There is no surprise that this stunning mural design has caught your eye. We love it too! With its bold colours and eye-catching pattern, we can guarantee you and your home will fall in love with its glorious design.

So, what is a mural?

Unlike a standard wall covering design, a mural by nature are of a larger scale, usually consisting of big and bold illustrations or graphics and they often feature many beautiful colours.

To show just how fantastic they are, head on over to or our Instagram page @beutcouk to explore the vast selection of real home examples sent to us from our amazing customers.

A mural is printed to your very own bespoke wall measurements, meaning there will be no two the same. Let your creativity flair and introduce your very own design into your chosen interior space.

Making the right decision

Please be aware that your device screen may not portray the colours within the real-life design accurately.

We would highly recommend ordering a sample. Samples will demonstrate the paper quality and key colours within the design.

Please remember that the shade colour you see on the sample might change throughout the design and if you think that the design has been scaled down on the sample, it has.

Where is your mural going to be on display? This is very important when choosing whether you need a vinyl or non-woven finish. Non-woven is a standard choice and works well for almost any interior space.

We would suggest selecting a vinyl finish if you are putting any wall covering up in a space such as a kitchen or bathroom, where moisture may be higher. This finish is easy to clean and water resistant. A good ventilation system and or frequently opened windows should protect the wallpaper for as long as possible. The suitability of the mural will depend on how steamy the room is.

Samples are available in both finishes. Please contact the customer service team if you require a vinyl sample.

What’s Next?

Murals are sold by the SQM and are printed on 50cm wide panels (except from Coordonne Metallics collection, printed on 100cm wide panels). You will need to measure your wall to the widest and tallest points. We would recommend adding between 2-5cm onto your measurements to avoid any measurements being too small after print. (This can be trimmed off as needed at the time of installation. Please bare this trim in mind when you review the attached proof.)

If you are not confident getting an exact measurement, we recommend a professional decorator measures the wall/walls for you pre-ordering.

Please order your chosen mural with your measurements.

We will contact you within the next 48 hours with a simulation of your chosen mural to your bespoke measurements.

Please review your simulation. We are able to adjust the design horizontally and/or vertically if preferred. Please double check your measurements and design before approving with us.

The Final Steps

It’s now time to reveal the masterpiece.

We would recommend using a professional decorator to hang the mural. It is important to mention that, as a made to measure item, murals are non-returnable or refundable.

We love to see our customer’s mural completed on the wall. It would be great if you could send us photographs after or even tag us on Instagram @beutcouk so we can witness your wonderful creation.

We hope that this guide has helped and inspired you to explore the mural world with us.

With lockdown finally coming to an end, we can at last hug friends and family and host both indoors and outdoors. Why not celebrate with new furnishings and accessories to get your home looking beautiful and leave a long-lasting impression on your guests? For those after some much-needed inspiration or additional ideas, we have compiled together some of our favourite items for just this occasion.

Whether it’s a quick coffee in the morning or a garden party, a beautiful outdoor dining set up will no doubt encourage you to make the most of the sun in the summer months. It has never been easier to transform your outdoor space with the Muuto Linear Steel Outdoor Dining Set, with the table and matching benches coming as a set. Serving as the perfect place to socialise with your guests and share a conversation with everybody.

Create a magical atmosphere with outdoor lighting and continue the party after sunset. Some of our favourites includes the Flos Last Order Table Lamp which features a generous 24 hours of wire-free illumination, so there is no need to worry about outdoor electrics with its super easy and functional portable design. Don’t just limit this stunning lamp to your outdoor space, it is also perfect for indoor spaces such as on a desk or side table. We also love the Flos Captain Flint Outdoor Floor Light which has a sleek, modern design, creating a luxury setting for your outdoor space. It also features a dimmer switch allowing you to choose the amount of light that you want.

Sit Back and Relax

Why not make your outdoor space even more enticing with the addition of lounge chairs too! Once guests have finished eating, they may want somewhere that is just that little bit more comfortable. Some additional seating can’t harm either! The Ferm Living Desert Lounge Chair features an exceptionally comfy chair for relaxing or daydreaming, whilst displaying an attractive finish to enhance your space. Not just made to enjoy outside, but when the summer months come to an end, these chairs can seat you and your guests inside too. We also love the Menu WM String Chair which takes the conventional shape of a standard lounge chair and uses unique materials and unconventional ideas to produce a whole new take on the typical chair.


Add The Finishing Details

Finish and perfect your intended aesthetic with some beautiful accessories. Planters provide the perfect place to hold all your gorgeous plants and inject some extra colour and life into your space. The Ferm Living Bau Balcony Box is the perfect for those with smaller spaces such as a balcony or terrace, allowing you to uplift the area with vibrant plants.

If you have a larger space, the Ferm Living Hourglass Pot can hold small trees or larger plants.

Another great accessory that can’t go forgotten about is a designer throw! Perfect for pulling over your arms in the summer evenings or using as a decorative piece all year round. The beut Waves Throw is just one example of our many impressive throws.

Entertain Inside Too

Don’t just rely on Britain’s summer to be sunny at all times. We can now host whatever the weather now we are allowed to socialise indoors again. A dining table is the best place to reconnect with friends and family. Whether it’s a big Sunday roast or a Friday night takeaway, the dining table is the centre piece to all conversations. One example of our stunning dining tables that we have to offer here at beut is the Gubi Dining Table – Elliptical which allows you to dine in style with its iconic design and classic expression.  

Due to the versatility of the sleek Gubi Dining Table, most dining chairs would pair perfectly. We love the Gubi Beetle Dining Chairs that have been paired together already, they hold a unique, modern and sophisticated appearance whilst not compromising on the utmost comfort. Another stunning chair is the Vitra Panton Chair which holds a distinctive and playful display and can be situated in almost any dining space.


A great solution to seating a large number of guests is the addition of a bench to your dining table. Not only do these look great, but they also allow you to squeeze in an extra person too. The Muuto Linear Wood Bench has a timeless aesthetic that will seamlessly complement almost any interior space due to its simplistic design. If you are after something with a little bit more comfort, the Gabriel Scott Prong Bench has the addition of a long-lasting upholstered cushion for extra support.

Set The Mood

Choosing the perfect light is a very important part of completing your space. Different lights can create different moods. Whether that be a romantic, cosy or loud atmosphere. Some of our most-loved pieces are the Tom Dixon Globe Burst Chandelier holds a true eye-catching conversation starter. Its stunning unique display reflects light in all different directions, creating a romantic atmosphere. 

Create a cosy atmosphere with the New Works Kizu Table Lamp which, when lit emits a gorgeous ambient light whilst showing of the natural beauty of marble. Discover more stunning lights in our designer lighting range to browse hundreds of more beautiful lights from a range of prestigious designer brands. 

We hope this blog has provided you with some inspiration to help you create the perfect setting to host dinner parties with your friends and family. 


A kid’s bedroom should be somewhere fun, playful and a place where they can let their creativity run wild. 

We love this child’s room designed by Ferm Living. The combination between fun and practical works perfectly. A place where kid’s can get creative is vital and this red desk and bench provides just this. The striking red colour adds a pop of joy into the space. We love the Ferm Living Apple and Pear Braided Storage Basket which add a fun twist on the traditional storage basket. Not just to be used as a decorative piece but the clever design means that they are perfect for hiding away essentials such as blankets, toys and more. 

This cupboard is a low built cabinet so small children can reach things easily. The timeless cream colour goes perfectly with the dusky pink wall colour. 

This Ferm Living Pear Mirror brings a fun and exciting appearance to the wall. It’s bamboo and rattan frame adds a natural feel which creates a timeless finish and matches with the pear and apple storage baskets. The unicorn teddy on display further adds extra joy and personality into the space. 

This pear rug from Ferm Living provides a comfortable spot for kid’s to play on the floor and has a simple yet fun design that won’t overpower the space but adds some additional colour and character. The complementing Ferm Living Apple Quilted Cushion is the perfect all around pillow for kid’s. It’s soft nature and bold colour means it is perfect to play with, display on a bed or to be used as a nap time partner.

The matching Ferm Living Pear Quilted Cushion pairs perfectly with the apple with their complementing  colours  and design.

This wallpaper captures the beauty and fun of nature, which encourages kid’s curious minds to run wild, whilst the pale background colour means that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. This Ferm Living Dou Lampdshade is a timeless design which will still look great for older kid’s too. The hand-braided rattan allows small glimpses of light to pass through and the Ferm Living Grand Cushion on the floor helps to create a calming space for kid’s to relax in the evenings. 

This Ferm Living Katie Scott Wallpaper – Animals displays the breathtaking nature of distinct animals, creating a magical atmosphere in a child’s bedroom. The fish, birds, mammals, invertebrates and reptiles seen across the wallpaper provide a neat and decorative way for your child to learn the fundamentals of the animal kingdom.

We hope you have enjoyed taking a deeper look into what makes a great child’s bedroom, after all a kid’s room which is decorated with love and fun is sure to excite them every day. 






This cosy living and dining space comprises of warm tones throughout. The mixture of the brown and beige colour palette creates a cosy atmosphere. The large, light rug that fills the floor of the living space acts as a visual divider and brightens the area making it feel more comfortable for relaxing.

The range of textures in this space from the throws, rug, curtains and more helps to create an inviting feel. A true representation of Scandanavian design, the Muuto Around Coffee Table provides the perfect place to display decorative ornaments, books and hold drinks. We love the New Works Kizu Table Lamp behind the sofa, which holds a unique yet elegant form, creating both a warming light when lit and a decorative piece, initiating a calming effect.  

The wooden dining chairs complement the table beautifully and provides the homeowner with both a practical and stylish place to entertain and dine with friends and family. The delicate green plant adds a sophisticated yet minimal touch of colour. Abstract wall art brings in the same colours that are featured throughout this space to the walls creating a cohesive finish. The practical yet desirable wall light provides ideal additional lighting to illuminate the dining space in the evenings.

As we enter the kitchen, we are greeted with more green plants which yet again adds colour and life into this Swedish apartment.

As we enter this gorgeous bedroom, the dark blue feature wall immediately stands out. We love the contrast from the warm brown colours in the living space to the cool blue colour here. The multitude of white accessories throughout this room including the white bedding, print and wall lamp all further stand out against blue wall behind. By keeping the surrounding walls white the homeowner has allowed the room to feel larger and brighter, whilst achieving the eye-catching feature with the darker wall.

Not only is this wall lamp serving as a great addition to the wall, it also supplies the homeowner with a practical bedside lamp for night-time reading without using up any space on the bedside table.  

First seen on Coco Lapine Design


Grey, beige, black and wood tints exhibited throughout this living space complement each other beautifully. The wooden coffee table, armchairs and console table warms up the space, which would otherwise be a grey and beige palette. The green plants add colour and a lively atmosphere throughout. Black accents from the armchairs, planters and photo frames creates a modern contrast to the surrounding colours.

The elegant pendant light above will cast a calming ambient light when dark, whilst the floor lamp placed by the sofa provides an additional direct light for reading. The muted pillows on the sofa seamlessly blend with the rest of the colour palette, whilst providing extra comfort and create a more inviting space.

Although simplistic, the textured wall art in the background adds a striking touch to the room, giving more depth and character to the space, whilst not being too overpowering by keeping with the surrounding beige colours.

Round the corner, we can see a practical workspace which also makes up this living area. The multifunctional desk is used as both a bookshelf and desk, allowing the homeowner to utilise the space fully and display their favourite books.

Holding a unique form and silhouette, the Fritz Hansen The Ant Chair in white is being used here as a desk chair and works as both a practical and comfortable seat, whilst its minimal and contemporary design and the chrome slimline legs look almost futuristic.

Being used as dining the chairs, the same Fritz Hansen chairs, but in black creates a striking appearance against the large wooden dining table. Due to the tables vast size, this space would make for an amazing place to socialize with friends and family for food and drinks. The interesting wall light makes for a unique artwork, and emits a calming, romantic atmosphere when lit.  

Large windows illuminate the room with natural light, creating a bright atmosphere. Quirky green plants lift the mood and adds and colourful and serene setting.

As you can see, this beautiful table has been accessorised with a sculptural planter and candle stick holder making the area a comfortable and homely place.

A modern twist on a farmhouse styled kitchen, this stunning kitchen has a traditional feel, whilst still holding a modern design. The simplistic counter stools complement the natural wood colours as seen in the dining table and brings the two separate areas together. The white tiles with a dark grout adds more character and visual texture to the backdrop. Above, the bold chandelier has a classic and striking form which finishes off this space beautifully.

Not only does this kitchen look aesthetically pleasing, but it also very functional. With plenty of cupboards and drawers, there is more than enough room to store all your necessities such as utensils and food.

Brass tap and handles add a sophisticated and rich feel to this kitchen. The marble countertops give a natural texture and opulence and has been accessorised with a variety of practical essentials as well as decorative objects such as plants to bring life and colour to the space.  

Thank you for reading this blog, we hope it has given you some much needed inspiration to help you design your home.


First seen on Coco Lapine Design. Photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem




Now the rule of 6 has come into action, there has never been a better time to get your outdoor space looking better than ever! We have selected our favourite pieces from Ferm Living which we think are a must-have for this summer.

Create the perfect place to sit outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with a book in hand or a cold drink, or rather to dine with friends and family with this stunning Ferm Living Peka Bench. It has been expertly crafted from sustainable FSC-certified Accoya-treated pine wood making it especially resistant to external factors without the need for additional treatment, maintaining the beautiful appearance of the wood over time. Behind the backrest you’ll find an innovative shelf, making for the ideal spot to place a book or cold lemonade. Here it has been paired with a small pillow for some additional comfort.

Here we can see more clearly the natural grains of the wood which are highlighted even more by the sun light beaming on it. This yellow speckle Flow Plate is being used here to serve a quick snack, however, due to the selection of sizes, it can also be used to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Imagine relaxing in this stunning Desert Chair with the sun shining down on your skin. It’s contemporary expression and encompassing structure encourages composure whilst supplementing a touch of style to your home. Made from 53 plastic bottles, this timeless chair is both eco friendly and weather proof, supplying your space with sustainability too. This bold Hourglass Pot is holding a beautiful lemon plant which would make delicious fresh lemonade just when you need a refreshing cold drink.

When the sun goes in and an extra boost of light is needed, the Meridian Table Lamp seen below is a must-have! Its cordless design means it’s a practical and portable light and has 12 hours of battery life, so you can easily bring it outside with you without the worry of a plug point! Its sculptural form, made out of powder coated metal, helps to show off a refined silhouette, making it both stylish a functional. 

Here the Desert Chair is featured in a bright red colour framework – truley highlighting its powder-coated steel frame that supports an interchangeable woven seat as it contrasts against the olive green background. The Pond Mirror reflects the light in a way differently to any other mirror due to its organic shape which is inspired by free-flowing movements of water. 

Why not make the most of the gorgeous weather by hosting a garden party? Of course making sure your guests are happy with good food, refreshing drinks and snacks is essential. In any case you’ll need something beautiful to serve them up in. Our pick is the Ferm Living Flow collection – consisting of a mug, plate, jug, bowls and more. As you can see it is a series of perfectly imperfect tableware designed with traditional craftsmanship techniques to create simple yet stunning pieces.

Setting a dreamy scene once again with unique shadows on the rustic wall behind and this gorgeous Desert set. We love the colours in these furnishings, with the striking black stripe going through the middle creating an eye-catching contrast to the surrounding beige colours. The Desert Stool serves as a compact seating solution which is foldable and easy to transport form, and can even be used to relax your feet after a long day. 

Imagine sitting by the pool with the sun reflecting on the water whilst socialising with friends and family. Why not make this a reality with these distinctive Desert Chairs in this stunning stripe pattern?

Don’t forget to add some extra life and serenity into your outdoor space with some additional plants. This can be made possible with the Bau Pot from Ferm Living, with its sleek and ribbed textures and heightened stand creating engaging levels, it is the perfect piece to finish off your space. 

We all need somewhere to place drinks, books or to display decorative adornments whilst we are relaxing outside on a lounge chair and the Level Side Table could be the perfect solution. Its contemporary structure and asymmetric profile results in a modern expression that is both stylish and very functional. We love that its frame work matches with the Desert Chair frames, as shown in the image below. 


We hope this has provided you with some extra inspiration to transform your outdoor space this summer.




This contemporary kitchen space is kept minimal with a small number of accessories on the work surface. Natural textures coming from the dark wood tones and sleek, solid and raw-looking island adds an organic and sophisticated feel to the room. The elegant brass pendant lamps and tap creates a striking contrast against the dark wall behind, making them further stand out and appear more luxurious. Simplistic yet highly modern, the Menu Afteroom Counter/Bar Stool has thin black legs and features a striking circle in the middle for structural support and aesthetics, creating an eye-catching appearance.

At the end of this spacious walkway, we are greeted with a beautiful armchair that exhibits a gorgeous balance between past and future designs. The solid wooden frame creates a refreshingly elegant look from every angle. The panelling featuring throughout this space adds wealth and texture to the otherwise plain white walls.

Round the corner, this minimal living space looks untouched, with everything perfectly placed to how it should be. Huge windows allow floods of natural light to fill the space, adding to the spacious feel. The grey Menu Offset Sofa holds a bold expression, appearing grande, whilst still remaining soft and inviting for long lasting comfort.

As we walk round the corner, we can see a wider view of this gorgeous living space. The striking black wall creates a powerful feature to the otherwise very light space. The Menu Plinth Low Marble Coffee Table acts as a piece of artwork itself, with the beautiful natural grains of the marble running through it, which further brings the dark and lighter colours that feature throughout this space together. It has been beautifully accessorised with a gorgeous Scandinavian vase, which holds a green plant, adding more colour and character to the space. The dark wood accents throughout the furniture in this space creates a warmer atmosphere to relax in.

Creating a bold contrast against the surrounding white walls, this striking black wall really adds a statement feature to this space. Although simple and elegant, the Menu JWDA Metallic Table lamp in polished brass stands bold against the dark wall behind. Not only looking aesthetically pleasing, but this minimalistic table lamp also allows you to choose the perfect ambient light for your space with its dimmable function.

Large windows, light wooden floor and white walls all make the space appear very spacious and bright. The soft and curvaceous Menu Harbour Dining Chair offers a cradling silhouette, that allows the homeowner to sit back and relax. The black slimline legs add a modern and minimalist appearance, allowing this chair to perfectly complement the rest of the interior décor.

Here we can see the natural textures from this amazing storage unit. Not only creating a bold appearance, but it also provides great storage for the homeowner to utilise.

Showing off its many uses, the Menu Plinth Tall Marble Table is being used here as a bedside table. We love the way the elegant, silky surface of the white marble contrasts with its heavy and substantial structure. The Menu TR Bulb Table Lamp has a sleek and simplistic design which, when lit, casts a warming ambient glow, perfect for bedtime reading.

Incorporating brass features appears to be a common occurrence in this home, we love the way it contrasts against the surfaces creating a rich and sophisticated appearance. The Menu Darkly Mirror in brushed brass looks stunning above the floating hard-wearing sink which gives a minimalist and contemporary feel to this bathroom.

We hope this has inspired you to get creative in your home, and perhaps add a pop of colour such as brass or black into your interior space.





Explore this beautiful contemporary apartment with us. This Sweden based apartment shows off how to make a space appear larger and more spacious.

This bright and airy apartment features light walls and flooring with large windows, allowing it to feel very spacious. Furnishings have been kept simple, with nothing too overpowering creating a minimal feel which looks great in this space.

We love the way this living area has been designed. The soft rug on the floor and throws on the furniture really makes a homely and comforting space to relax and read a book. The sleek floor lamp provides the perfect spotlight glow when lit, creating a warming illumination. Not only providing functionality, its polished brass colour complements with the brass tints coming from the gorgeous, contemporary coffee table – which not only provides the homeowner with a place to hold necessities such as books or a cup of tea, but it also has a bold, unique structure, acting as a piece of artwork in itself.  

This minimal dining area provides a beautiful space to eat, spark a conversation and display ornaments. The organic and rounded design of the dining table complemented with the wood textures and uniquely made base makes this an eye-catching piece. The traditional dining chairs which hold a minimal frame allows this area to occupy less room and create an uncluttered finish. Wood materials give a timeless finish and brings warmth into this apartment.

These stained-glass candle holders add more character to the space, with the unique twists and curves of the glass, making no two identical. From this angle, we can see the unique and innovative structure of the armchair, providing the homeowner with a comfortable and stylish seat. The bookcase presents a place to display ornaments, accessories and more, allowing the homeowner to add more personality into the apartment. On top stands the stunning Flos Taccia LED Table Lamp, when lit it emits a direct or indirect light depending on your requirements, making this lamp both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The large circular mirror reflects the light around the room and the high ceilings further allow the space to feel bigger. Contrasting with the warm wood and neutral colours, the black and white wall print brings cooler colours into the space.

Further adding varying tones into the space, this dark and modern kitchen contrasts with the organic and traditional furnishings in the rest of the room, creating a bold statement and an impressive finish.

The marble work top creates a contemporary and sophisticated design, revealing its natural grains throughout.  Silver accessories give a clean and rich finish, whilst the wooden trays complement the wood tones featured in the rest of the space.

These striking glass doors allow further light to pass through to the room behind, whilst appearing amazingly modern, with the sleek black rims around the frame contrasting with the surrounding white walls.

The grandee open stair design works beautifully with this space, allowing light to flood through the stairs, creating an even more spacious appearance. Although in the shade, the gorgeous table lamp manages to stand out with its simplistic yet bold silhouette.

The glass banister appears sleek and modern, while the reflective nature of glass helps create the illusion of a larger and more open space.

We hope this has provided you with some much-needed inspiration and given you many ideas of how you could make your home feel more spacious.

Photography credited to Historiska Hem.







Combining different functions into one room is often necessary when you don’t have the space for separate rooms. Luckily, by getting creative there are lots of solutions to make the most out of your space. This bedroom is a perfect example of combining multiple purposes in a creative and aesthetic way.  

Here you can see this room has been cleverly divided into a cosy bedroom space and a practical yet stylish workspace. Now that working from home is the new normal, this can be an ideal solution for many.

The bed has been placed by the window, allowing space for a large walkway and plenty of room for a large ceiling to floor wardrobe for extra storage. Painted in the same colour as the surrounding walls and continuing the skirting boards throughout allows the wardrobe to seamlessly blend in, without standing out or looking ‘bulky’.

This gorgeous bedroom exhibits a clean yet cosy atmosphere. The layering of the blankets and the soft rug below adds an inviting and homely feel to the space, whilst the large window allows plenty of natural day light through. High curtains that fill the wall exaggerate the window, creating the illusion that it is bigger than it really is.

Sleek and modern wall lights which surround the bed not only provide a functional bedtime light, but the striking black colour creates a strong contrast against the wall behind. The black and white forest imagery complements the black wall lamps, whilst the interesting off centred composition helps to make the room appear bigger and creates a strong statement, giving a stylish finish.

The stunning feature piece in this room is the clever wooden divider which separates the bedroom from the office space. Obviously cleverly thought out, the wooden beams allow the natural light to pass through, letting enough light to fill the office space in the daytime, whilst still providing a substantial divider.

This cosy office space holds an eye-catching design. The Carl Hansen CH24 Wishbone Chair is being used here as a desk chair and has a distinct finish, with its striking black features against the natural paper cord seat and recognisable frame. The fireplace creates a warm atmosphere and has been beautifully decorated with potted plants, candle holders and some other delicate accessories. Three shelves have been equally spaced out in the background which allow the homeowner to add more personality and character to the space by accessorising them with creative artwork, books and some small plants. The free-spirited textures of the tall pampas grass fits with the Scandinavian style of this space and is really on trend at the moment.

This traditional designed desk lamp works as both a functional lamp for night-time working, and looks great too. The natural wood desk has a practical draw for extra convenience and its narrow form creates more space in the office area.

As we go round the corner, we can see that the homeowner has utilised all the space in this room. The coat hook is perfect for extra storage for on-the-go items such as coats, scarves and bags. The natural wood colour perfectly complements the rest of the natural wood tones seen throughout this space. The white bench allows for extra storage, somewhere to sit whilst putting shoes on and adds height. The beautiful green plant has been placed on top of the bench which draws our eyes towards the ceiling and utilises the space well, giving the sense of a bigger area than if placed on the floor.

We hope this has given you some inspiration and shown how you can create a stunning room which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing all in one. 


First seen in Coco Lapine Design. Photo credits to Entrace Makleri




We would like to welcome you into this eye-catching space, which comprises of a kitchen and dining area in one. The combination of mint green, white marble, wood tones, and brass accents makes this space both unique and characterful. The wooden floor adds warmth to the space along with other wooden elements spotted throughout. 

High storage cabinets are used on either side of the kitchen, providing the homeowner with some much needed additional storage. The integrated ladder adds a quirky touch to this kitchen as well as being a practical piece to reach the high cupboards. The natural grains coming from the marble tops, wooden floor and bricked walls create an organic feel which all perfectly complement eachother. Above, the long black ceiling light – similar to the Flos Zero Track Suspension Light – contrasts against the warmer colours throughout the room and provides a modern touch. 

As we enter the kitchen further, we can see that it extends around the corner, giving it ample space for cooking and baking. The brass tap and handles exhibit a luxurious touch, alongside the impressive marble countertops. The simplistic wooden shelf above the tap is an ideal place to display some much-loved items. 

Expressionate wall art seen both above the breakfast bar and through the door, offers personality, colour and style to what otherwise would be a plain wall. The subtle coat hook provides a useful place to hang any on the go accessories, such as scarfs, coats, and hats, whilst the natural wood blends with the rest of the furnishings featured in this space. 

Immediately noticeable, the Flos 2097/50 Suspension Light in a striking brass color adds an impressive touch. When lit, this timeless chandelier provides a warm, ambient light to cast a romantic atmosphere over the dining table. The touches of black in the chandelier complement with the black dining chairs which contrast against the surround warm tones. 

Beautifully arranged, these delicate flowers are enough to put a smile on anyones face. Pops of green, orange, pinks and purples bring colour and life to the space. Not only do flowers look stunning, but they also have a wide range of benefits such as; reducing stress, mood boosters and more!

First seen on Coco Lapine Design. Photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors