Ferm Living noticed Luise Vindahl’s creative passion of vegetarianism, health and superfoods, from the blog that this talented creative established back in 2009. Her kitchen portrays a stunning composition of some of Ferm Living’s finest designs. The Danish design brand caught up with Louise on a sunny summer’s morning to discuss her interests that are intertwined into this gorgeous kitchen design.

A superb creator of a blog, five cookbooks, an app and a range of social media channels, Luise has an underlying talent of a fantastic Interior Designer too, as we can see from her home. Luise, her husband and children take ultimate pride in the home that they live in.

Dedicating most of her time to her newfound love of vegetarianism, Luise spends most of her days on Green Kitchen Stories. In her own words, “Green Kitchen Stories is like a fourth child – or, maybe we should say our first? Whether we gather around our dining table at home or are out travelling and trying new dishes, Green Kitchen Stories is always with us. It is part of our family.”

The cooling mint coloured kitchen is the perfect representation of her self-made business as well as portraying a calming and tranquil atmosphere, ideal for cooking up a storm surrounded by family. We love the way that Luise has displayed random objects around her kitchen. Exotic vegetables are set out like ornaments, whilst serving accessories are placed conveniently on the edge of the stunningly smooth, granite worktops.

Not only has the homeowner decided to create a statement of her kitchen with flamboyant artwork designs, she has also chosen a simplistic yet highly stylish pendant lighting configuration from Ferm Living’s Collect series. The stunning light casts a warming glow on to the top of her work surfaces as she prepares heart-warming meals for her family and friends.

Luise has passed her passion onto her children, who adore creating new and exciting recipies as much as she does. The bright colours and spacious layout of this interior space, makes it the perfect family friendly kitchen.

The charming brass door handles on the cupboards are a subtle yet contemporary and attractive detail situated around the kitchen.

In keeping with the vibe of this kitchen space, natural elements such as firewood and herbs as been decoratively stored and displayed to invite a fresh and invigorating feeling. Draped gently over the side of the kitchen is Ferm Living’s Hale Tea Towel. Functional as well as decorative, this textile piece is an essential to a busy cook.

Showcasing one of Luise’s healthy smoothie recipies, the Ferm Living Ripple Carafe Set is not only a stylish serving accessory, it will also make the ideal gift to a loved one. This award-winning design doubles up as a carafe as well as a stunning drinking glass.

This house is full of architectural statements. For example, the fireplace nestled in the corner of this living space is a gorgeous relic that has time travelled into this 21st century styled home. A quaint children’s desk has been positioned by the wall to keep Luise’s children occupied as she works up a sweat over the stove. An eye-catching, pink piece of art adds a pop of colour into this beige painted room.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring this beautiful home as much as we have.


We are proud to present Fritz Hansen’s full range of designer and contemporary furniture. From 3 seater sofas and lounge chairs to dining chairs and foot stools, the fantastic Danish design brand Fritz Hansen, have curated the most stunning furniture collection to provide your interior space with upmost style and functionality.

Whether you desire a cool and collected interior or a bright and funky space, the furniture range from Fritz Hansen offers many eye-catching colours such as blood orange and vivid red as well as softer shades of cream and grey. Above you can see the Ro Sofa, Pot Chair and Lune Sofa showcasing a stunning shade of orange, perfect for creating a sunny interior space.

Not only do the design-led pieces within this range make great home additions, the versatility in some of the designs make them the perfect statements for commercial spaces to. What about a collection of Pair Chairs for the ideal, comfortable conference arrangement? Or how about to add a highly stylish presence around a meeting table?

We have fallen in love with this beautiful pretty in pink shade that is seen throughout the whole furniture collection. Fritz Hansen strive to create iconic pieces such as the Favn Sofa that offers design enthusiasts with unique shapes and styles to contour their interior space. Many of the pieces within the range can be paired together at ease. For example, the Fri Easy Lounge Chair has been lovingly situated next to the Planner Coffee Table.

You could enjoy a cosy evening in or a sophisticated evening out on the Plenum Sofa. The famous design can be used both privately and commercially for any dining or leisurely needs. Likewise, icons like the Swan Chair pose as perfect pieces to relax in. Other dining designs such as the Ant Chair has been designed to fit into almost any interior space.

A simple, wooden dining table such as the Essay Table accommodates most dining chair designs. The Sammen Chair is not only highly stylish, it has also been crafted with the finest textile materials to provide you with ultimate comfort and luxury.

The way you tell a story with furniture throughout your home, tells your guests a lot about you. Whether you choose to mix and match items, like the above homeowner has done with their collection of Grand Prix Chairs or pair siblings together as demonstrated by the PK11 Chair, Fritz Hansen provides you with a vast amount of choice to choose from.

Don’t let the popping wallpaper in the background distract you from the stunning combination that Fritz Hansen have pieced together with the PK54 Table and the small collection of No1 Nendo Chairs.

What’s you style? Sophisticated or casual? No matter what dining table you have in your interior currently, we believe that all the dining chairs that we have on offer from Fritz Hansen will finish your dining space off perfectly. Featured above are the Little Giraffe Chair and the extremely famous Drop Chair, designed by the prestigious designer, Arne Jacobsen.

A pop of colour has been introduced into these interiors by the Oksen Lounge Chair, Nap Chair and Swan Chair. They have been surrounded by darker features such as the Lissoni Sofa and Dot Stool that all play a huge part in the comfort and functionality of the home.

Once again, Fritz Hansen have utilized a wide variety of bright colours in this space to illuminate the sheer beauty and detail incorporated into their designs.

Think twice about what you consider the pieces of art in these interior spaces. We think that the leather Drop Chair and the jazzy Egg Chair are more artistic than the pieces of artwork on the wall.

The traditional styled PK31 Sofa seen to the right sits as if it has been a part of its interior for years.

Sometimes we think that it is totally necessary to have three side tables to display and store your items rather than just one on its own. That is why we believe the PK71 Nesting Tables are perfect. Alternatively, a solid wooden side table such as the Tray Table is equally as useful.

As said before, Fritz Hansen only craft their pieces out of the highest quality materials and textile finishes. A couple of our favourites are the Series 7 Chair in velvet as well as the Fri Easy Chair.

Here, the PK80 Daybed has been adorned with some of the most luxurious soft furnishings by Fritz Hansen, including the Vertigo and Tassel Cushion.

We think that library spaces would be even more popular if they were filled with designer pieces such as the Via57 Chair.

The PK22 Easy Chair is the perfect chair to sit back and relax and admire the beauty of the rest of your interior space.

The China Chair and PK24 Lounge Chair are perfect examples of the true quality and design-led enthusiasm of Fritz Hansen’s pieces.

The Planner Shelving by Fritz Hansen is both a stylish and functional way to display your everyday items. Available in a variety of configurations, the Planner Shelving is a versatile design that will suit most office and living interiors.

Have you found the perfect piece for your interior space yet? If not, explore the rest of the fantastic furniture collection from Fritz Hansen.

This stylish open plan living space comprises of a contemporary kitchen space as well as a stunning dining area. Although in the same room, these individual spaces appear seperate due to the way that this homeowner has changed yet complemented each areas decor, enhancing the virtual size of this space.

This cosy dining area is not only a convenient space to dine and socialise with friends and family, it is also a space where you can relax with a cup of coffee or delve into a book. As you can see, various objects decorate this dining table as well as making the area a comfortable and homely place to resonate.

The sage green wall presents the perfect backdrop to this dining area, offering a warming yet fresh atmosphere to dine in – ideal for any season of the year.

A mixture of designer dining chairs add personality and a creative quality to this interior. The warm wooden tones alongside the ice white chairs keeps this space fresh for anytime of the day or year. The combination is inkeeping with the rest of its surroundings. The concrete beam at the center of this room adds orginality and creates wonder to what story this space told once before.

The Muuto Visu Bar Stool adds additional seating on the other side of the kitchen countertops. The choice of black makes the transition of decor from the black and white kitchen a lot smoother into the dining area.

When lit, the Muuto Grain Pendant Light casts a warming glow onto the gleaming marble countertops. Many unique yet decorative objects adorn this monochromatic kitchen beautifully. Like pieces of art, the small potted plants and the piece of expressionist wall art adds various shades, patterns and textures to this modern kitchen space.

To the other side of this kicthen is a large window that allows natural light to flood down through the middle of this space. The kitchen takes advantage of large storage space that blends seamlessly with the rest of this kitchen. The green potted plants add slight colour and a sense of serenity to this kitchen. Who else can imagine themselves waking up to this kitchen every morning?

Styled by Emma Fisher and photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors. This article was first seen on Coco Lapine Design.

What a place! The fantastic Danish designers Menu created this visual space to show off both their brand-new collections of 2020 as well as some of their most iconic pieces throughout time. Although not permanent, anyone that has the pleasure of exploring this magnificent space, will never want to leave again. The finest pieces have been chosen to excite their viewer with a great sensation of luxury and fulfillment.

The long dining table is accompanied by a series of Co Chairs, whilst being beautifully lit by a collection of Bank Pendant Lights. The vast size of this dining table creates an iconic statement piece within this part of the virtual home as well as being the perfect space to socialize, dine or even work with company. Take some sweet or savory nibbles from the Écassse Bowls and enjoy the soft scent and glow that is emitted by the candles held in the stunning Duca Candleholders.

Behind the contemporary dining area is a series of shelves, displaying Menu’s finest and most treasurable pieces of inspiration and design work that lead to these wonderful pieces showcased in front of you. Not only does this wall exhibition tell the viewer a story, it also creates various pieces of interesting artwork across the wall.

Here we have the brand new Androgyne Dining Table, overshadowed by the Hashira Pendant Light. In the distance you can see the friendly looking JWDA Table Lamp, standing proud as part of the wall display. For more casual dining, this table holds the award-winning Menu Bottle Grinders at the center – a necessity for everyday dining!

Hidden behind the decorative curtain is the functional yet highly stylish Zet Storage System. Zet is not only the ideal storage solution for a functional space such as the office, it is also a stylish design that is perfect for housing decorative objects such as the Pepe Marble Mirror.

This space designed by Menu does not go short on dining space. The Harbour Column Tables are spaced out equally alongside the Eave Dining Sofa – a comfortable and more sociable alternative to the classic dining chair. What’s more, each table has been styled with a Column Table Lamp to provide a romantic touch to the dining setting.

Menu’s Nimbus Mirror tactfully reflects the room above this area of the interior space. All the gorgeous colours and textures are brought together in the mirror image to create one harmonious atmosphere.

The stunning combination of hard, precious materials such as marble that is showcased by the Plinth, along with softer shades and textures brought to this space by the Eave collection, makes this residence both a warming and inviting place to be as well as somewhere where you can breathe talented design and fantastic design compositions in. The Gravel Rug adds a sumptuous feeling under foot and leads you to the quirky yet original Knitting Chair – a statement piece that will suck you in, making you never want to get up out of your seat again.

Standing proud to the side of the room is the JWDA Floor Lamp. Cleverly, the designer has pieced this designer lighting piece with the brand new and revolutionary Androgyne Lounge Table. The soft sandy colours introduce a relaxing feel to this lounge space.

Another example where the Nimbus Mirror has created not only a functional and attractive aesthetic, but also a feature of art.

Menu offer you a cosy and inviting seat, whilst you are able to delve into the journey of some of Menu’s most prestigious designs, designed by many of Scandinavia’s most famous designers.

The dark and moody colour scheme to this bedroom is perfect for feeling cosy and drifting off to sleep at ease. The bed has been beautifully framed with a pair of Hashira Table Lamps.

Whether you choose to use this space as a luxury area to do your make up or a space to study in comfort, the space saving Menu Rail Desk is the perfect choice. Fashioned with the industrial styled Reverse Table Lamp, this has got to be one of the most stylish study areas. Here, the Harbour Upholstered Dining Chair has been used to add a significant pop of colour as well as a fashionable way to spend your day at work. The Afteroom Plus Dining Chair also sits collectively alongside. Furthermore, the Chambers Chandelier casts a warming glow over this bedroom.

This bathroom has got everything luxury about it. Lit up by the stylish Carrie Table Lamp, this space provides its user with a comfortable area for getting ready in the morning and winding down for bed at night. Of course, the necessities sit stylishly underneath the basin. The Toilet Brush, Wall and Pedal Bin are must haves for every bathroom in the kingdom.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk around the IMM space by Menu as much as we have. We aspire to make every single home in the world as sought after as this one day.


Designed by Studio Kaksikko, the Ridge Vase by the fantastic Danish designers Muuto, is an extraordinary vase that presents you with new ways to display your beautiful bunches of flowers and florals, with a sculptural expression and an artistic flare. Come on a journey with us to seek the wonders of design and manufacturing behind the stunning Ridge Vase.

Muuto took a trip to the factory, set in Alcobaca – a western city of central Portugal, to explore the interesting journey of the Ridge Vase. The city is situated in a gorgeous valley alongside the rivers of Alcoa and Baca, from where the city takes its name. Once Studio Kaksikko were satisfied with their mock-up, made out of paper, they aspired to craft the stunning design into a ceramic vase.

As you can see below, the Joao factory uses molds to sculpt these fantastic objects. Specializing in mold making, this factory was established 40 years ago in the Portuguese city, where 15 000 people choose to live.

After the first mold was created, the manufacturer continued to create the mother mold. The mother mold features four handmade sections of the design to ensure an impeccable precise result. From here on in, multiple molds are made to make sure that all dimensions and precious details are not lost and are perfectly translated into the final piece.

Inspired by a façade of a utility structure that they witnessed in Paris, this design depicts simple detailing with an architectural expression.

The designers stated that they “sought to combine its visual appeal with the usability for placing flowers in a linear formation rather than a circular formation”.

The molds of this design can be used between 50 and 70 times. This ensures that every piece is made to the highest quality and that the details that make this design so worthy are recreated perfectly every time.

Thoughtful design elements make this piece functional as well as highly stylish. For example, the small ridge on either side of the vase allows you to move it around as you desire.

The Ridge Vase continues its journey to a second factory situated a 30 minute drive away. This factory consists of a small team of 70 employees – each one taking pride in the award-winning designs that they contribute towards.

This is where the idea behind the Ridge Vase becomes a reality. Liquid clay is carefully poured into the plaster molds, transforming the liquid into the beautiful and rigid shape that the Ridge Vase is so loved for. The mold is left for two hours, before turning upside down to remove any excess clay. The mold is opened and then fired at 1000 degrees Celsius for eight hours. The vase is stamped with Muuto’s iconic logo on the bottom.

At this point, the off-white version is lovingly glazed on its interior along with a water-based coating on the outside. This water-based coating enhances the structure of its surface. The vase is raw to the touch yet presents its viewer with a smooth and wavy surface, reminding us of the terracotta textures in the Mediterranean islands.

Finally, these spectacular pieces are fired for the last time at 1100 degrees Celsius for another 8 hours. For the perfect finish, the vases are then dipped into a water-based solution to close any porous holes.

And there you have it! Your Ridge Vase is perfectly packaged in its beautiful packaging and is ready for you to place on your sideboard, shelf, dining table or even give to a loved one as a thoughtful gift.

This vase is available in two different sizes, including both terracotta and off-white shades.

Have we tempted you with the Ridge Vase? If we have, head on over to our site to find out more information on this jaw-dropping design and enjoy the new lease of life that this vase will give your home.

Photography credited to



Well, where do we start? This house has our eyes wandering everywhere. It really is a place of imagination and an exploration of unique yet highly fashionable interior spaces. This Stockholm based ‘Sculptor’s Residence’ shows off creativity that is exhibited in each of its rooms.

The exhibition space that was created between the two fantastic design brands Menu and Dux, offers its visitor many sights of their award-winning designs situated in many different areas of this home. The brand new Reverse Table Lamp by Menu has been proudly placed on top of this geometric inspired dining table. As you can see this area is a space where the homeowner lets their imagination run wild. A pile of inspiring magazines and interesting sculptural objects makes this place perfect for artistic minds alike.

Not only are the choice of contents in this room artistic, the hexagonal patterned, panelled ceiling emphasises the revolutionary flare that this residence prides itself in. Randomly placed in the center of this room are two marble plinths that accentuate just some of the interesting and high-quality materials that have been boldly shown around this home. Generally used as a stylish side table, the Menu Marble Plinth has been used as a single sculpture, that we believe stands beautifully within this room. The Tearoom Chair is nestled in the corner. The chair provides some relaxation, for where even this bedroom cannot escape the artful enthusiasms as you can see by the fresh clay pots that are positioned to the side.

Wierd but wonderful, the unusual way of lighting sets the scene in this room. A slightly more relaxed approach, the Menu Gravel Rug beautifully softens the bold blacks and solid pieces such as the Plinth Coffee Table. It’s a stunning touch to the raw wooden floor and cool grey walls.

The building itself is a work of art on its own as you can see from the stunning decor above the grande double doors. The Zet Storage System is another way that this homeowner can store all the imaginative inspiration that they behold. They have even displayed this is an extremely creative manner. Of course, the padded lounge chair to the side provides the resident with their much needed down time.

This comfortable looking chair and foot stool combination provides the creative with a space to draw, dream and design. Offering a space to rest their coffee mug, is the Androgyne Side Table – a beautiful addition to this interior space.

Balanced on top of the Marble Plinth is the Echassse Vase. Soon to hold a blooming bunch of florals, the brass based vase goes hand in hand with the various other brass features such as the door handle and the TR Bulb light.  As you can see here various other objects make up interesting sculptures that each tell a different story.

Commonly placed on the floor, this side table breaks the rules. Placed on the window seal, this side table holds other objects, piecing together another magnificent sculpture.

We hope that this article has given you many different ideas about the ways that you can style your home. A home is not only somewhere to live, play and work, it is also a space to show off your imagination and artistic talent for everyone to witness. It is your very own art gallery!

This apartment was a collaboration between Menu and Dux, designed by Norm Architects. Imagery first seen on Coco Lapine Design.

We would like to welcome you to this stunning attic apartment. As you enter this entrancing space, you are welcomed by a white rigid wall that tricks the mind into thinking there is a staircase just upon you. Not only does this feature make the mind believe that there is a higher level to this apartment, it also adds a raw texture to the interior space, that is so beautifully softened by its surroundings. Welcoming you in or offering you out with a comfortable space to take your shoes off and on, is the widely known Fritz Hansen Drop Chair.

As you enter the contemporary living space you are greeted with a variety of seating options. An industrial influenced lounge chair offers additional seating for guests alongside the sofa. Beneath, this homeowner has opted for a pale, fluffy rug, keeping within the floors décor yet adding warmth and comfort to this much loved, cool colour scheme. This apartment takes advantage of the natural light that has been granted to it. The skylights allow light to flood down through the ceiling whilst the arched window situated below shows off this building’s raw character and history whilst providing the space with one of the building’s stunning artifacts.

This living space has been lovingly framed with a series of artistic prints that offer colour and character to the plain, white wall behind. You will notice that these pieces of art incorporate some of the most common colours seen throughout this apartment. The colours chosen brings this space together, intensifying a warmer atmosphere throughout.

Over on the other side of this space, is where the homeowner has chosen to create their relaxing dining area. It is overshadowed by a unique pendant lamp that matches simultaneously with the raw and organic pieces that is seen displayed on this table.

As you can see here, the Ferm Living Plant Box is not only for storing plants, it can also be used to display many different objects. Nestled underneath is the Shell Pot, also by Ferm Living. This decorative pot could be a great way to store everyday items such as keys, money and so on.

We love the way this kitchen offers so much storage yet takes up so little room. Again, a nautical styled pot is displayed on the kitchen countertop, suggesting that this apartment could be lucky enough to be by the sea. The grey cabinets have been chosen to seamlessly match in with the rest of this space, whereas the dark wooden cupboards add warmth into the space along with the other wooden elements spotted throughout this apartment.

A Normann Copenhagen Amp Pendant Light gently illuminates this living space. The smoke effect of this lamp enhances a cosy atmosphere into this interior whilst casting a warming glow.

Gleaming spotlights illuminate this kitchen countertop perfectly, making nighttime cooking easy and enjoyable for this homeowner.

This has got to be one of the coziest bedrooms we have seen. Imagine lying in this bed looking up into the whimsical night sky. The fresh, white bed linen is in-keeping with the rest of this apartment’s décor. Quirky features such as the pencil-legged side table create an imaginative space where you can let your dreams run away with you.

Styled by Emma Fisher and photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors. This article was first seen on Coco Lapine Design.


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Spring is here and that only means one thing – it’s decoarting time! We think that although bright shades of paint can uplift your interior space dramatically, an easy application of designer wallpaper will add not only a pop of colour and pattern to your walls but an artistic flare as well.

To help you decide we have pulled together some of the biggest wallpaper trends so far this year. From chinoiserie influenced designs to eccentricly bold patterns, the trends of 2020 offer a wide variety of styles to suit almost any personal taste and interior decor. As well as these stunning featured wallpapers below, here at beut we have a wider selection of wallpapers for you to explore. Consisting of prestigious wallpaper brands such as Cole and Son, Coordonne, Feathr and many more.

Pantone Colour Of The Year: Classic Blue

This year’s Pantone colour of year is the reliable, versatile and solid Classic Blue. The deep blue hue offers you a warming and lavish shade of colour for your interior space. Although it’s not the exact shade, we have picked out some of our best-selling wallpapers below, that show influences of this stunning shade. The shade has been complemented with a variety of different animals, birds and intricate florals. The colour of the year for 2020 will deffinately return due to the easy application of this popular colour that it has stemmed from.

Moody Pastels

Ever so popular this year, pastel colours such as corals, sage greens and warm greys have really come into play recently within the wallpaper world. The softer shades of colour leave a cooling and relaxing lasting impression on its guest. The range of colours seen within these pastel inspired wallpapers offer a fresh and uplifting atmosphere – perfect for the upcoming summer months ahead.


Who doesn’t love a sunny terracotta shade? Reminiscent of the traditional terracotta vases and terracotta architectural elements seen throughout the Mediterranean locations, this popular shade of orange is being recognised more and more throughout wallpaper design this year. These designs below, show huge terracotta influence as well as many elements of Spanish inspiration.

Bold & Beautiful

There is nothing wrong with plastering your walls in a beautifully bold pattern, styled with either blooming florals, jazzy geometrics, cheeky monkeys or flamboyant species of birds. There are no limits when it comes to bold patterns. They will continue to crop up in wallpaper archives and releases for many decades to come. However, this year we have noticed a larger want for extravagent and brightly coloured patterns and what we have seen so far is absolutely stunning. We believe that now this trend has found its place, it will never go out of fashion.


A mixture between bold patterns, pastel shades and bright colours, Chinoiserie influenced wallpaper is extremely popular within the interior design world. In fact, it has got to be one of our most best-selling trends within our wallpaper collection. In particular, Coordonne’s Edo Mural Wallpaper, featured below in our very own version that we collaborated with Coordonne for. Featuring etheral birds, flamboyant trees and elegant details, Chinoiserie wallpaper is one of our favourite ways to uplift a home and create a magical and exotic space for you to enjoy. Within this area, we have also noticed occassional sparks of metallic detailing such as the glowing background of the Byobu Wallpaper by Mind The Gap.




From the stunning Spanish architecture in the sunny city of Seville to vibrant floral arrangements and primary-toned ceramic tile motifs, the Seville collection from the prestigious wallpaper designers Cole & Son is an abundance of uplifting and decorative prints that we have the joy and pride in sharing with you. Please explore this fantastic collection and it’s amazing journey through the streets of Seville.

Alcazar Gardens – Depicting one of the most stunning icons of the city, the Alcazar is surrounded by pictorial and royal gardens that have been beautifully illustrated in this breath-taking piece of artwork.

Alicatado– Meaning ‘a geometric mosaic of coloured glazed tiles’, the Alicatado wallpaper interprets Seville’s famous azulejos in brightly coloured shades of soot, leaf green, hyacinth and terracotta.

Jasmine & Serin Symphony – Inspired by the traditional arts and crafts style, this stunning wallpaper has been modernized by using bright colours and a subtle ombre effect that gently fades across the design. The wallpaper depicts ethereal birds perched among sprawling jasmine vines.


Alfaro – Representing Seville’s Plaza Alfaro, this wallpaper shows off the wrought iron balcony that is said to have influenced Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. The balcony is surrounded by blooming and cascading florals as well as illustrated in a pretty combination of colours.

Flamenco Fan – Inspired by one of Spain’s most cultural symbols, the fan, this exotic design portrays romance and passion with its theatrical print. The design also consists of both carnations and roses, both representing love as well as delicate metallic detailing.

Lola – Hidden within this traditional damask print is one of Seville’s most iconic characters – the flamenco dancer. Originally inspired by the cultural influences from Andalusia, this design captures the dynamic drama of Spain’s finest dancers.

Angel’s Trumpet – From the tropics of South America, Angel’s Trumpet has been inspired by the tropical flower that flourishes within Alcazar’s courtyards and city gardens.

Geranium – Reinvented by Cole & Son’s design studio, the Geranium wallpaper has been influenced by the voluminous clusters of these bright and luscious plants that can be seen adorning balconies as well as decorating parks and cultivated gardens.

Bougainvillea – Illustrating another one of Seville’s most brightly coloured florals, the Bougainvillea plant can be seen cascading down palace and chalky pastel walls. The designer has detailed subtle ombre effects that portrays subtle movement and life.

Hispalis – Taking its name from the Latinisation of Seville’s earliest known moniker, Spal, this wallpaper depicts a tapestry-like design that portrays an ancient land in the late afternoon sunshine. The vibrant florals are among the dense, overgrown archway.

Orange Blossom – This breath-taking repeat pattern of delicate orange trees replicates the stunning fruit trees that adorn Seville’s streets and courtyards. The fruity print pays homage to the tapestries that hang beautifully in the Real Alcazar’s Salon de los Tapices.

Jasmine & Serin Symphony – Partnered with another one of Cole & Son’s fantastic designs, Alicatado, the Jasmine & Serin Symphony wallpaper is a contemporary reinvention of the classic arts and crafts-style print. Nestled within the trailing jasmine vines, hides a graceful collection of ethereal birds.

Piccadilly –  Composing this classic tile print, the Piccadilly wallpaper consists of a beautiful host of curved, swirling lines. This stunning composition is found throughout Seville, from the Alcazar’s tiled bench nooks to restaurant walls and fantastic ceramic floors.

Talavera – Filled with beautiful blooming flowers and trailing plants, Talavera’s plentiful pots represent the gorgeous Spanish, ceramic pots that are painted and uniquely decorated. This wallpaper will bring the heart-warming outdoor sites, indoors.

Triana – Representing Triana’s neighbourhood of ceramic workshops and potteries, this wallpaper depicts the vibrant tiles that can be spotted throughout the city.


Has this article inspired you to decorate your home with a gorgeous Spanish influence? If you would like to explore further, check out the whole collection here.


The living room is a central point in your home where you and your family can come to wind down together after a busy day or where you can enjoy cosy movie nights in and nibbles with your friends. However you choose to use your living room we believe that it is important to make sure that you indulge in the highest quality and luxury items to finish off the space to enhance a warm and inviting touch. In this article, you will discover many unique perspectives on the contemporary living room, all designed by the talented designers from the prestigious Scandinavian design brand Muuto.

The bright blue Oslo pieces within this living space add a vibrant expression to the interior space. The bold colour choice beautifully complements the soft grey tones seen throughout the decor and on the Around Coffee Table and side table. The brand-new Halves Side Table in sage green brings together the mixture of tones seen throughout the entirety of this room. One of our favourite characteristics that we have been drawn to is the bold, swooping staircase that can be seen to the rear of this space.

As you can probably see from this stunning living/office space, Muuto have an extreme talent for choosing specific colours to create a harmonized and synced effect. The soft interlacing shades in this interior space such as pale blues, greys and natural wooden aspects, all come together to produce a tranquil and ordered atmosphere; combining the ritualized life at the office with the relaxation of a living room, the perfect mixture for this space.

Here again, the designer has used pale blues to create an inviting and relaxing space. However, this time they have chosen to use a dark blue Outline Sofa to enhance a more sophisticated vibe. The Leaf Floor Lamp overshadows the sofa, casting a beautiful glow to assist you as you read. The simplistic yet stunning Workshop Coffee Table is the perfect choice for a minimalistic interior space as you can see here.

While the Pebble Rug provides this homeowner with some much-needed softness under their feet, the Connect Sofa offers a warming shade of orange to add warmth and luxury to this hard textured room. Just above the sofa, the Ambit Wall Lamp offers a warming glow to anyone who desires the casting light to read as they settle down for the evening.

We are loving green right now! That is why we adore this living room area so much. The brand-new Doze Lounge Chair and Ottoman is the perfect reading chair that offers you a gorgeous foot rest as well. The dark green shades carry through to the clips on the highly functional Stacked Storage System, that is being used for both decorative and storage purposes in this luxury interior space. This living room also presents us with one of our ultimate favourite lights this season. That is the Post Floor Lamp! Not only is this light absolutely stunning, the substantial design casts out a bright yet defining beam of light.

How gorgeous is this space? The designer has taken advantage of the luscious green outdoors that can be seen through the large windows and has used light shades of green throughout this interior space. The sofas match almost perfectly with the Around Coffee Table, while the dark grey Ply Rug uplifts the cool concrete floor into a floor that becomes warmer and more appealing to glide across bare foot.

Amongst the cool tones of the surface of this room, the contemporary sofa and brand-new Echo Pouf’s inject vibrant colours into this space to create a more uplifting atmosphere to enjoy. Cleverly, the designer has chosen a red toned canvas print to match one of the Echo Pouf’s, bringing this interior space together and enhancing a warmer atmosphere.

Despite all the bold colours, the little Airy Table takes center stage in this large living space. We love the way that the designer has used the beautiful colours of the furniture to create this stunning feature wall.

The cognac leather on the Cover Chair and the gorgeous Outline Sofa works seamlessly together, as do the natural wooden tones from the chair and Workshop Coffee Table. This room is gently illuminated by the soft glow of both the Fluid Pendant Light and the Beam Table Lamp.

Who would of thought that the much-loved Pull Floor Lamp would now be available in this luscious shade of grey, that we have to say goes beautifully side by side to the Oslo Sofa?

We only have high hopes for the newly designed Ridge Vase, that is situated at the back of this room. The terracotta shades seen throughout this interior pair fantastically with the warm wooden features. We think that the wood walls in this living room creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for settling down with a book or magazine in the Doze Lounge Chair.

Take a seat on the Fiber Chair and relax as you take in the breathtaking design of this living room. Look closely and you will notice the mountainous range of textures. From the gently speckled floor to the ridged wall art, this living space has been beautifully styled to show off some of Muuto’s most iconic pieces such as the Around Side Table and the Pull Floor Lamp.

As you take in the magnificent views from the inside of these glass fronted living rooms, you can enjoy the many different award-winning pieces designed by some of Muuto’s most prestigious designers. From the Workshop Coffee Table, in its new square dimension, to the Post Floor Lamp and Pebble Rug. Not to mention the idyllic Strand Pendant Light that overlooks the whole room as its silently glows.

We hope that you have gained some inspiration for your own living room from this article. Have we inspired you to go Muuto crazy? We know we are! Don’t forget to look at the whole Muuto collection over on our site It would be impossible to share every one of their stunning designs here.