Designed by Studio Kaksikko, the Ridge Vase by the fantastic Danish designers Muuto, is an extraordinary vase that presents you with new ways to display your beautiful bunches of flowers and florals, with a sculptural expression and an artistic flare. Come on a journey with us to seek the wonders of design and manufacturing behind the stunning Ridge Vase.

Muuto took a trip to the factory, set in Alcobaca – a western city of central Portugal, to explore the interesting journey of the Ridge Vase. The city is situated in a gorgeous valley alongside the rivers of Alcoa and Baca, from where the city takes its name. Once Studio Kaksikko were satisfied with their mock-up, made out of paper, they aspired to craft the stunning design into a ceramic vase.

As you can see below, the Joao factory uses molds to sculpt these fantastic objects. Specializing in mold making, this factory was established 40 years ago in the Portuguese city, where 15 000 people choose to live.

After the first mold was created, the manufacturer continued to create the mother mold. The mother mold features four handmade sections of the design to ensure an impeccable precise result. From here on in, multiple molds are made to make sure that all dimensions and precious details are not lost and are perfectly translated into the final piece.

Inspired by a façade of a utility structure that they witnessed in Paris, this design depicts simple detailing with an architectural expression.

The designers stated that they “sought to combine its visual appeal with the usability for placing flowers in a linear formation rather than a circular formation”.

The molds of this design can be used between 50 and 70 times. This ensures that every piece is made to the highest quality and that the details that make this design so worthy are recreated perfectly every time.

Thoughtful design elements make this piece functional as well as highly stylish. For example, the small ridge on either side of the vase allows you to move it around as you desire.

The Ridge Vase continues its journey to a second factory situated a 30 minute drive away. This factory consists of a small team of 70 employees – each one taking pride in the award-winning designs that they contribute towards.

This is where the idea behind the Ridge Vase becomes a reality. Liquid clay is carefully poured into the plaster molds, transforming the liquid into the beautiful and rigid shape that the Ridge Vase is so loved for. The mold is left for two hours, before turning upside down to remove any excess clay. The mold is opened and then fired at 1000 degrees Celsius for eight hours. The vase is stamped with Muuto’s iconic logo on the bottom.

At this point, the off-white version is lovingly glazed on its interior along with a water-based coating on the outside. This water-based coating enhances the structure of its surface. The vase is raw to the touch yet presents its viewer with a smooth and wavy surface, reminding us of the terracotta textures in the Mediterranean islands.

Finally, these spectacular pieces are fired for the last time at 1100 degrees Celsius for another 8 hours. For the perfect finish, the vases are then dipped into a water-based solution to close any porous holes.

And there you have it! Your Ridge Vase is perfectly packaged in its beautiful packaging and is ready for you to place on your sideboard, shelf, dining table or even give to a loved one as a thoughtful gift.

This vase is available in two different sizes, including both terracotta and off-white shades.

Have we tempted you with the Ridge Vase? If we have, head on over to our site to find out more information on this jaw-dropping design and enjoy the new lease of life that this vase will give your home.

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From the stunning Spanish architecture in the sunny city of Seville to vibrant floral arrangements and primary-toned ceramic tile motifs, the Seville collection from the prestigious wallpaper designers Cole & Son is an abundance of uplifting and decorative prints that we have the joy and pride in sharing with you. Please explore this fantastic collection and it’s amazing journey through the streets of Seville.

Alcazar Gardens – Depicting one of the most stunning icons of the city, the Alcazar is surrounded by pictorial and royal gardens that have been beautifully illustrated in this breath-taking piece of artwork.

Alicatado– Meaning ‘a geometric mosaic of coloured glazed tiles’, the Alicatado wallpaper interprets Seville’s famous azulejos in brightly coloured shades of soot, leaf green, hyacinth and terracotta.

Jasmine & Serin Symphony – Inspired by the traditional arts and crafts style, this stunning wallpaper has been modernized by using bright colours and a subtle ombre effect that gently fades across the design. The wallpaper depicts ethereal birds perched among sprawling jasmine vines.


Alfaro – Representing Seville’s Plaza Alfaro, this wallpaper shows off the wrought iron balcony that is said to have influenced Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. The balcony is surrounded by blooming and cascading florals as well as illustrated in a pretty combination of colours.

Flamenco Fan – Inspired by one of Spain’s most cultural symbols, the fan, this exotic design portrays romance and passion with its theatrical print. The design also consists of both carnations and roses, both representing love as well as delicate metallic detailing.

Lola – Hidden within this traditional damask print is one of Seville’s most iconic characters – the flamenco dancer. Originally inspired by the cultural influences from Andalusia, this design captures the dynamic drama of Spain’s finest dancers.

Angel’s Trumpet – From the tropics of South America, Angel’s Trumpet has been inspired by the tropical flower that flourishes within Alcazar’s courtyards and city gardens.

Geranium – Reinvented by Cole & Son’s design studio, the Geranium wallpaper has been influenced by the voluminous clusters of these bright and luscious plants that can be seen adorning balconies as well as decorating parks and cultivated gardens.

Bougainvillea – Illustrating another one of Seville’s most brightly coloured florals, the Bougainvillea plant can be seen cascading down palace and chalky pastel walls. The designer has detailed subtle ombre effects that portrays subtle movement and life.

Hispalis – Taking its name from the Latinisation of Seville’s earliest known moniker, Spal, this wallpaper depicts a tapestry-like design that portrays an ancient land in the late afternoon sunshine. The vibrant florals are among the dense, overgrown archway.

Orange Blossom – This breath-taking repeat pattern of delicate orange trees replicates the stunning fruit trees that adorn Seville’s streets and courtyards. The fruity print pays homage to the tapestries that hang beautifully in the Real Alcazar’s Salon de los Tapices.

Jasmine & Serin Symphony – Partnered with another one of Cole & Son’s fantastic designs, Alicatado, the Jasmine & Serin Symphony wallpaper is a contemporary reinvention of the classic arts and crafts-style print. Nestled within the trailing jasmine vines, hides a graceful collection of ethereal birds.

Piccadilly –  Composing this classic tile print, the Piccadilly wallpaper consists of a beautiful host of curved, swirling lines. This stunning composition is found throughout Seville, from the Alcazar’s tiled bench nooks to restaurant walls and fantastic ceramic floors.

Talavera – Filled with beautiful blooming flowers and trailing plants, Talavera’s plentiful pots represent the gorgeous Spanish, ceramic pots that are painted and uniquely decorated. This wallpaper will bring the heart-warming outdoor sites, indoors.

Triana – Representing Triana’s neighbourhood of ceramic workshops and potteries, this wallpaper depicts the vibrant tiles that can be spotted throughout the city.


Has this article inspired you to decorate your home with a gorgeous Spanish influence? If you would like to explore further, check out the whole collection here.

We are now proud to present the brand new Pearwood Wallpaper collection by Cole and Son. Celebrating the prestigious British wallpaper brand’s famous design history, this collection pays homage to the rich block print archive and traditional print techniques that Cole & Son have pioneered throughout their time. This stunning wallpaper range takes its name from the fruity wooden blocks originally used by Cole & Son’s founder, John Perry.

Cole and Son Woodvale Orchard

The Woodvale Orchard Wallpaper exibits a colourful selection of perching parrots, sitting amongst a flourishing canopy of blooming leaves and sun-ripened grapes.

Cole and Son Vines Of Pomona

Cole & Son’s Vines Of Pomona Wallpaper pays tribute to the Roman goddess of the harvest and fruitful abundance, Pomona.

Cole and Son Treillage 

This geometric wallpaper from Cole and Son features a stunning three-dimensional lattice trellis pattern that has been designed to coordonate perfectly with many other designs from this beautiful wallpaper range.

Cole and Son Pugin Palace Flock

The Pugin Palace Flock Wallpaper features a textured damask pattern that would have been commonly seen in grande houses and palaces built in the 1800s by the famous A.W. Pugin.

Cole and Son Pavo Parade

The Pavo Parade Wallpaper has got to be one of our favourites from this stunning wallpaper range. The design has been inspired by the peacock genus, Pavo Parade and has been beautifully detailed with subtle, metallic and ombre details that pays homage to one of Cole & Son’s traditional printing techniques.

Cole and Son Aurora

Get lost within your own fairytale with the Aurora Wallpaper. This classy design is reminiscent of a mystical forest that features dense undergrowth and magical, blooming flowers. What’s more, this design has been lovingly hand-painted and has been inspired by the brand’s archival documents.

Cole and Son Midsummer Bloom

Embrace the summertime in your very own home and the wonderous floral displays that come with it. The Midsummer Bloom Wallpaper depicts an arrangement of fully bloomed summertime flowers that has been inspired by an original print that was found within Cole & Son’s archives; now re-painted by the Design Studio to inject a contemporary vibe into this traditional print.

Cole and Son Floral Kingdom

Inspired by Gothic Revival design, the Floral Kingdom Wallpaper consists of an eyeful arrangement of the nation’s most symbolic flowers. For Wales, the spring daffodils, fragrant roses for England, the extravagent rosettes for the Scottish thistle and the shamrock sprig that represents Northern Ireland. These gorgeous flowers make up a soft geometric pattern that encloses the collection of our most precious flowers.

Cole and Son Fanfare Flock

The Fanfare Flock Wallpaper by Cole & Son combines contemporary design with traditional processes. This textured wallpaper features a flock overlay that was re-established by John Perry in the late 1800s. The romantic and rich design is perfect for your bedroom or living space alike.

Cole and Son Boscobel Oak

The Boscobel Oak Wallpaper is a true embodiement of the British society. Featuring many monarchical symbols of England such as the Tudor Rose, the roaring lion and the oak tree, this design is a contemporary and unique reinvention of the traditional damask print. The design has been inspired by the great oak in Boscobel wood that helped Charles ll take refuge from the Roundhead soldiers. It’s metallic appearance is perfect for contemporary interior spaces.



Tom Dixon’s new and wonderful creations never fail to surprise us here at beut. The brand new and exclusive Swirl collection by the iconic British designers, Tom Dixon is something that you must explore; you wouldn’t want to miss it. The series is made up of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create unique and functional, architectural sculptures, or should we say pieces of art.

In this article we will introduce you to every piece that this admirable range has to offer. From bookends to small side tables, this collection will inspire you to add a fresh pop of colour and energy into your home.

Not only do these vibrant bookends come as a set of two, they also have been designed to double up as a pair of classy candleholders.

What is there not to say about the stunning selection of side tables that come in the Swirl collection? This family of tables each have their very own individual silhouette, pattern, colouration and personality. Not only are these tables unique to every side table that has ever been designed, they will also be completely unique to you, due to the specific pouring process that they go through.

Tom Dixon Swirl Candleholders

These candleholders embrace everything that the Swirl collection is about; individuality and eccentricity. Place a scented rod down into the top of the candleholder and let the sweet smelling scents fill your home with pleasant and warming aromas.

Each member of this family is lovingly crafted by recycling powdered residue from the marble industry and mixing it with pigment and resin to produce blocks of material that is then sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe. The individual pouring process means that each individual piece is authentic and unique for you. As you will notice above, the bold colours travel through the natural curves of the swirly pattern. A stunning organic pattern is created on the surface of the material.

Tom Dixon Swirl Vase

Have we left you speechless already by this sensational collection from Tom Dixon? If so, head on over to our website to explore this range more in depth and don’t forget to take a look at what other amazing pieces Tom Dixon has to offer.


“At MENU, we believe in Connected Spaces. Spaces that unite our worlds through design, and make our transitions from one place to another seamless, interesting and enjoyable.”

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been curating a stunning collection of lighting, homeware and furniture from Danish design brand, Menu.

From table lamps to coat hangers, Menu strive to create products that make the world a better, less complicated and all-round nicer place to wake up to. As you will begin to notice, everything about the prestigious design brand is classy, elegant and sophisticated. Creating products with a Scandinavian influence behind them, Menu products aim to bring clever solutions to the modern-day way of life.

This blog will share with you some of our most-loved products so far.

Afteroom Coat Hanger

Inspired by the Bauhaus and Modernism art movements, the Afteroom Coat Hanger is a sophisticated design that provides a hanging system for coats, clothes and other accessories.

Wine Breather

Designed by the highly talented pair, Norm Architects and Peter Ørsig, the Wine Breather from Menu, is a sleek piece of glassware, that will impress your guests when they come round for dinner and drinks. Simply, turn your bottle of wine upside down and let the wine trickle down through the decanting unit. Once satisfied, flip the decanter over to disperse the wine back into the wine bottle. You would have never of tasted wine so good.

Kettle Teapot

Inspired by the traditional Oriental cast iron teapots, the Kettle Teapot, designed by Norm Architects consists of a tea egg that will slowly disperse the gorgeous aromas of your chosen tea.

Bottle Grinder

No ordinary salt and pepper shaker! The Bottle Grinder from Menu has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of spices, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, salt and pepper. Available in two stunning colours, hunting green beige and nudes, the bottle grinder is topped off with a stylish walnut lid and comes as a set of two.

Well Watering Can

Water your plants in style with the Well Watering Can from Danish designers, Menu. A sleek, stainless steel design that will sit pretty, up against your luscious green plants both indoors and outdoors.

Échassse Collection

A stunning collection of vases and bowls to display fresh fruit, flowers or other home comforts. These decorative home accessories would make the perfect adornment to any interior space.

Sweeper and Funnel

Cleaning up will never feel like a chore again. The Sweeper & Funnel, designed by the acclaimed designer, Jan Kochanski, is essentially a stylish dustpan and brush that has been cleverly designed for functionality. What’s more Menu’s Sweeper and Funnel has won the ‘Wallpaper Design Award’ in the ‘best fireside’ category.

JWDA Pendant Light

Totally on trend with today’s contemporary interior styles, the JWDA Pendant Lamp, is beautifully simple and elegant, perfect for the modern-day home. Inspired by archaic oil lamps of the past, this pendant light has been designed by the Swedish architect, Jonas Wagell.

Coloumn Table Lamp

Curated by the famous designers, Norm Architects, this table lamp embraces the freedom of movement due to its cordless design. Swap the standard table candles with a Coloumn table light for a more sophisticated look.

Cast Collection

A collection of wall lamps and pendant lights inspired by plumbing weights that masons and carpenters would have commonly used within the Ancient Egyptian time period.

Knitting Chair

The classic design of the Knitting Chair by Menu, combines older handmade techniques with the latest design technologies.

Harbour Furniture

One of the best-selling furniture ranges from Danish design brand, Menu. A collection of chairs, tables, bar stools and much more.

Shower Tray

Part of the luxury Bath Series collection, the Shower Tray is a handy bathroom accessory to hold day to day bathroom items such as soap, razors and toiletries.


You may have already noticed the ever-expanding collection of Muuto Furniture appearing on our site. It has been a long time coming and we can safely say we have never been more excited to share this stunning range with you.

From functional storage systems to quirky bar stools, Muuto and their fantastic in-house designers have pulled out all the stops to curate the finest collection of contemporary furniture.

Read on, to discover a sneaky snippet of all the ranges and individual products that is new to beut, from the Scandinavian design brand, Muuto.

Stacked Storage System


Five Pouf


Base Table Collection


Nerd Collection


Reflect Sideboard



Fiber Collection


Workshop Range


Around Tables


Muuto Tables


Loft Collection


Enfold Sideboard


Visu Collection


Linear Outdoor Furniture


Compile Shelving System


As you might already know, Muuto also design some of the highest quality lighting and homeware pieces. Head on over to our site, to explore the whole Muuto collection.

Trend-setting and simply exquisite, the ‘Random Chinoiseries’ collection from Coordonne is a brand new wallpaper range that is sure to get your designs eye wandering.  From atmospheric murals to intricately detailed wallpapers, there is something for every interior space.

Throughout this article, we have put together a quick sweep of all the designs in this stunning, new wallpaper range.

Firstly, a bit about Coordonne

With over forty years of experience in the wallpaper and fabric industry, Coordonne is a family run business set in the colourful, Spanish city of Barcelona. There is no doubt, that without even knowing, you have stumbled upon one of the designs in the past as their collections can be found across a large number of retailers across the world. To be precise, the brand is sold in over 3000 retailers across Spain, 2000 retailers across the rest of Europe and in over 50 countries. No one can argue that they aren’t popular.

So, what actually is ‘Chinoiseries’?

Inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries, the name ‘Chinoiserie’ originates from the French word ‘Chinois’ meaning Chinese. Most popular between the years of 1750 and 1765, many British designers and craftsmen had the desire to recreate and imitate Asian designs. The reason for this was that, during the 18th century, porcelain, silk and lacquerware imported from China and Japan were extremely fashionable.

What are the characteristics of Chinoiserie art?

1) Chinese Figures: Typically people in Chinese clothes were frequently used within Chinoiserie art.

2) Fantastic Landscapes: During 18th century Britain, China appeared as a far-away place that held many mysteries. These landscapes consisted of fanciful pavilions and exotic birds.

3) Pagodas: The swooping lines of a Chinese Pagoda were commonly seen incorporated into a wide selection of Chinoiserie items.

4) Dragons: Dragons were a true symbolization of everything that was strange and inspiring about the East. These mythical creatures became familiar Chinese motifs.


And here are just a few more…




Have we inspired you to re-vamp your interior space with a bit of Chinoiserie elegance, then why don’t you take a closer look at all that the Random Chinoiserie collection has to offer? All of the designs are sold in a variety of tremendous colour ways inspired by Chinese roots. On the other hand, we believe that if you love this collection, you will adore the rest of Coordonne’s marvelous collections.

It is with great pleasure, that we can now finally announce the exciting news; Cole & Son Fabric is now available, here at beut. After years of being an official stockist of the UK’s leading wallpaper brand, Cole and Son, we thought we would take a new direction into the magical world of their stunning fabric collections. Have you already fallen in love with one of the Cole and Son wallpapers? You might be lucky enough to stumble upon the fabric identical here. Read on further to discover the new and exciting range from one of our best-selling brands.

The Icons fabric range has been designed to complement previous collections. This collection offers some of Cole and Son’s most iconic designs from the delicate Hummingbirds print to the uplifting and extravagant Miami design. Celebrating contrasting fruitful florals and bold geometrics prints, there is something for everyone, you won’t be disappointed.

Are you more drawn to vivid and flashy colour schemes or does a soft, pastel colour take you fancy just that little bit more? From fresh pastel palettes such as those on Cow Parsley to mysterious charcoals, the collection is separated into 12 ravishing palettes, boasting a wide choice of colours for both new and existing interior schemes.

With a generous selection of materials throughout the range such as cotton and silk, you are sure to find something for every textile project. Whether you chose to utilize the fabric for an interior furnishing or even a fashion item, the gorgeous prints and vibrant colours will grab the attention of your fellow friends, family and the occasional passerby.

Head on over to our store, to explore the incredible Cole & Son fabric now.

Firstly, a massive ‘Happy New Year’ to all of you! Here at beut, we believe that new year is all about having a fresh start and brushing out the negatives of last year with the positives that are still yet to come.

Enjoy the rest of the Winter months with these hand-picked interior essentials.


It goes without saying that Christmas and New Year is one of the busiest times of the year for most people. There is no better way to make a fresh start than to organize. Whether that is, your ever-growing book collection or simply the heap of clutter on your desk or kitchen table, everything in life looks better neat and tidy. Here at beut, we stock a unique range of Small Storage that are all sure to keep your interior space looking spick and span.

Above the new Emko Pill Cabinet in Pink is the perfect solution. A spacious, wall – mounted cabinet that folds out into a desk. An ideal dressing table or writing area. Available in Pink and White or Pink and Black.

New Year , New Look

It’s that time of year again, giving  you the perfect excuse to switch up your interior style. An eye-catching wallpaper, a new item of furniture or something as subtle as a decorative cushion will spruce up the room setting 2019 off to an invigorating and fresh beginning.

Featuring the Bermuda Wallpaper from the award-winning brand, MINDTHEGAP.

Give Some Light

January blues gets to the best of us at this time of year. After all of the celebrating and festivities that has happened, January can be one of the gloomiest months of the year, and that’s why we believe you are all in need of some stylish new lighting for you home or work space.

Take the C3 Pendant light from GANTlights. This stunning lamp is new to beut and is available in both light and dark concrete with a dazzling range of on-trend finishes to choose from. An ideal light to suspend over your dining table or kitchen island.


Keep Warm

Just because Christmas has past, it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t enjoy the guilty pleasures in life as much. We still have some of the coldest months of the year to come, before it starts to warm up. Cosy comforts such as our very own, beut Throws are sure to help you get through the chilly mornings and dark and gloomy nights comfortably.



What better way to start off your day, than with a steaming hot cup of coffee. The Muuto Push Coffee Maker is all you need to mix up a delicious brew.

New Perspectives

Arriving in all its Scandinavian glory, Muuto has landed at beut bringing with it fresh ideas, designs and aesthetics. In fact, add an ‘s’ to the end and their name quite literally translates from Finnish to “new perspectives”. Amongst all this innovation and creation, however, is an ingrained and deeply rooted connection with traditional Scandinavian design heritage, something they are proud to uphold, showing off their top level craftsmanship, functionality and enduring aesthetics in every design.

Hand-picking only the best designers from across the globe to collaborate with, Muuto create collections alongside renowned artists who uphold and value the same ideals and philosophies as the company itself, this is an integral part of their process.

Doing Their Bit

Muuto aren’t just incredible creators, they’re also incredible humans. Holding themselves to the highest standards to ensure they continue to be both environmentally and socially responsible throughout their entire production process. Striving to use purely non-endangered Scandinavian wood types such as oak, beech and ash sourced from sustainable managed forests, as well as ensuring that their suppliers uphold the same ethical standards. What’s more, many of their products are even made from recycled materials including PET bottles, whilst others are crafted with bio-composite shells made from 25% wood fibres.

On top of all this, the longevity and sturdy nature of their products makes for a reduced impact on the environment as they will keep on lasting and looking amazing without needing to be replaced for a long old time. News that is positive for both the environment and your wallet.

Keeping It Fresh

Developing existing pieces to be even more functional without losing the incredible minimalist aesthetic. One vital aspect of their manufacturing process, which aids the constant re-imagination and development, is the hand-making of many of their products. Being right at the forefront, getting stuck in is where inspiration comes about, therefore hand crafting products not only ensures products made with love but also gives opportunities for improvement.


Something For Everything

Where their true Scandinavian roots begin to shine through. Not only are Muuto incredibly innovative and stylish, but they’ve also got a knack for thinking of everything. With Muuto you can hang up your coat, light some candles, brew a coffee and snuggle up in a blanket on a comfy sofa with perfect lighting. Throw in your own pair of slippers and that sounds like the ideal weekday evening. If you’re more for burning the midnight oil, you’re well catered for too with Muuto’s impressive selection of bright pendant lights, sturdy desks and comfy office chairs.

Big, Bright and Beautiful

Alongside the stunning range of neutral tones offered up by Muuto, they’re also less than afraid to throw in bold colours here and there. Demonstrated perfectly by many of their pendant lights, particularly the bestselling Unfold Pendant Light, a ground-breaking, flexible silicone pendant available in fifteen different colours. Yes. FIFTEEN. Including everything from neutral greys right through to vibrant yellows and reds.

Their Passion is Our Passion

Here at beut, with every piece that goes through our creative team to make its way onto our site ready for you to buy, we fall more and more in love with this incredible brand. Muuto have mastered the delicate balance of upholding traditional Scandinavian ideals, whilst also pushing the boundaries of innovation in the interior design world. Something about the mix of smooth and simple lines with hidden treats and bold choices really appeals to us and we hope it appeals to you too. Whatever you opt for from Muuto is sure to fit in seamlessly, whilst adding a burst of stylish creativity, to any interior theme.