Brand New Tom Dixon – Swirl Collection

Tom Dixon’s new and wonderful creations never fail to surprise us here at beut. The brand new and exclusive Swirl collection by the iconic British designers, Tom Dixon is something that you must explore; you wouldn’t want to miss it. The series is made up of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create unique and functional, architectural sculptures, or should we say pieces of art.

In this article we will introduce you to every piece that this admirable range has to offer. From bookends to small side tables, this collection will inspire you to add a fresh pop of colour and energy into your home.

Not only do these vibrant bookends come as a set of two, they also have been designed to double up as a pair of classy candleholders.

What is there not to say about the stunning selection of side tables that come in the Swirl collection? This family of tables each have their very own individual silhouette, pattern, colouration and personality. Not only are these tables unique to every side table that has ever been designed, they will also be completely unique to you, due to the specific pouring process that they go through.

Tom Dixon Swirl Candleholders

These candleholders embrace everything that the Swirl collection is about; individuality and eccentricity. Place a scented rod down into the top of the candleholder and let the sweet smelling scents fill your home with pleasant and warming aromas.

Each member of this family is lovingly crafted by recycling powdered residue from the marble industry and mixing it with pigment and resin to produce blocks of material that is then sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe. The individual pouring process means that each individual piece is authentic and unique for you. As you will notice above, the bold colours travel through the natural curves of the swirly pattern. A stunning organic pattern is created on the surface of the material.

Tom Dixon Swirl Vase

Have we left you speechless already by this sensational collection from Tom Dixon? If so, head on over to our website to explore this range more in depth and don’t forget to take a look at what other amazing pieces Tom Dixon has to offer.

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