A Spotlight On Ferm Living Mineral Tables

Come with us as we explore how the Ferm Living Mineral Tables are crafted from raw blocks of natural Bianco Curia marble into beautiful pieces of art.

Ferm Living has two Mineral Tables in their collection which are made from elegant Bianco Curia marble. The Mineral Sculptural Table is made entirely from this distinctive material, while the Mineral Coffee Table showcases the beauty of both the marble and glass together for an elegant yet sturdy display. Both tables show the marble in a raw and textured appearance, with each table unique due to the nature of the stone which have been hand chiselled by skilled artisans. Becoming an expert takes two or three years of training in which begins a lifelong career of working with marble. Artisans who chisel the Mineral Tables have 30 years of experience to ensure the very best finish.

These stunning tables are crafted in the mountains of Acqualagna, where a small family-owned factory is of thirteen skilled artisans hand craft each slab of marble. The Bianco Curia marble used for the Mineral Coffee Tables come from a quarry in Brescia in Northern Italy. Large slabs of marble are cut, examined and quality checked before being shipped to the factory. At the family-owned factory, the father carefully selects which marble slabs are good enough for production. This requires excellent attention to detail and experience as the factory has a maze of raw slabs of natural marble ranging from the deepest reds to the purest whites. The father has worked with marble for many years, giving him excellent knowledge, so that just by knocking the slabs, he can hear whether the slab is of high quality or not. It is only slabs of Bianco Curia marble with a specific high quality that are selected for the Mineral Tables.

After being individually hand selected, the large marble slabs are cut into smaller pieces by a specialised cutting machine. This machine is designed especially with a large blade which cuts through slowly and the blade is prevented from overheating by a constant flow of cold water. After, each piece is hand chiselled by a skilled artisan working in the factory. This is how the distinctive marble edge is made. The marble is then ready to be polished, making the surface as smooth as possible.

Marble is a limited source in Italy as there are strict regulations for harvesting marble. By law, it is not allowed to harvest more than 30% of any marble quarry before it must be closed and replanted. Knowing this, the factory wastes near to nothing. Larger left over pieces are used for cladding buildings, and smaller pieces are used for roads. The factory also has an internal circular water system, ensuring all water is reused.

We think these tables are perfect for adding character into any contemporary setting. With their neutral aesthetic they will complement many different interior styles. Perhaps place a beautiful vase on top with a bunch of flowers to add some additional colour.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring behind the scenes of the Ferm Living Mineral Tables as much as we have.

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