A Walk Around Menu’s New York Showroom

During May 2018, the Danish design brand Menu launched a showroom on the fashionable streets of New York. Situated in a historic building, the Menu Space is located in a loft-style apartment that also doubles up as the brand’s area sales manager’s home. How lucky are they to live in a home like this? If you love Menu as much as we do, you may want to consider taking a trip to visit this fantastic apartment. It is open on weekdays to visit by appointment.  In Menu’s own words, “the idea was to create a space that was warm, welcoming and inviting – a little slice of Copenhagen in the Big Apple”.

As well as a luxury home for an important member of Menu’s team, this very special residence has also been designed to showcase the brands wide selection of designer furniture, lighting and homeware pieces.  Designer director, Joachim Kornbaek Engell-Hansen, said that the idea behind this project was “to keep Menu Space moving and ever-changing”. Regular interior layouts and décor changes helps to maintain a trendy and creative interior environment that continues to inspire the neighbours, visitors, friends, clients and fellow designers. In-keeping with the products, this typical Scandinavian styled apartment is fit to hold meetings, product launches and other events.

The above features a sophisticated dining arrangement that consists of a collection of Afteroom Dining Chairs around the Snaregade Dining Table.

Casting a warming glow around the interior of this property is a selection of one of Menu’s best-selling lighting designs, the JWDA Table Lamp.  The heavy weight marble base makes this piece a stunning decorative item. This light is also available in a range of designs.


A glossy wooden floor has been softened with a range of soft textured rugs. Laid adjacent to the luxurious upholstered sofas and chairs, these rugs provide a comforting steppingstone as one vacates their seat.

Spaced around this fantastic New York apartment are many homeware accessories that the brand are so well known for. They have styled these vases with small bunches of florals and foliage to add another decorative touch.

Extravagant, dark-toned curtains hang low to corner off private areas of the showroom. The heavy drapes create a sought-after ambience within this interior space. The above displays feature two of Menu’s most loved chairs. These include the Harbour Chair and the Afteroom Lounge Chair. The substantial Echassse Vase is pictured next to the luxurious upholstered seat.


The one and only bedroom in this home is in-keeping with the classic Scandinavian design aesthetic. Above the stained wooden floor is an array of white furniture that complements the grand pillar that is situated in the corner of this room. One of our favourites, the Plinth Cubic, is pictured here as a bedside table. We love the way the silky surface of the white marble contrasts with its heavy and substantial structure. The pure colour scheme of this bedroom makes it the perfect sanctuary to relax in.

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