flying the nest soon? Off to start a new live in a strange place with new people? An experience which is both exceedingly exciting as well as terrifying. All those worries circling round about your new living situation, how will you decorate your room, will your new flatmates be nice, and will you miss home?

Luckily for you, we have compiled our top 10 list of tips and tricks for making your transition to your new life as smooth and as stylish as possible. Follow these tips and you’ll settle into your new temporary home before you know it. So, let’s get to it.

It’s The Little Things

Amongst all the excitement, you’re bound to get homesick at some point, so make sure you bring a few home comforts to make the transition an easier one. Whether this comes in the form of your beloved childhood bear or simply your bedside clock you wake up to every morning. It is important to make your temporary home feel like a natural space.

Share Your Roots

Most university rooms come complete with a pinboard which is ideal for filling with prized memories with your nearest and dearest back home. Of course, we almost all have technology to store our photos and memories on, however having physical photos up on display shows you’re caring as well as acting as a familiar welcome back after lectures.

In the uncommon occurrence that your room isn’t provided with a pinboard, alas do not fret, get yourself a stylish wire board or message board to prop up on your desk.  Whatever your method, show off and share your loved ones from home with your newly developing social circle.

Get lit

Tiny lights in a row are the perfect way to frame your treasured memories whilst creating a chilled level of lighting for when you’re in need of relaxation. Many temporary rooms such as university halls won’t allow holes or permanent marks on the walls, therefore you’ll need to get creative. Your trusty pinboard is the ideal place to start, use the frame and some blue tac to hold your glistening vine in place.

Up-cycle Your Hangover

Couldn’t find a way to hang up your fairy lights? No problem. Save your glass bottles which once contained your Wednesday night beverage, clean them out with warm soapy water and stuff a string of fairy lights inside. Et Voila, your very own DIY table lamp.

If you’re more of a lemonade drinker, no worries, this tip isn’t just for lovers of an alcoholic beverage. An alternative to used bottles is used jam jars or you could even purchase a brand sparkling new glass jar or vase just for this purpose if you wish.

Open up

You’ll likely be living with brand new people you have never met before, therefore if you’re looking to make friends, it is important that you show you’re open and sociable. The best way to do this is invest in a door stop, this way your new flat mates will know you’re open to conversation and you’ll be fond friends in no time.

Get Cosy

You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your new bedroom, especially in university halls of residence thanks to the lack living space. This is where comfy and cosy touches will come in a treat. Invest in some gorgeous cushions to transform your bed into a sofa during the day, turning it into the ideal place to socialise or even get some work done.

Up until now, you may not have appreciated throws as an essential to your sleeping space, however, not only do the look pretty by finishing of your (sometimes) made bed, but they’re cosy to wrap up in. On winter night’s in front of the TV, last minute assignment rushes and the inevitable times you don’t beat freshers’ flu, you will be forever thankful for that fluffy blanket of material you invested in at the start of the year.


Unless you win the lottery of university rooms, you’ll likely have to get creative with your storage space. If you know the size and layout of your room before moving in, be sure to pack a few extra storage units before getting on the road. However, if you have to wait until you get your keys, no need to worry, the internet is your friend.

Check out our blog post about storage solutions for small spaces to get some inspiration.

Own The Floor

Temporary accommodation can often have the disadvantage of many previous inhabitants, some more respectful than others. Therefore, the carpet is generally in need of replacing. How do you easily, stylishly and quickly fix this for the duration of your own stay? Investing in a rug of course. There are many options available to you, from fluffy animal hinds to eco-friendly woven patterns. Choose a rug which will not only suit your décor, but also will feel awesome under your feet in the morning.

Get To Work

If you’re moving into temporary residence, chances are you’re there to study. Therefore, you’ll likely be working on assignments in your bedroom if the library isn’t to your liking. To avoid too much procrastination, you’ll need to transform your desk into a haven for working, a space which inspires you.

First thing’s first, organise. Make sure you have a system with which to organise your stationary. For many, the thought of desk organising can be a scary, expensive and daunting one, however there is a system that works for everyone and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Use spare mugs and candle holders as pen pots. Arrange your DIY bottle table lamps to make bookends. The possibilities are endless.

Bring Your Personality Into The Kitchen

When you’re not in lectures or in your bedroom, you’ll likely be in the kitchen, often the only communal space available. Therefore, this is the ideal place to extend your personality and make sure none of your flatmates mistake your stuff for their own. Invest in jazzy kitchenware that inspires you to cook and shows off who you are. This can include everything from your cooking utensils to table cloths. Take a step towards preventing unwanted use of your belongings and brightening up the kitchen with your own funky kitchenware.

So, there you have it. You should be happily snug, content and settled into your new home for the next academic year. For more inspiration, check out our other blog posts and make sure to head over to our shop to see what else we have on offer to make your new home feel like just that.

Navigating The Lightrinth

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a labyrinth of lighting? With pendants, wall lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers, it can be easy to feel surrounded. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you out of the confusion and towards the metaphorical decision-making castle in the centre of the maze.

If you want to know what type of lighting you can put where in which rooms, you have come to the right place. We even have guidance to choosing the correct luminosity for lighting your space, as well as a whole host of inspirational design ideas.

Let us start by quickly breaking down what is what. Get to know your ceiling lights from your pendants and your table lamps from your floor lamps. So, grab a pew and get to reading.


Commonly found in most households hanging down the centre of the room, often used as a centrepiece to living spaces, bedrooms and above dining tables.

Ceiling Lights

Popular in offices, kitchens and bathrooms. Ceiling lights are flush to the ceiling, often confused with pendants, which hang down from the ceiling.

Wall Lamps

As the name would suggest, wall lamps are lights hung on a wall. Often considered to belong in hallways and drive ways, alas these beaming beauties have many more purposes, such as being useful bedside lights.

Table Lamps

Taking their rightful place all over the home, table lamps are beautifully diverse with the intention of creating a calming ambience. A perfect alternative to having the main room light on. Often designed with chunky shades to achieve a brilliantly dispersed lighting effect.

Floor Lamps

Elegant and tall, floor lamps are often used as an alternative to table lamps in living spaces, especially when side tables get moved around. Available in a huge range of shapes and styles, find endless uses for floor lighting.


Very similar to pendant lighting, however chandeliers are generally more extravagant and feature a collection of elements that come together in one stunning piece, almost a ready made cluster. Contrary to popular belief, chandeliers are not all crystals and gold, they are offered in a whole range of styles, shapes and sizes to suit any preference.

Plan, Plan and Plan Again

So now you know what’s what, its time to plan for your new lighter way of life. There are many things to consider when planning for new lighting, more so for some areas than others. When choosing floor or table lamps, this planning process is far slimmer. The most you need to consider is availability of power sockets and the size of your space. For others, however, this can be a truly stressful task.

You don’t want to be rewiring your entire home when replacing a pendant, ceiling, wall light or chandelier; so, make sure you know what is and isn’t feasible. There are several factors to consider including how much weight your ceiling can hold, the height and area size of your space as well as how many lights you can hang in one place.

Consider Ceiling Height

So now you know what’s what, let’s get to the mathematical stuff. Don’t worry, it isn’t as scary as you may think. Before purchasing your new floor lamp, pendant or chandelier, give your room’s ceiling height careful thought. You don’t want to get it only to find your space isn’t as accommodating as you thought.

Make sure you’re prepared by following the general rule of thumb: the base of the light shade should hang at around 12 to 20 inches from a standard 8ft ceiling. For higher ceilings (you lucky pups), add 3in per additional foot of height.

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

Have you ever considered that the size of your room alters the ideal luminosity of the bulbs used? Whether you have or not, this can be a confusing task to tackle. No more will you be stuck in the electricals aisle with a 25W in one hand and a 50W in the other, not if you use this simple formula.

According to, the ideal wattage calculation goes as follows:

Room Length x Room Width = Room Square Meterage (area)

Area x Room Height x X = Ideal Bulb Wattage


25 (for incandescent lamps or conventional bulbs)

15 (if using halogen bulbs)

19 (for fluorescent or low energy bulbs)

Dimmer Switches

If all that maths isn’t registering, why not opt for options in the form of dimmable lighting? Many lighting options these days are either come with dimming capabilities built-in or at the very least, are designed to be compatible with dimmer bulbs.

Another bonus to dimmable lighting is the reduced need for smaller atmosphere lighting, such as table and floor lamps. Being able to dim your main light to suit your mood, opens up more floor and table space for other uses, such as holding your Friday evening glass of wine.

Layer Up

Much like other areas of interior design, layering is a powerful and elegant why to display your lighting. For example, in large rooms, purchase a series of pendants from the same range in a variety of sizes and hang them together at varying lengths as a centrepiece to make your space feel cosier. You can even get your hands on chandeliers and pendants designed for this exact use.

Use different light sources to create changeable ambience throughout your space. Maybe this could be in the form of incorporating uplighting to give the room a larger feel, or simply placing floor and table lamps strategically around the room.

The choice is yours, get your creativity on.

Pop The Colour

As with all design choices, colour is a key component. However, this can often be forgotten about when selecting lighting. Consider the colour choices you have made so far with the walls, furniture, flooring and existing lights when choosing your new addition.

If your space is very neutral with the odd pop of colour, consider using your central pendant or table lamps as that pop. A pop which will come to life even more once turned on. Cushions aren’t the only pieces to add that finishing touch. If this is a scary thought but you’re intrigued by the idea, opt for a neutrally toned outer shade, with a gloriously colourful inner coating.

Equally, it is easy to over-do it on colourful pieces. So, remember to keep a healthy balance and opt for pieces which compliment one another. Thankfully there is an incredible range of choice available to you, so it shouldn’t take you too long to find the perfect lighting for you and your space.

Get Inspired

Once you’ve taken all this into consideration and you’re struggling to envision the end result, why not grab your phone or laptop and get scrolling. Inspiration sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are ideal places to start when looking for style ideas. Look at what others have done and how brands style their pieces in marketing shots.

These inspirational sources should be the leading light to finding your perfect lighting solution. However, if your style is virtual window shopping, head over to our shop to see what designer lighting options we have to offer.

Struggle to aesthetically organise your home? Get reading.

Although the weather may not suggest it, Spring is finally here and we all know what that means, time for a home refresh. But where to start? Beut are here to help and guide you on your journey to an aesthetic, effective and organised home. From decluttering, what to do with your clutter once sorted and then how to reinvent your organisational system.


Declutter Your Life

Let’s get started with many people’s least favourite task, clearing out unused, unloved and damaged belongings. But don’t fret, here are some rules to follow to make the process easier and reduce the risk of drowning in your own clutter. Before you lay even one finger on your hoard, choose a room to focus on, choose a section of that room to start and mentally map out your journey around the room. Next grab your phone timer and set yourself a time limit for that room and for each section so you stay focused, it can be easy to start reminiscing over lost and forgotten treasures. Your final step in preparation is to lay out three boxes for sorting, one for items you want to keep, one for items you’re unsure about and the last for items leaving your house and life forever.


It’s now time for the nitty gritty, be ruthless, if something is hidden or just chucked in a cupboard, there is usually a reason for that and it should probably have a new home, whether that be a literal new home or the bin. If you’re struggling to part with your belongings, have a think about the three rules briefly touched upon in the previous paragraph. Unused, unloved or broken. We are all guilty of holding onto items because they “might be useful”, however if you’ve not used something in the last six months or longer, do you really need it? Is it still useful to you? Probably not. In that third box they go. Next are the items we have an emotional connection with, if they still make you smile and ignite a cherished memory then by all means hold on to them, however if they’ve been forgotten about and leave you nonchalant, they can probably be cleared out. Finally, anything broken needs to go, because let’s be honest, if you haven’t made the effort to fix it by now, will you?


Well done, you’ve sorted your clutter into keep, unsure and get rid. Sort back through your unsure box and split anything in there into keep or get rid so nothing ends up in limbo. Now turn your attention to the ‘get rid’ box and split it into another three groups; bin, charity shop and to sell. Not all your unwanted clutter is worthless or useless, do a bit of research and decide what is worth selling, donating or just chucking away, you might be surprised what you could gain. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Let’s Get Shopping

Now you’re cleansed of your clutter, you can start the fun and creative part of this process, shopping. It is very easy at this stage to get over excited and fill all the space you’ve just cleared with new clutter. To avoid going back to square one, think of this easy acronym: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). Give your newly cleared space some love with KISS.


Get started by considering the existing colour scheme of that space and whether you want to change this first with a lick of paint or new wallpaper. Then, what type of storage you actually need in that space, what needs storing, how big is the room, all the considerations that can easily be overlooked.


Choose your statement piece

If this isn’t the wallpaper. This way you can plan your simpler pieces, so everything compliments one another. We have picked some of our favourite functional statement pieces to tickle your inspiration.

 iBride Polar Bear Bookshelf – From £1,200

iBride Bear

Andrew Martin Oak Dolls House Cabinet £2,395

Dolls House Cabinet

Versatile Furniture

Multi-purpose pieces are a brilliant place to start. Condensing two pieces into one can really save on space and make a difference to your room. A gorgeous example would be Andrew Martin’s Alpine Coffee Table, both a display unit and coffee table in one. Show off your tiny treasures among mini mountains behind the safety of the glass table top, no worries about knick-knacks getting knocked off shelves.

Andrew Martin Alpine Coffee Table – £850

Alpine Coffee Table

How Fitting

Another great looking space saver are nested tables. For those not in the know, nested tables are a set of side tables in different sizes which fit underneath one another when not in use and look equally brilliant when out being used. The variety in sizes also gives your space options when it comes to functionality.


Desks can be an area of disarray, explosions of paperwork, stationary and, for some reason, that novelty freebie you can’t remember receiving. This is when sets designed to fit together come in brilliantly to both organise your desk as well as keeping it looking great.

Andrew Martin Reese Nested Side Tables – £275

Reese Nested Side Tables

POTT Ma-Ce-Ta Set of 3 Planters – £178

POTT Ma-Ce-Ta Planters

You’re all set – Get decluttering.


Beut’s Top Picks

Lyon Beton Concrete Cloud Toilet Roll Shelf – From £79

Simple and unique, make your toilet roll the centre piece of the bathroom.

Concrete Cloud

Wertwerke Concrete Shelf – £205

Buildable and customisable, create your storage space to suit your needs.

Concrete Shelf

Zuiver High on Wood Cabinet – From £349

Three different sizes, elegant and simple for any space.

High on Wood Cabinet

Emko Step Up Wood Shoe Rack – £100

Brilliantly simple yet quirky, perfect for any family home or just the shoe lovers among us.

Step Up Shoe Rack

We Do Wood SJ Floating Bookcase – £418

A trio of quirky colourful floating modules. Super versatile and contemporary.

Floating Shelves

Cole Italian Tapparelle Sideboard – £2,694

Beautifully edgy, this piece has every kind of unit amenity you’d ever need.

Cole ItalianTapparelle Sideboard

Minus tio City Sunday Magazine Rack – From £117

Functional art inspired by New York’s skyline.

Minus Tio City Sunday Magazine Holder

Ibride Babel – From £99

Stackable dishes and cups ready for any occasion.

ibride babel eat

Now we have tickled your inspiration and pumped up your motivation, it’s time to get organising aesthetically and effectively. Head on over to our shop to see what else we stock that could help turn your space from calamity to clarity.