A Modern & Spacious Swedish Apartment

Explore this beautiful contemporary apartment with us. This Sweden based apartment shows off how to make a space appear larger and more spacious.

This bright and airy apartment features light walls and flooring with large windows, allowing it to feel very spacious. Furnishings have been kept simple, with nothing too overpowering creating a minimal feel which looks great in this space.

We love the way this living area has been designed. The soft rug on the floor and throws on the furniture really makes a homely and comforting space to relax and read a book. The sleek floor lamp provides the perfect spotlight glow when lit, creating a warming illumination. Not only providing functionality, its polished brass colour complements with the brass tints coming from the gorgeous, contemporary coffee table – which not only provides the homeowner with a place to hold necessities such as books or a cup of tea, but it also has a bold, unique structure, acting as a piece of artwork in itself.  

This minimal dining area provides a beautiful space to eat, spark a conversation and display ornaments. The organic and rounded design of the dining table complemented with the wood textures and uniquely made base makes this an eye-catching piece. The traditional dining chairs which hold a minimal frame allows this area to occupy less room and create an uncluttered finish. Wood materials give a timeless finish and brings warmth into this apartment.

These stained-glass candle holders add more character to the space, with the unique twists and curves of the glass, making no two identical. From this angle, we can see the unique and innovative structure of the armchair, providing the homeowner with a comfortable and stylish seat. The bookcase presents a place to display ornaments, accessories and more, allowing the homeowner to add more personality into the apartment. On top stands the stunning Flos Taccia LED Table Lamp, when lit it emits a direct or indirect light depending on your requirements, making this lamp both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The large circular mirror reflects the light around the room and the high ceilings further allow the space to feel bigger. Contrasting with the warm wood and neutral colours, the black and white wall print brings cooler colours into the space.

Further adding varying tones into the space, this dark and modern kitchen contrasts with the organic and traditional furnishings in the rest of the room, creating a bold statement and an impressive finish.

The marble work top creates a contemporary and sophisticated design, revealing its natural grains throughout.  Silver accessories give a clean and rich finish, whilst the wooden trays complement the wood tones featured in the rest of the space.

These striking glass doors allow further light to pass through to the room behind, whilst appearing amazingly modern, with the sleek black rims around the frame contrasting with the surrounding white walls.

The grandee open stair design works beautifully with this space, allowing light to flood through the stairs, creating an even more spacious appearance. Although in the shade, the gorgeous table lamp manages to stand out with its simplistic yet bold silhouette.

The glass banister appears sleek and modern, while the reflective nature of glass helps create the illusion of a larger and more open space.

We hope this has provided you with some much-needed inspiration and given you many ideas of how you could make your home feel more spacious.

Photography credited to Historiska Hem.







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